I wanted to go forward, even though I’ll be out of town soon, and add in a new author spotlight. So, here goes!  I’ve found this guy on Facebook because some of his graphic novels were tied in to a kickstarter I got involved with. He has wonderful advice and a crazy-sick sense of humor (something I enjoy).  Right now, he has just started a new Kickstarter for his well-known Ichabod Jones series. I hope you can take the time to check it out, support it if you find it’s to your tastes, or at least boost his campaign by reposting, sharing, or reblogging it. I am wishing him all the luck in the world for it!   I’ll let him describe it for you: 

Do you love crazy stories filled with monsters, magic, gore, and humor?

Have you ever read about H.P. Lovecraft’s Dreamlands and thought…”I wish this was funnier and gorier”?

Are you excited by stories that keep you on your toes and make you question the very fabric of reality?

Then you are going to love Ichabod Jones Monster Hunter. Ichabod comes from a deep, almost primordial, place in my soul. It’s the part that devours movies like In the Mouth of Madness, Event Horizon, and Jacob’s Ladder, while still binging on Gravity Falls, Frankenweenie, and Army of Darkness. It’s the part that read Johnny the Homicidal Maniac and laughed hysterically at every gruesome scene.

All of that went into Ichabod Jones Monster Hunter, which is what has made it my most beloved property, and for the first time since it released in 2014…there are more issues, written and drawn by the original creative team.  That’s right. Renzo Podesta is back on art for the fifth issue (and the whole second arc). Renzo brings so much to the look of the book, and turns Ichabod from a creepy psychopath into a lovable character…who is also a bit creepy.  We’re now ready to release the single issue of Ichabod Jones Monster Hunter #5a 32-page ode to monsters and monster hunters, which starts the second arc of the series.

This Kickstarter is to fund TWO different print jobs:  

1. The 96-page paperback re-release of volume 1 (containing issues 1-4), Ichabod Jones Monster Hunter: A Psychopath’s Work is Never Done. 

2. The 32-page fifth issue of the book, single issue comic, which starts the second arc and is independent of the first trade paperback.


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