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The Vampire's Dragon
Publish Date: April 1, 2024
Cover Artist: Donika Mishineva

About the Book

Senias is a dragon on the run and everyone he cares about could be in danger - because of him.

Hunters want all dragons dead and rather than protect the supernatural beings, the Crimson Council blacklisted them as too dangerous to live.

To escape with his life, Senias made deals... dangerous deals.

Fleeing through portals to the other world, the dragon spent years used as a weapon of war. Now he’s returning to find the love he left behind and make new allies.

Sebastian let his lover go through the giant portals to the other world to save his life. After years alone, the vampire wonders if that was the correct path. His heart aches to have his dragon back.

Alas, being reunited does not necessarily mean they are safe. Enjoying life in the 1830s city of Paris, France is distracting for an adventurous bunch of supernatural friends. So distracting that they overlook the dangers closing in around them.

Can they keep safe from an overly ambitious Crimson Agent? What will happen when Senias must face an enemy nearly forgotten to his past? Will he ever escape the curse of his own vows?


Follow Senias of Morias in this prequel novel as he finds himself enmeshed in the drama of a chorus of supernatural characters who may all end up being part of his future in The Dragon Tasker Series.

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