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The petite dragoness was dehydrated after helping rescue his brother Terry from the volcanic tunnels. They had found him with Dwellers – the feline changelings of the arid lands on this side of the portal. But those people were only keeping him because the Alpha of Pack Simoa force them to. There would definitely be a reckoning. However, right now, Russell Weylyn was worried about someone else. This gal had gotten close to him. He’d even call her a friend by now. She’d been there by his side this whole way. And she needed help.

“We’re going swimming?” Ariessa asked.

“Hmm somethin’ like that.” Russ kept his gaze straight ahead to make sure he didn’t miss a step or find a hole with his foot.

She knew he was carrying her and she liked it. So she didn’t offer to get down at all. As a matter of fact, she decided to use the hand that was supposed to be helping him support around his neck to play in his hair. “You have soft curls under all that blood. I like it!”

As one brow lifted high, Russell continued out along the path that the guards had told him would take him to the stream. He just hoped it was like the one back home and less a stream and more a small river. Either way Ariessa would have to make due with it. “My mama will be thrilled to hear ya say that cause I threaten to cut it off all the time.” The lycan couldn’t sort the dragoness out. First she was netting him and threatening to kill him and now she was playful and flirty with him.

“Well, that’s nice, but I don’t owe her anything. And you can keep the curls without it bein’ too long,” she whispered. She tried to swallow but her throat was dry. “I’m dry.”

“We’re goin’ to water so ya can heal.” He thought this would be like one of those drunken one night stands that one awoke from and instantly regretted. He figured Ariessa would feel differently about him once she was healed up and well rested. Russell refused to be THAT kind of one night stand.

“Oh. Okay.” she coughed just a bit, but soon found herself put on the side of a bank. The water looked nice, though not exactly as clear as the stuff in the mountains on the other side. There was definitely a current to it, so it wasn’t dirty water like some rivers could be. She took her cloth off her head and then took her shirt off. Unbuttoning her pants, she stood up on shaky legs and dropped them before moving toward the water. So far, she hadn’t shifted, nor did she plan to. Instead, she was focused on getting into the water and also on unbraiding her hair. She needed to clean it. She’d done her share of killing and cutting while in her human form, too.

Quickly Russell turned his back to her with a muttered curse as he moved down the stream a little ways from her. He stripped down and walked into the water. He wasn’t modest by any means, but if he were disrespectful to Ariessa, his mama would pin his ears back. While he didn’t mind tangling with his folks he tried to avoid it if possible.

Dark chocolate locks with just a bit of shimmering highlights hung down to her ass before she was in the water and soon after, she was slowly wading into the river.

“Mmmm… the mud squishes between my human toes,” she giggled and then once she was deep enough, she just went to her knees under the water to let the feel of it soak into her. She was gulping the nice clean, clear liquid and feeling much better.

“Well it’s mud and it tends to do that to everyone.” Russell had moved into the small pool where the dragoness was. He kept well away from her as he dropped down beneath the water and rose back up to wash the mess from his hair. He slicked the dark locks back as his blue eyes sought her out. “Ya need to stay here overnight or just a few hours?”

~ I don’t know. I’ve never done stuff like this before. ~ Ariessa was still underwater and so she used her mental speak to communicate more easily with him. ~ Not the killing and fighting. I’ve done that. But I mean, I’ve never been heat sick. My drakkar won’t let me near the outback cause of the possibility. It’s probably best he doesn’t find out about this, in case you meet him and you probably will. Anyway… why do you ask? ~

“I ask cause I’m sortin’ our time out in my head.” Russell grumbled as he knelt in the water and watched her. If she was going to put on a show he was damned sure gonna watch it. His mama knew he was far from being a celibate. At times he’d even tested her temper with the ones he chose as bed mates.

~ Sorting our time out? ~ she didn’t understand. She took a nice deep breath of the water and it skimmed over her gills to refresh and invigorate her body. Blinking her eyes, she watched Russell from where she sat beneath the cool river’s surface. He was watching her in return. Interesting. Especially for a lycan of his make. They always seemed so… tame. She remembered how he looked when he was killing out there and she was immediately gifted with a nice tingling in her middle. Could he tell she was watching him? Or could he just see her outline like most? She moved her hands in front of her the way the old aboriginals had taught her for calling the Goddess’ blessings. She still didn’t come up, after all, her human body had adjusted to being underwater a long time ago. She wondered what he knew of her kind.

“Yeah I need to know if I need to make camp here or if we’ll make it inside tonight. It really doesn’t matter much either way to me, but that means ya gonna be stuck outside the walls with me and I wasn’t sure how well you’d feel about that considerin’ what everyone’s gonna think come mornin’.” Standing up the water ran down off his upper body and Russell moved to the deeper section so he wouldn’t have to remain kneeling. It was hell on the knees after all.

~ Should I care what anyone thinks of me? They don’t know me. Hell, they barely know you. ~

As Essa continued watching him, Russell rumbled low and turned his back on her to walk to the grass that grew near the waters edge. He grabbed hands full before turning to face her and walking back into the deepest part. Even at its deepest the water stopped at him just a few inches above his navel. He wet the grass and scrubbed beneath his arms and across his chest to fill the air with the rich grassy smell. That scent was a hell of alot better than old blood and dead bits was. ~ Just because you can breathe beneath the water for a length of time, doesn’t mean ya should try and see if you can right now. Come up for air Essa, I know more than ya think I do about dragons so it does no good to wonder whether or not I do and just what I know. ~

She came up and coughed to the side to get the water out of her lungs. It only took three coughs to finally readjust to her lungs. Taking several slow, but deep breaths, the girl looked to find him again. “Sorry, I have to readjust if you want me…” she turned aside and coughed again. Then she nodded to herself. “…want me to be up here.”

He gave her that wicked half grin as he shook his head and caused the beads to dance in his hair. “Just ask what ya want to know and I’ll either answer it or not.”

“What if you don’t want to answer something I want to know? That wouldn’t work, now would it?” She smirked.

“Guess you’ll never know if yer too chicken shit to ask.” He pulled the bands from his fingers and set about braiding the hair on the right side of his head into several small braids. He pulled his beads out one by one and set them with the bands to their proper places.

“Okay, fine. Are you taken by anybody? Mated? Promised? Whatever your particular pack calls it?” She decided to go right for the first thing that was coming to her mind.

“Nah, I prowl around with some friends, but nothin’ more n that. You? Is Evan yer mate?”” Russell set the next braid as he listened to her answer.

“Heh, no… see, I’m not even bonded to him. Lovers… friends with benefits? That was a while back. But me and your brother? We’re business partners and friends. You protect those you have a certain respect for, ya know? Evan’s always had my back, so I’ll always have his.” She put her finger in the middle of his chest and whispered, “You had no rights to him that day. So I had his back.”

Grabbing her hand before she could pull it away, Russell rumbled low as he let the last beaded braid go. “Oh yeah, any time it involves any of my brothers, my folks or a breach in the security to that estate it’ll be my business. I protect my family and it sometimes means I’m a bad, bad guy. They hate me only to love me later for protectin’ em.”

“I didn’t say it wasn’t your business. It wasn’t your right to have at him while your daddy was trying to find out something. Sometimes you have to curb that inner need to get what’s more important.” She didn’t try to pull away from him. “And it’d be best if you hear what I say and not let your mind play tricks on you about that.” She wasn’t going to back down – but she wasn’t fighting him really. Essa just wanted to be sure she was understood. She found that she gave a shit about what Russ thought. Especially about her.

“Ya know I ain’t never paddled a gal’s bottom, but that day ya almost got it paddled.”

“You still want ta paddle me? Because, I’ve never had a man offer. Sounds like it’d feel good.” She wondered if he’d be like most others and be all talk and no action. So far, he’d impressed her by being the opposite.

“Sure ya wanna start somethin’ wit me?” Russell breathed her scent in and his blue eyes glittered for her.

“Yes.” There was no hesitation.

He walked forward, forcing her backwards towards the edge of the water. When they were on the bank he moved to a stump and tugged her to him.

She immediately assumed the position. She could already feel herself reacting as her abs went over his hard thighs, her breasts hanging on the side of them. She wasn’t sure what to do with her legs and feet, they were a bit too long to just let hang, so she bent her knees and rested them as well as she could. Well rounded ass in the air, like this, he could see just a hint of the pink slit that was a lot more wet than the water had made her.

It was a hell of a turn on to have Essa’s naked body face down across his lap. His fingers moved over Essa’s spine, all the way down to rest on the top of her ass, “First thing ta learn about me is.. I don’t lie.” He grinned and after rubbing the sweet curves of her round bottom, Russell pulled back his hand and brought it forward in an up sweep that was meant to leave a good sting.

Her hand grasped his ankle and she groaned and whimpered with the feel. Instead of resisting, she made sure to arch her back enough that her bottom poked up for him. She wanted more.

The next hit was the same as was the third. Russ watched her reactions as his eyes lit up.

The third hit had her groaning. She could definitely feel the sting and the warmth. Damn it felt so good. Her free hand moved to the ground to grasp on some grass she found there. She wiggled on his lap and whimpered again. ~ More…~

The next hit had her purring for him and her scent was all in the air, for she had come right then and there. “More?”

“Yes…” she panted.

“Like that did ya?” Before she could respond Russell moved several fingers up along her inner thigh to feel the slickness there and the smile turned into a full blown grin, “I always want more.”

“Is that the second thing I need to know about you?” Essa asked right before she felt him move into her needful center. He held Essa’s gaze as those same fingers slid back up but this time didn’t stop until they were inside her. He didn’t answer her right off and she couldn’t look away. She felt her breath in her chest and she started to move.

“No, don’t move. I like this position a lot.” The lycan rumbled as he slowly moved his fingers back and forth.

“Mmm…it’s okay. I like other positions better, though,” Since they were telling the truth. Why not? Of course, she wasn’t sure what he had planned. And her body hoped it kept getting better. She continued to look up at him only able to see his face with her right eye.

“Bet ya do, but ya really gonna like this one a lot too trust me gorgeous.” Russ held her gaze as long as she could hold it. His finger slowed and he curled them just a little to form a partial hook shape. This time when his fingers slid in Russ kept them deep and only moved enough to find her sweet spot.

When he hit a good spot, she pushed up a bit using her legs to help. Where was he going with his fingers? She was starting to feel heated again! There was a low growling beginning deep in her chest that she couldn’t help. Whereever he’d been going, he’d found it and her legs were beginning to quake for him. When he stopped she wasn’t sure if she was relieved or irritated. But he had other plans.

He helped Essa to her hands and knees on the soft sand. Russell worked her body to that point of quaking again while he knelt between her spread legs. “This.. this is my favorite position though..” Slipping his fingers free Russ replaced it with the hard length of his cock. As he pushed deep Russ licked Essa’s juices from his fingers and his wolf rumbled with delight.

She rumbled and growled in response to his wolf, pushing back against him with every thrust. Their bodies slapped loudly and only added to the enjoyment.

The wolf didn’t lose his head to the point of marking Ariessa with his scent or his bite. He enjoyed the moment of passion with her and even let his wolf out just a little to enjoy her too. His body shifting enough so that she could physically feel the difference.

Essa let Russ take the lead, because she felt like she’d get the most out of the moment if she did. And she was rewarded, that was for sure.

Russ thrust just hard enough to make Essa’s whole body shiver from pleasure. He even swat her ass and scraped his nails over sensitive skin when it was a nice pink. His blue eyes lit up like sapphires for her and she could see the beast that lay just beneath the surface. It was the monster that so many feared. It could skin its enemies while they still breathed and never flinch or feel remorse for it. But not her..she’d not feel that part of him.

She was panting soon enough and didn’t even try to hide that from him. Every time his hand slapped over her ass she growled and sped up even more, forcing him to do the same. It was almost like they were in a competition.

“Ya look awful pretty with this pink on ya.” Russ growled and thrust again. It wouldn’t be able to hold himself long. When he came to that moment, Russ would pull free to spill in the dirt. He’d not risk a child on even a dragoness. While half dragons were rare they weren’t unknown to happen.

~ Don’t stop. I can’t get caught up. Don’t stop. Goddess…. Just… don’t… stop… ~ Ariessa finally found something he wasn’t as sure about. But it wasn’t that he didn’t have the knowledge, obviously. It was that he didn’t know her personal history and current situation. And she felt his surprise. Oh…he thought he was the only one that knew what people were thinking?

When the orgasm hit her, she cried out and nearly lost her position. She let her hands move forward, sliding in the sandy earth until her back was sloped from her ass, which was still getting the pounding she needed.

Russ was thrusting harder and his nails were leaving trails in her skin as he tossed his head back and howled. He hadn’t pulled out as she’d sworn there’d be no repercussions. A few more thrusts to finish off and Russ eased free with a very deep groan. He dropped to his back on the sandy bank beside Ariessa and worked on remembering how to breathe. He tucked an arm beneath his head which opened the side closest to her up. “Think we earned a nap before washin’ up and headin’ in, don’t you?”

“Abso-fucking-lutely…” She was breathing hard and had simply crumpled once he wasn’t engaged. She put her head on her arm and looked over at him. Without even asking the dragoness pulled up to her knees and very shakily came to his side so she could cuddle into that space he’d left there. She felt more comfortable out here with him than she had in any of those damned inns in those towns they were tracking through. She couldn’t help it. Purring, she nuzzled her face on his chest and sighed contentedly. He might’ve not been ready to mark her, but she definitely wanted him and wasn’t afraid to show it.

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