It has been a very busy month and a half for me! If you do any kind of work on your own and need to keep track, please take my advice and grab yourself a daily planner. No matter what version – electronic or paper – it is a lifesaver and it helps with anxiety … Read more

Fraser’s Fun House

Melanie Fraser runs quite an amazing ship considering she’s a full time mum and blogger! She reads some of the best books and I trust her reviews. I’ve gotten 2 books because of her recommendations and I’ve been enjoying several new blogs, thanks to her “Meet the Blogger” series. I wanted to spotlight her, because … Read more

Isadora Brown

She calls her fans “brownies” which is appropriate, considering her love of fantasy.  I enjoyed her Academy of Peculiars writing and I’m about to begin a full Urban Fantasy set called Rebels and Renegades that she has taken part in.  Actually, she’s known to take part in these sets and she generally writes romance stories … Read more

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