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About Dawn

Dawn McClellan, a book writer born and raised in South Texas, is a wordsmith who wrangles tales of urban fantasy, paranormal romance, and LGBTQ stories. Casting a long shadow of a fantastic, humble, and supportive family, Dawn has been excavating stories in her heart for as long as she can remember. She’s nurtured those stories throughout her adult life into a career of urban fantasy, paranormal romance and LGBTQ stories. Inspiration for these stories come from the strong matriarchs in Dawn’s life, with her mother leading the pack. Her work is also heavily influenced by her close circle of family and friends and the shadows they walk within. She is grateful for her parent’s guidance, endless support and encouragement, and for influencing her to follow the passionate side of life.

She is enamored of the macabre, and loves to read, write, explore the country life and explore history’s secrets. Compelled to confront the darkness that thrives on the absence of the light, Dawn’s writing is built on the power and knowledge of the unspoken. With her deep knowledge and connection with the supernatural, she creates unforgettable LGBTQ romances with a sinister edge.

When not working on her writing, Dawn also loves to spend time with her grandbabies. She finds peace in the small moments, be it reading a book with them, playing in the park, roaming museums, or enjoying a homemade country breakfast. But at the end of the day, one of Dawn’s greatest passions is creating stories with her writing partner Rachel about daring heroes, extraordinary women, and passionate romances that transport readers to new dreamy dimensions.

So, pour a cold glass, snuggle in your coziest blanket, and join Dawn as you explore the amazing worlds she and Rachel generously share with us.