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I write in so many genres, that I felt like each thing I added was a different world to explore and share. So I welcome you into them. I also review other works and spotlight other artists and writers whom I have enjoyed along the way. I want to share their worlds with you as well.

Welcome to my website!

Here is where you’ll find my updates, my coaching, my spotlight on other creators, my links to social media, and the most current stories of characters Dawn McClellan and I created for the urban fantasy series “Walking the Blade.”

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If you can afford it and are in the giving mood, I have a patreon where I reward those who help support my work financially.  I would really appreciate anything you could give. If a Patreon gift isn’t right for you, please share my website, follow me and share my social media with others, and just keep coming back whenever you can to read and support me that way.  Thanks!

Latest Updates

Geek Digital Music

After deciding to open a website dedicated to music and untapped musical talent from all over that hasn’t actually gone mainstream here in the states…

UPDATE – Untapped Sound and More!

We finally got enough on the new website to take it live! UNTAPPED SOUND Writing articles for this mini-monster has been taking up a lot…

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