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The Pack's Dragon
Publish Date: October 25, 2023
ISBN: 978-1958442036
Cover Artist: Donika Mishineva

About the Book

Fleeing one world to escape death he ended up in another to face war.

Senias and Inea are dragons who escaped their world with hunters on their tails. They left behind everything and found a new home as weapons of war.

The Lycan Alpha, Kieran, and his pack are fighting to free all lycan from their Elven masters. Meeting a homeless pair of dragons was a boon to their cause and he plans to keep them - no matter what.

Kieran's son, Devon, has found reasons to keep fighting - his new mate and a true friendship with the elder dragon. But, can he keep everyone he cares about safe when the enemies are not just on the battlefield?

With treachery afoot and dragons losing their control can the pack survive?

Who will face heartache, and who will end up with their happily ever after?

Love and adventure blend with heartache and betrayal in this heroic tale.


Beliefs, traditions, friends, and foes all clash in this epic prequel series to The Dragon Tasker Series.

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