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Being a dragon is a death sentence. Being a Tasker might be worse. Jean-Michel is BOTH.

Trouble’s brewing in both worlds. Friends or enemies – it’ll take everyone the Dragon Tasker knows to stop it.

Fleeing one world to escape death he ended up in another to face war.

Senias is a dragon on the run and everyone he cares about could be in danger – because of him.

Rachel D. Adams is creating magic & mischief with dragons, lycan, demons, vampires, mages, and many more who have thrilling & spicy stories to tell!
Pack's Dragon

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The Vampire's Dragon

The Life & Loves of a Dragon Series Book 2

No matter how far apart we are, I am always with you. No matter where you are, I will come to you.

The Crimson Council blacklisted dragons as too dangerous to live.

To escape with his life, Senias made deals…

He had to leave his home and his love for years to be used and abused. But now, he’s back.

dangerous deals.

Will he find the love he left behind and make new allies? Or will he find nothing but danger and betrayal?

What new mischief will he get up to?

Will he ever escape Crimson or the curse of his own vows?


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