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Packs & Portals
Publish Date: December 13, 2023
Cover Artist: Donika Mishineva

About the Book

Trouble's brewing in both worlds. Friends or enemies - it'll take everyone the Dragon Tasker knows to stop it.

Jean-Michel and Gabriel are in our world of Gaia, investigating who is responsible for opening dangerous portals between worlds. As they investigate the corruption around them, they also explore their own connections and emotions.

Meanwhile, Jean-Michel's best friend, Devon Weylyn, must travel back to his world of Ordia to help the family and pack he left behind. Pack Weylyn is in dire straits, but to help means relying on people he thought were enemies.

Tightly regulated portals connect these sister worlds. Not many beings have the power to create unnatural portals nor the desire to create such unstable doorways. Who is taking the risk, and could this be tied to the wars and struggles of the Ordian Packlands? Who would benefit? Who might pay?

Will the secrets uncovered in both worlds drive our heroes together or rip them apart?


Packs & Portals is Book Two of The Dragon Tasker Series. It's a wild urban fantasy and paranormal romance that introduces you to the lives of a chorus of paranormal characters connected to a dejected dragon and an introverted human trying to solve a mystery concerning portals between worlds, while their friends are fighting to protect their pack in one of those other worlds…

Reader Reviews

a newer to me author that brings this second book full of a rollercoaster ride that has you not wanting this adventure to end.

- trufriends

I received this book as a beta reader/ARC reviewer and will leave my honest opinion and review.

Readers will jump right into some action on the first page and get hooked. This book made me stay up at night to finish, and I didn't want it to end. There are dragons, werewolves, demons and more in this delicious book, and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in urban fantasy, portal fantasy, paranormal, or just fantasy in general.

The characters are well thought out, almost tangible. The sister world is beautiful. The tension and the build up with the pack and the investigation into the random portals is well paced.

- Sam Carder-Wicker

a newer to me author that brings this second book full of a rollercoaster ride that has you not wanting this adventure to end.

- Kimberly Grube

Wow, you pick up the second book in this series and boom, off you go. The author has done it again with this second book. It's fast paced and engaging, so engaging that I couldn't put the damn thing down and ended up reading way too late in the night, morning?! Anyways, this was fantastic. I had the best time and I surely hope and pray that there are more books in this series. To the author, I am not above begging!! I hope you all enjoy this as much as I did.

- Mark Wood

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