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Rachel Adams


Rachel D. Adams and Dawn McClellan are Southern girls (meaning the Southern United States). Their writing grew from an exploration of the culture and the hidden nuances of that culture. Their escapism grew into over 20 years worth of writing that they are processing to publish finally.

Rachel D. Adams writes multi-genre fiction but always loves adding supernatural, occult, gothic, and paranormal elements to her work. Dawn and Rachel love non-standard relationships and diversity among cultures.

Both authors get their love of these creative themes from their desire to break away from the standard small-town, conservative life. They also love to point out the issues found in real life through the use of fantasy and fiction. 

Rachel has said, “My imagination helped me survive.” 

Their characters are often entangled and downtrodden by their place in life, yet willing to reach forward and either adapt to survive or find hope and strength to keep moving.

Now, these two authors are sharing their beloved characters and worlds with you!

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Reading Order:


  1. Doppelgängers & Deceit
  2. Packs & Portals (December 13, 2023)
  3. Demons & Disaster (2024)
  4. Vampires & Vendettas (2025)
  5. Dragons & Dreams (2026)



  1. The Pack’s Dragon
  2. The Vampire’s Dragon (2024)
  3. The Mage’s Dragon (2025)
  4. Unnamed Title (2026)

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