Dante’s Inferno – The Wild Childs

It was Mira that caught sight of the elf when she arrived. The succubi made her way towards Zenlial to say hello and welcome her to the celebration. Zenlial was a new Councilor on this side of the main portals. However, the half-demon had heard through her mate that the elf was enamored of someone in his pack on the other side. It was quite an interesting synamic. Once upon a time, elves kept lycan as slaves on the other side. She wondered if this one had ever had any slaves. She had helped them with her brother’s case, so Mira, though she hadn’t officially met the woman, had decided to befriend her if possible. 

“Well look who decided to come out for some fun. I wondered if you’d ever come to the club,” Mira settled some soda water in front of the elf and added a tropical fruit syrup to it. “For a starter.”

“I couldn’t. But Gabriel sent me this… electronic message… letting me know that Derek needed to speak to me,” the elf smiled at Mira. “I was relieved to know our efforts worked for your brother. It was quite the surprise to realize that the person who may be responsible for my sister’s disappearance was always on the Council acting as a counter-agent to your father. I am setting up an interrogation for him. Crimson will not allow me to do so tonight, so it will be tomorrow. I wanted to ask you and your brother, if there is anything in particular that you believe might be relevant. Since Derek needed to speak to me, it made sense to come, after all.” 

“First lets go find out what Derek needed and then we will seek out Dante. Might be a little harder to get to him with the dragons hoarding him as they are.” Mira looped her arm with the elf and walked her to the bar where her man was bartending like a pro.

“Hey wolfie I found one looking for you.” She winked at Zenlial and curled her nose at her lover. “I thought you said I was enough to sate your appetite Dare.” She gave a soft laugh and smiled for him.

“You are, my mate. Besides, Zenlial has her own offer from someone out there.”  Derek wiped his hands off and pulled a small silk bag from his pocket and motioned for Zenlial to hold out her hand. 

She held her hand out, palm up and took a quick breath when she saw the bead drop from the bag.  

“Wulf said, he was going home. He said, when you’re ready to wear that bead, come back to him. He’s waiting on you,” the lycan smiled as he watched the emotion on the elf’s face. 

“He’s… he’s going home?” She blinked back tears, or tried to. 

“Yeah. Finally.” 

“Why’s that so amazing?” Mira was completely confused by the entire conversation though she got the best thing because Derek had explained it to her.

“Wulf’s pack was wiped out. He survived because his parents hid him. Because of the trauma, he’s never really claimed his homelands. He’s the rightful Alpha. I think this means, he’s going to do that. He’s finally accepting who he is.” Zenlial smiled while holding the bead up to the light. 

“Pretty color, it matches your eyes.” Mira smiled as she watched the elf study the bead like it was a rare gem. She knew one day Derek would wear one for her. The Pack had turned from him until recently. She looked forward to finally being able to have a lycan ceremony. As much as he said it didn’t matter to him, Mira knew it mattered.

Derek felt Mira hug his arm and he looked aside to her and nuzzled the side of her face. He never thought he could love someone like he did her. 

“These drinks won’t serve themselves. Let me get back to it.” He kissed her temple before moving on down the bar. 

Inea hadn’t left Dante’s side, and Seamus hadn’t moved far away from hers. He was skulking about, making sure she was doing better. He’d not appreciated her quick decision making, especially when the demon had wound up in a tough spot not long after. He planned to have a damn long conversation about everything once the celebration was over.  For now, he walked over to one of the standing tables not far from the dancefloor and watched everything like a hawk.  

Dante would not ever say that he wasn’t enjoying the lavishing attention he was getting at the moment. From the instant that he had left the Chamber Inea was glued to him and hadn’t really let him out of her sight. Even when he’d showered she was in there with him. It was as if she were afraid to blink or he’d vanish. 

“Don’t want to mingle or visit with any others?”

“No. I hope you’re not upset about that.” She put her hand on his cheek and looked into his eyes. “I thought for a moment that I’d not get to look into your eyes again. Not that they would prove anything against you, but that you wouldn’t make it. So forgive me if I don’t want to be away from you. And forgive me if I want to look into your eyes whenever I get the chance.” 

“Lover you can do anything you want to me or with me.” Dante pulled her close and kissed her. “They tried to break me but they didn’t succeed. You have me back and I’m not going anywhere anytime soon.”

“They never should have been given the chance. I should have acted. I wanted to act in more than just this one way. But… doing so would have lost you everything and I know how important it is to you.” She was of course speaking as the dragon she was. If he or his sister were found to have known she was a dragon and had still kept quiet about that – they would be imprisoned on new charges. Until dragons were off of Crimson’s black-list, anyone entangled with a dragon might be in danger if the dragon were found out. So, the creatures were accustomed to keeping very low profiles. That included not fighting for someone in the face of an arrest. 

Dante drowned as he tilted Inea’s face up so that he could look into her eyes the way that she had been so intently looking into his. 

“Listen to me carefully and never doubt what I’m about to say to you. I love you and you are more important to me than any monetary asset I may have. I can rebuild anything you see but I can’t find another you. In this case there was nothing you could do to stop them without getting yourself injured or killed. And those are not acceptable options to me. You were safe and you were out here getting things done. You being safe was more important to me. Do you understand that Inea?” His other hand smoothed through her hair as he stared at her. 

“I think so. I felt like a coward, but Mira and I… we were able to get things going.” She put her arms around his waist and cuddled into him once again. “I don’t know what I’d do without you.” She’d never felt for anyone else, including her other kindred, how she felt about her demon.  She suspected Darius realized this when they met. She hoped Angelus realized it as well. 

Seamus moved from the table and made his way toward the doors of the club. He’d barely been able to feel his kindragon for months now and he was realizing why.  He needed to go out and blow off some steam – not here. After all, his lady was in good hands.   

~ I think you’ve upset your Scot.~ Dante held her close and nuzzled against the side of her neck as he breathed her in. The time spent with Crimson had been brutal and he was still craving the physical touch of those he loved. If it pissed off the redhead then so be it. There was nothing to be done about it. He really didn’t think Seamus cared for him anyways.

~ He’ll get glad in the same pants he got mad in. He has his family that I’m not allowed near. He lives a double life every so often when he meets the right woman. He cannot begrudge me a family. ~  She held him and just let the party go on around them. Inea remembered when she had felt this way about Seamus and also about another person in her past. She had left that other person for Seamus, only to find that he had moved on to begin a family – and he hadn’t told them about her. The dragoness wasn’t about to repeat that mistake. 

Seamus turned to see Gabriel Kennedy with that damned other dragon. Seemed the damned creature couldn’t keep himself away from that family. Shaking his head, he wound up stumbling into Starr and Raven, who were coming from the dancefloor. 

“Hey, Seamus! whassup?” Starr asked as they moved around the old Scot toward their table. 

“Ach, not that much boyo. Made sure things were good here. Feelin’ a bit tired is all. I’ll be sure ta see ya tomorrow, eh? Where are ye two stayin’? Nearby?” He’d not seen the boy and his sweetheart in quite some time.  

Raven leaned to press a kiss on Seamus’ bearded cheek just to see him color up from it. With a wild burst of giggles she leaned back against Starr.

“Not too far off, dad has a house near the city and we’re crashing there while in town this time. Come by for brunch and we’ll scrounge up something for you! Right Starr?”

“Oh hell yeah. Actually, come by for lunch, there’s a damn good pizza parlor just down from us. I know how much you love that stuff, and I like not being the only one stuffing my face.” Starr clasped hands with the big red-head.  

“Ye’ve got it. Tell Russ ta keep well or bring him along for the pizza tomorrow.  I owe that boy a talkin’ too for the last time he came by my house in the highlands. Fuckin’ scruff ate all my sheep shank.” He looked between them and saw the demon holding his dragon and he then focused back on them. “See ya tomorrow. Enjoy the party.”  

Raven just shook her head as she watched the man get in the elevator and the doors close.

“Sounds like something Russ would do.” They walked towards the table with arms around each other. Raven always had her hand tucked in Starr’s back pocket because she loved squeezing his ass when they walked or were talking to others. She couldn’t help it, he had a cute ass! “I wonder if Evan’ll want to dance, soon?” 

“Why don’t you ask, babe? You know I don’t mind the break,” Starr walked through the room with his mate, toward the table where the curtains were still drawn. He happened to look over to where his mother, Inea stood. She seemed really occupied. He took note of the way she held the demon. Things had definitely taken a turn for the serious. Their familial connections were growing left and right! 

“So, what’ve you three been plotting?” Raven asked as Evan got back up to let Starrfire scoot back in next to Russ. 

“The take over of the human world. What do you think?” Evan replied without missing a beat. 

“Seriously? You did that while I was away? That’s not fair. I’ve got ideas. I’m a true idea-man.”

“Well, you’d be killed, too, then. Men don’t make it out in our scenario,” Ariessa pointed out the fallacy of Starr’s nomenclature used. 

“Okay… idea-dragon…” Starrfire stuck his tongue out at the dragoness. 

“Don’t you show that thing unless ya plan ta use it well,” Essa snapped back. 

There was a growl from Russell, his eyes cutting over to Starr with a quickness. 

“Heh… yeah, I value my life a bit too much! My brother says that’s not allowed,” Starr was chuckling by then. His eyes met Russell’s gaze and everyone could tell there was no harm in the matter. They both understood their boundaries as they stood right then without saying a word. 

“I know something we need to talk about.” Evan took a drink of his still cold drink. “Bonds. As in, what’s allowed and what’s not. Also, what might cause harm and what might not. Because, things seem to be changing a bit, don’t you think?” He made sure that eye contact was had with every member of the clique around this table. It was important that they were all on the same page. 

“Yeah, you’re right. I don’t want to have any bad situations pop up like my drakkar and drakka have had. So, if we could dispense with the mistake making while we’re plan making, that’d be fabulous.” Starrfire looked up as one of the waitresses came over to bring them their next round. “Perfect timing! Thanks!” 

Once they all had new drinks in hand and had privacy once again, the discussion ensued. 

“Well, I wouldn’t mind if you were bonded. A lot of friends are. But …” Ariessa put her fingers on Russell’s chest to move through the dark hair there. “if… we… you know… I don’t know if it would hurt you.” She was nothing if not pragmatic and straight forward. She had her eyes set on Russell Weylyn when they had been together on the other side of the portals. That hadn’t changed. She had planned to look him up as soon as she was done with business, so it was a pleasant surprise to be invited here only to have the lycan hand delivered. 

“Well, I don’t know about the bonds from my perspective. But I’m thinkin’ it won’t be strong enough to be a problem. What’d you think, Starr?” Russ left that decision to the expert. 

“I can  lessen it on my side. It’s fine.” Starr looked over at the other dragon. “He’s right. We did it so the mental speak wouldn’t be so rough on him and so… when we got into trouble, we could keep tabs on each other. He does some dangerous shit, and if he needs a way out, I didn’t want him to be stuck. He’s my brother.” Starr held his right arm to the side for Russell to take “Always, man. Always.” It hurt, but it was the right thing to do. Starr could already feel it. The way Russ had emotion for this woman? He had felt that way when he met Raven. What was weird? Starrfire could’ve sworn Russ had felt this way right after returning from the other side on the last trip. Maybe Russ and Ariessa’s time on the adventure to save Terry and Izzy had begun this? 

Taking the offered forearm without pulling the one from around Ariessa, Russ grinned. “Always brother.” 

~ Tell me when. One more night of fun with all of us? Or is it time for you to finally become covetous over someone? ~ The dragon smirked while waiting for the answer.

~ When we get ready to leave the club this evenin’ ya can take it. I won’t be goin’ home with ya’ll tonight. If my luck holds, I’ll be spendin’ it and all my future ones with Ariessa. But while we’re here? You can enjoy my emotions along with Raven’s one more time. ~ As his grasp eased he turned his attention to his dragoness. His blue eyes caught her gaze as he kissed her. He cupped her cheek and deepened the kiss as he rumbled for her. His pants felt tighter.

Oh, Ariessa was in heaven! She couldn’t believe she had almost passed up on the offer of going to the club with Evan. She let her hand meander down to Russell’s crotch so she could ghost her fingers up and over. 

“Jeans are hot on your ass, but damn they must be uncomfortable right now,” she whispered in his ear before she opened his fly to play. The wolf rumbled even deeper soon enough.

“Damn.. woman.” Russ had his canines popped and was nibbling on his girl’s neck while she did as she pleased to him. 

Evan was there, he leaned forward on the table with his drink. He watched how quickly his brother was taking to his dragon friend. Neither of them had much on the way of filters and neither had qualms about taking what they wanted. He grinned before looking into his drink and taking another swallow. As soon as he had tangled with Russell Weylyn, he had known exactly who the younger man was missing. So long as things worked out? Good. His own heart felt the same way about Raven Evansworth Morias. He could smell her. He wanted her. He wanted her more than he’d wanted anything in his entire life. And that was one helluva long thing for most people to comprehend. Their eyes met in that uncomfortable few moments while their mutual friends made out right there next to them. She looked away first and he took another drink. 

Raven lifted a brow as she leaned into Starr. 

~ Are you sure about this Starr? ~  Raven asked through their mind speak. She didn’t want this to come back and bite her in the ass later. If she went forward with this it was with her dragon’s full support.

~ Sure about what, babe? ~ Starr turned his head and licked the tip of her little nose with the tip of his tongue.

~ Evan enjoying the evening with us. ~ Wiping her nose, she realized Starr was emotionally and empathically drunk off all of them, but was he that drunk? There was one way to find out. With her hand on Starr’s inner thigh, Raven kissed him and ended it before he could really get to into it. She then turned and looked Evan right in the oddly colored eyes that kind of matched her own –  and she kissed him before he said something that changed her mind. Her markings had started to show faintly on the dance floor, but now, between these two, her markings were darkening for Starr to see.

Starrfire was feeling the arousal from both Raven and Russell. The kiss done, he watched as Raven took Evan from his cool and calm place. Both of their markings began showing more and more. He could see them, because he was her Chosen. No one else could… except Evan. Their scents were amazing. The dragon didn’t think they’d be able to stay much longer… they’d start making the demons drunk, if that wasn’t already happening. 

~ Watching you two together is fucking hot… ~ Starr watched and when she turned back to him, he took her mouth with wild abandon. Evan moved her hair aside and began biting her neck, just enough to give her what she needed; not enough to break skin.

There was a soft whimper of need into her kiss with Starr. They had often shared their bed with Russ and until tonight, she had kept loyalty there with him as a third. But just now? She felt more energy in this very moment swirling over her skin as she sat between Evan and Starr than she ever had with Russ and Starr. 

“Mmmrrrmmm..Essa baby..damn..” the words were the first hint to the other three that something more had happened. Sure enough, Essa had moved a bit downward in the seat so she could put her mouth where her hand had been earlier. Russ’ fingers buried in her hair and his head tipped back. Under closed lids, his eyes rolled. 

Starrfire took a deep gasping breath before pulling Raven to his neck. His hands gripped her hips, pulling her closer to him. Starr moved his hands upward lifting her shirt in the back for Evan to touch. For touch was everything. The shifting of her clothing did not stop Raven. Sometimes Raven’s focus was so locked that it took something drastic to break it. She licked Starr’s pulse point and then sank her teeth into his neck. She purred for them both as one of her hands reached back to find Evan without hurting Starrfire in the process. 

The curtain rustled and Mira’s head peaked in. “Loving the vibes my wildchildes but time to find a lair to finish this. You all can visit another night.” She was enjoying the hell out of the energy they were giving off, which meant others were too. The last thing the twins needed was to be forced to explain to the authorities why people got hurt in a wild orgy at their club – right after her brother had just been exonerated by Crimson and the Council. 

Russell doing his best to be still while the demoness scolded them. He just looked at the woman wide-eyed and whimpered something unintelligible in response. 

“I mean it. You can pay the tab later. Your credit’s good here.” Knowing what had just happened, Mira giggled just a bit, before pulling some of that wild, erotic energy from them all.  

Starr felt Raven’s fangs disengage from his neck and she licked his wounds quickly. It seemed Mira knew just what to pull from them to sober everybody up enough to get them moving. Evan was already putting Raven’s shirt back into place and sitting back down properly. 

“Okay, give us like three minutes and we’ll be headed out. Thanks, Mira.” Starr didn’t want to not be allowed back. This was the farthest they had ever gone here and they loved Dante’s Inferno. So, no… they would definitely exit nicely.

“That’s fine Starr, just no more than that. I wouldn’t want trouble to start up.” Mira lifted a brow in Russell’s direction before she withdrew to give them the requested privacy.

Ariessa raised back up from under the table, having tucked and closed things. The dragoness reached for a napkin and wiped her lips like a true lady. Then, she took her drink and enjoyed it.

Starrfire sat there, hands on the table and taking a few deep breaths before he could get himself into a standing position…and even then, he appreciated the help of everyone else. Evan was on one side and Russell was on the other and they made their way to the elevator once again. The bouncers were chuckling when the bunch passed and made their way out.

“Well, that was heady,” Angelus whispered before chuckling. His sister was bright red, which was an odd sight for one such as herself. 

“I mean, we have rooms if they really needed it. You’d think they were like us, Dante!” Mira used his human-name given she was saying it out loud in their club… just in case. 

“What?” Inea just giggled. “One’s got mine and Sen’s genetics. The other’s got Weylyn genetics. What did you expect?” Inea leaned into Angelus and laughed as both Derek and Mira gave her incredulous stares. 



Outside, in the heat of the city night, all of them stopped to look up at the waning moon and the stars. Starr sobered up from what had happened inside. Taking a deep breath, he turned to look at Russ. He moved forward, his right arm going over Russell’s left shoulder and his temple next to that of his lycan brother. Russ’ arm went over his left shoulder and they held one another together like this as the bond slowly began to fade a bit more. 

~ Brothers always. All you have to do is call, now. Enjoy her. She seems like she wants to enjoy you. ~ This time, the mental voice was a little distracting compared to when the bond had been stronger. That was because it was forced, now. 

Before the dragon could step away Russell pulled Starrfire into a brotherly hug, “Thanks bro.” He touched their foreheads together before turning away with Ariessa. The others could hear him say to her, “Since ya started it I guess I get to finish it. Yer lair or my place?”

Raven was still a little dazed. She had her fingers hooked in the top of Evan’s jeans and her other hand was working it’s way beneath Starr’s shirt. 

“Let’s go Red.. these clothes are bothering me.”

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