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Doppelgängers & Deceit
Publish Date: August 26, 2022
ISBN: 978-1958442012
Cover Artist: Donika Mishineva

About the Book

Being a dragon is a death sentence. Being a Tasker might be worse. Jean-Michel is BOTH.

Jean-Michel Raudine has been his name for centuries, thanks to an oath that bound his dragon soul to a human body. A specialized operative called a Tasker, Jean works for Crimson, the very organization that hunts dragons and kills them on sight.

What better place to hide than among your enemy?

Gabriel Kennedy is a well-known businessman with secrets - one of which is that he’s a Councilor in the supernatural justice system. He decides the fate of paranormal beings that break the laws of Crimson.

What will he do when he realizes his Tasker is breaking the law by simply existing?

Life for the dragon Tasker has become one hideous mission after another. Life for the human Councilor is one lonely meeting after another. That is until doppelgängers are discovered in this world, and powerful people begin acting strangely, even dangerously.

Are doppelgängers responsible for something sinister?

With lives on the line, Jean-Michel finds himself walking a tightrope to help Gabriel solve the mystery before the Council & Crimson fall into chaos - while also keeping his scaled ass from being found out or worse - killed.

◆◆◆◆◆The Dragon Tasker Series◆◆◆◆◆

Doppelgängers & Deceit is Book One of The Dragon Tasker Series. It's a wild urban fantasy and paranormal romance that introduces you to a chorus of paranormal characters connected to a dejected dragon and introverted human trying to solve not only the mystery surrounding the doppelgängers but are also piecing their own puzzle together.

Reader Reviews

slow to start but when it did pick up I must say it will grab you. Looking forward to more.

- trufriends

I loved this book. Once I got started it was hard to put down. It is a perfect mix of supernatural, suspense, and romance. I highly recommend this author.

- Debbie B.

This really is an interesting story. It felt a little slow at the start but it quickly picked up and it didn't take long for me to get hooked. I can't wait for more from this series.

- DLB2572

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