It has been a very busy month and a half for me! If you do any kind of work on your own and need to keep track, please take my advice and grab yourself a daily planner. No matter what version – electronic or paper – it is a lifesaver and it helps with anxiety and depression. I can see what I need to do and I can check it off when it’s done. If something else comes up (as it did this month) I can write it in. I can also go back to incomplete tasks and check them off later. It keeps me from freaking out because I can see my progress and know that if I can’t get to something one week, I can just go back and check it off when I’m done.

The first two weeks of this month were riddled with marches, political updating, and completing the manuscript edits for the first Walking the Blade novel in the series. I have tapped friends who are going to be Beta Readers and I am looking for 3 more Beta Readers with no personal relation to me. SO… taking the rest of this month for self-improvement, non-professional writing. I have some MasterClasses and a LOT of professional blogs and articles and a book to read about writing and publishing. YAY!

I took the gals (there’s 4 of us local here that are besties. Yes, I’m Sophia… if you get that reference, you’re a rockstar!) on a day trip to the beach and we just relaxed for the first time in a very long time. Sometimes, you need those moments. And a day trip is cheap and easy. Yes – our group of gals used our masks where needed and we stayed socially distanced, even at eateries. Not everyone did… be safe folks. You never know.

The hubs and I have been working on our passion projects – things that might help us with passive income in the future. We’ve both been researching our subject matter and writing articles for our websites. We also love to cook, so the cooking website is still up and running! I’ll leave those below for you to check out. It helps if you go to them and explore and share them – so thank you if you do!

Also, the garden is coming along fabulously, I’ll share some newer pics of that to my Instagram and as always, I’ll leave you with a lovey-dovey pic of pet playfulness. Here’s my Jojo – look at that smile! Have a wonderful summer and be safe in everything you do!

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