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Walking the Blade will be a series of novels based on the life and relationships of a dragon who can shift into human form. The stories you see here are snippets and scenes that I wanted to share with you – things we wrote to further develop and fill-in the history of our cast of characters. We hope you enjoy and come back for more!

Gabriel was chuckling from the enjoyment of dancing the latest wild-song with his partner, who had been almost oblivious to the steps. 

“I can’t belive you don’t know that one,” He was warm and comfortable and he was truly starting to feel the effects of the wine he’d been drinking between songs.

“I…it’s a line dance. The last sort of line dance I learned was in Ireland and they don’t call it a line dance there. What’s they call this? Electric…Slide? Seems a bit simple…”

“Then why’d you keep stumbling,” Gabe leaned closer to Senias, nearly forgetting himself. 

“Come on.” Senias  cleared his throat. He knew that Gabriel Kennedy normally wouldn’t like public displays of affection, little on when their relationship was like a beacon amongst the other supernaturals here. Sen looked over the bar at Mira, “Lovely, may we go to the closed off section? It’s full out here and crowded at the bar,” Senias was warm with the succubus who had nearly killed him. It was truly showing he had forgiven and moved on. 

“Sure Frenchie, I’ll send you a bottle over.” Mira was setting up a tray of drinks as she smiled their way.

Gabriel let his lover lead him by hand to an area where thick, luxurious curtains hung to the ground to divide the main room from this side area. A few tables inside this quieter area were booths against the walls. He slid in and waited for Sen to join him. The moment he had a chance, Gabriel kissed him. It wasn’t as smooth as usual due to the drink and he even chuckled a little.

“Just needed to do this. Just needed to taste you.” 

“I’m glad I could oblige,” Senias had to admit that his kindred had taken him by surprise on that one. It had to do with the alcohol and Gabriel’s unpredictability when he imbibed. “For someone who is trained and very good with social graces, you certainly get nervous easily in the same situations around people who count.” his fingers moved along Gabes shoulder, his arm draped the back of the seat behind the man. 

“What do you mean?” Gabriel asked as he relaxed with his dragon. He didn’t go immediately on the defense as he would when sober. “How do I get nervous?” 

“You tightened up like a ball of twine when someone you’re not overly comfortable with touches you or is near you. Tonight, I’ve seen you loosen up a bit, because of the alco…”

“Because you make me feel less vulnerable.” Gabriel hurried to finish before Sen did.

“That so?” the bearded man smiled.  

“I’m just not.. not very comfortable with most people touching me.” Even drunk Gabriel flushed at the compliments and what Sen insinuated at. “Eva, well she’s been around me my whole life so it really is different.”

“And me, Gabriel?” Senias ghosted a kiss to his lover’s forehead, and took in the scent of his hair, before nuzzling Gabriel’s cheek and jaw with his own. It was both intimate and instinctual. “Will you ever be this comfortable with me, out there?” 

“I just have to prove this case. I’ve got it. I’ve got everything ready, Sen,” his eyelashes fluttered and his body felt excited, the butterflies were becoming more and more insane. “You’ll be free of that worry. And I’ll be free to be with you openly. No one will be able to do anything to stop me.”   

“Oh, is that so?” Senias moved his hand into Gabriel’s thick hair and not only messed it up, but stiffened the grip so Gabriel was forced to move his head how Senias wanted him to do. At first the dragon just looked into Gabriel’s eyes and then, he leaned over to kiss Gabriel deeply before letting him go.  

Gabriel’s hand had grabbed the front of Sen’s shirt out of reaction to being taken in such a way. When the kiss ended his hand was still gripping the shirt. His breathing was rapid. The dominant move had made him hard and he shifted in his seat to ease the fabric at his groin. One hand lifted to smooth through his hair and set it back right as he was thankful that they were at least hidden from view. “Feel better?”

“Do you?” Senias kissed the tip of Gabriel’s nose before turning to pour more bourbon and then more wine where the bottles and glasses had simply appeared on their table. He was a lot more affectionate like this. Done pouring, he settled back against the rounded booth and scooted even closer to Gabriel. They didn’t get a lot of time together at the moment, and as much as Gabriel wanted to be positive about the upcoming Council decision regarding dragons, Senias was always waiting on the other shoe to fall. Paranoid? Cynical? He wasn’t sure what the word was. 

“Better than I did when I first got here. I’ll feel a lot better when all of this is over and I can spend the entire night with you again.” Gabriel chuckled and pressed closer to his dragon. He would drink more but he was already feeling that warm sensation that washed over him when he drank. 

“It won’t be tonight, I’m afraid. As soon as I leave here I have a mission to take on. But, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity this afforded. Could I?” 

“I would hope not.” Gabriel smiled, meeting Sen’s gaze. “What mission?”

“It’s intel gathering at the moment. Don’t be surprised if Devon and you are brought into it by Sebastian. What’s left of the Eriksson Coven are still out there. We’re also looking into the connections Skinner’s made in all of this. We feel like, along with the dragon issue, the Skinner issue may be just as important.”

“Wow, Eriksson.. that’s a name I hoped not to hear, ever again.” Gabriel rubbed his knuckles along Sen’s scruffy jaw. “Be careful. I want you to be able to enjoy your freedom.” 

“I’ll keep you apprised. I miss your tenacity, though Sebastian is quite the researcher as well. We’re… relearning how to work together. Samantha helps. She keeps us from murdering each other.” He chuckled. 

“She seems like a good choice for Sebastian. I’m glad they got introduced. He needs her light hearted side to his life probably just as much as I need yours in mine.” Gabriel did finally reach out for his glass. He was disappointed. He couldn’t take Sen home with him tonight but he could enjoy him like this for as long as Sen would let him.

“Maybe he’ll finally get the Chosen he deserves.” The ghosts of the past sometimes weighed heavily. They drifted into silence, but it was not an unwelcome one. Sen had come to enjoy the closeness from Gabriel that he had denied all others in his life previously. He didn’t want to let that go before he had to. 

They sat, Jean-Michel Raudine, the Tasker, and Gabriel Kennedy, the Councilor, drinking and quietly listening to the music and the voices, the movement of dance was seen beneath the curtain. They sat, Senias of Morias’ arm over Gabriel’s shoulders, and the moment they were in was relaxing. It was something they longed for, to simply…be…with one another.  

“Mira says heads up Crimson eyes just entered. She says the fella with the bald head that is in the suit at the bar. He hasn’t spotted you yet, but be aware of him.” Derek took their bottles and walked back out through the back of the room to the kitchen. 

“Is that the que that our time is up?” Gabriel sighed as he looked from Sen towards the ceiling while leaning into his lover. He didn’t want it to end, but he didn’t want to give Skinner more ammunition. There was no doubt the man was a spy for Skinner just trying to catch them off guard.

“Best not to give him reasons. Dancing is one thing, but being alone with me away from the lights is another,” Sen whispered, his lips moving over Gabriel’s ear. He kissed the Councilor’s cheek, but then removed himself from the booth. Straightening his clothes, he made his way back out to mingle in the club. 

Gabriel stayed at the booth out of sight and tucked in the shadows. The Tasker had left the curtain partially open this time. He watched his dragon talk and socialize with his friends. For someone who claimed to be a loner, Sen didn’t really realize how many friends he truly had. 

The human was so focused on the auburn-headed male that it was easy to slip into the booth with him. “Is he truly worth so much trouble?”

“Yes.” Gabriel didn’t hesitate in the answer. There was a chill up his spine. He didn’t recognize the voice, however, it was right there beside him. There was only one thing he could do to defend himself, and he wasn’t even sure that would work. Not tipsy, not stuck in the booth like this. Gabe just had a thought, that iIf he was about to be killed, he wanted the last thing he saw to be his lover smiling and enjoying his friends.

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