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I write in so many genres that I felt like each thing I added was a different world to explore and share. Therefore, I welcome you into them. I also review other works and spotlight other artists and writers whom I have enjoyed along the way.


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The Life & Loves of a Dragon

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As far back as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to write.

I’m a Southern Girl (meaning the Southern United States).  I grew up in the Deep South in the Bible Belt and I guess my writing grew from an exploration of the culture and the hidden cultures and things I’ve seen in growing up. My escapism as a child grew my imagination and my spirit. I began to write at around age 11 but most of that early stuff was destroyed.

This was before having a computer or even the internet existed. Though most of that writing was destroyed, I could not stop. It was and still is part of who I am. 

I have this website as my own because I’m not just an author of fiction. I also create content for websites. Untapped Sound and Backyard Boosts are examples of this. I partner with my hubs, James Adams with these and other projects. I also review other books, showcase blogs, artists, musicians, and writers here and on social media. I firmly believe that we should all be uplifting one another!

As to my writing background – it’s all over the place. Poetry comes and goes. My genres have included gaming adventures, human interest stories for newspapers (which often turn out like short stories rather than interviews), hobby writing in fan-fiction boards (comics are a weakness), romance (rarely ever just a normal one, though), erotica, high fantasy, science fiction, and my favorite – modern urban fantasy. I love to read, too. Add horror and intrigue into the bucket for things I like to read.

I also publish with MEDIUM. On that platform, I share personal interest stories about my travels through this culture and the society I am in. I love cooking, eating, coffee, gaming, squirrels & Guinness. Having so many interests means I can usually make friends with people around me pretty easily – though I admit to being an introvert and I have to recharge my “social batteries” often.

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