REVIEW: The Shield Road

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The Premise:

A thief. A princess. A warrior. A Bladekin.

They wander the world alone, encountering fire and shadow wraiths, moss barons and secret royal agents. They each have their own problems, their own missions. They walk the shield road.

But the discovery of a certain artifact sets things in motion which will bring them together, to prevent the return of an evil long thought defeated.

Dewi Hargreaves’s debut, The Shield Road, is a collection of fantasy short stories that take place chronologically in the same world. Featuring thieves and assassins, road-weary warriors and a slew of interesting monsters, no character has a simple choice to make, especially when ancient evils threaten to return and tip the world upside down.

My Thoughts:

Dewi Hargreaves has written a book of short stories, each with their own good ending – yet they flow perfectly from one to another to come full circle in creating a larger tale. Each tale captivates you with a rich background, a colorful bunch of cultures & classes, and full-dimensional characters that kept me invested all the way through. I love fantasy writing but often find myself lacking in time to get into an epic. This collection allowed me to do so in a serial format. I could pause and then pick it right back up where I had left off. It got me immersed very quickly. I can stop here, with this book and be happy, but part of me is hoping to see more about not only the characters but the world and its societies and cultures.

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