A Dragon’s Friend

Walking the Blade will be a series of novels based on the life and relationships of a dragon who can shift into human form. The stories you see here are snippets and scenes that I wanted to share with you – things we wrote to further develop and fill in the history of our cast of characters. We hope you enjoy and come back for more!

The afterglow was just about talking about the ceremony his people had planned before true mating. He hadn’t realized how confused Eva was, until she spoke.

“Ceremony? Please… please tell me… we don’t have to… you know… mate in front of people?” Eva was trying to catch her breath while also not hyperventilating over what she was fearing right now. What did he mean they had to wait for the ceremony?  

There was a pause and his brows furrowed in his confusion. But then he reminded himself of the traditions she had been accustomed to. He had heard some frightful things of the barbarians on the other side. Once he had put the pieces together, Dev gave a low rough chuckle. 

“No love, that is just for us alone, but when I do take ya as my mate our scents will be forever mingled and when yer around others they’ll know who yer mated to cause ya gonna carry my scent as well as yer own.” Devon nuzzled her and rumbled gently from his chest for her to ease her. “I can’t wait. But I will.” 

“And so… it’s like when the humans want to have a ceremony before the bride and groom come together? Only… it’s not about pregnancy so much as it’s about the marking and the scent?” She yawned and nuzzled into his chest. While so close to him, she had not a care in the world. 

“My mama would be very upset if ya came back with my scent all over ya before she got to dress ya up and see us joined by the ceremony.” Devon enjoyed her weight and her closeness. But after a while, curiosity got the better of him. “So what else did Gareth have to say to ya?” He made it an easy going question. So that she’d stay relaxed.

“Mmm.. he just threatened me, you know… I think it’s a family thing when people care about you. I’d do the same. He doesn’t want me to break your heart. Told me if I was just going to run, to do it back when we were at the other packlands. But, I don’t want to run.” She forced herself up just a bit to enjoy looking into his eyes. “I want to run with you, not away from you. Just wanting to… it made my shifting so easy.”  

That had the smile remaining on his lips, “He’s just pup and don’t know how to curb his tongue.” Pressing a kiss to her lips Devon almost purred the rumble was so deep and low, “I want ya to run with me too.”

“So, who else should I know?” she asked before settling back in against him. “And what else? I know I’m bound to embarrass both of us before I get how things work here. I’ve not been in this world for long. But if you tell me things, maybe I can be less embarrassing. Maybe…” she giggled. 

“I think ya gonna do just fine. Mama can be stern at times but she means well. So she’ll show ya everything ya need, I promise. As to embarrassin’ me, I ain’t to worried about that. Just stay close and watch us. I mean there are some things that are gonna stand out. Like our mates do little things. I mean the ones that follow traditions. My mama serves my ole man before she serves herself and bein’ Alpha he always gets served first. Some mates share plates and when yer carryin’ our pups I’ll serve or feed ya from my plate.”

“Sounds interesting. Since we both do that for one another, I don’t see why I can’t do that. Besides, one thing I do know about is cooking. Since you eat so much, I’ll be happy to cook and serve your food to you.”  Eva was excited about that prospect. She’d need to dust off her mental recipe books, though!  It had been a while. 

“We ain’t keen on a lot of clothes and hardly wear shoes unless it’s necessary.” He caressed his hand down her spine. “There’s full moon ceremonies where couples are mated and births or pregnancies are announced.” Devon smoothed his fingers through her hair. “Yer a healer so ya gonna wanna spend time with our shaman and shamaness to learn their ways. They know a lot about herbs and medicinal. They’ll teach ya the seasons, the holidays and their prayers. I can’t teach ya any of that except maybe a couple of prayers.”

“I want that very much,” she closed her eyes as he moved his fingers through her hair. The touches and the way the movement danced softly on those sensitive nerves felt so good. She was beginning to relax all the more. 

“One thing I need to take ya to visit though is the Great Oak, that’s where our dead rest or at least stones for them do.”

“Memorials?” she asked quietly.  

“Yes, I guess ya could call it that. My brothers have stones out there and we can go see ‘em. They were lost in the first war with the elves.” 

“Do you think these wars with the elves are almost done?” The idea of finding the one she was supposed to be with only to lose him to yet another war worried her.  

Devon drew in a deep breath and let it out slowly, “I pray that this is our last war with them. There have been less lycan lost this war and so it is my thought that they are beginnin’ to understand that we are no longer born to be slaves to them, vampires or dragons.” As if hearing his kind mentioned there was a noise above that caught Eva’s attention.

The swoosh sound was nearby, but not right on the couple.  The sound was something that made Eva jump and sit up more, looking around. 

“What’s that?” she asked, trying to figure it out herself… 

“Relax Eva, it’s only Senias, he’s known to my Pack. He and his dragoness have helped us through this war.” Setting her aside, Devon climbed to his feet and then helped Eva to hers. “Come on I’ll introduce ya.” he made sure his belt was fastened before continuing.

“I saw him… at the other pack’s keep… the dark one?” She had been focused on the boy, but also, she’d been so in awe of the creature that she’d lost track of it once things had gone wild. She had stayed with Devon from that point onward.  She walked with Devon now, the long shirt moving back over her body. She tied the rope string at the top of the neck as they walked. 

They cleared the woods and it was only then that the dragon came into view. Senias was a magnificent sight to eyes that saw him on a regular basis and so Devon could only imagine what a sight he made to Eva.  The horn-like protrusions around the face and over the hack of the head made him intimidating, along with his size. The scales were dark of color, black in most places, the the light glinting off of him showed otherwise.

He was drinking from the stream that ran through their lands, and fed the large lake from which they got fresh water. When he noted the two lycan, his big head raised up and he shook off the excess water before his tongue moved over the edging of his hard mouth. Devon and his healer? 

“Senias, shift and come meet my mate to be. I’ll introduce ya properly, my friend.” While Sen spent more time with the Alpha, Dev still felt they had become friends of a sort over the years.

~ She seems quite pleased to be in awe of my magnificence as I am, Devon, ~ Senias chuckled at the way the girl was staring at him. He moved forward, his wing tips grasping the large boughs of the trees nearby as he moved forward a bit to further study the woman. ~ Good on the eyes, am I? ~ he bared his teeth in a smile that might have most people running.

“You speak to our minds?” she asked. “Interesting.”

“Oh he isn’t full of himself and cocky at all.” Devon was grinning as he winked at Eva looked back up at Sen.

~ I’m not cocky, I’m honest. ~ He reminded. He huffed warm air over the both of them before the flash of magic left them momentarily blinded. When they could see again, the human form of the dragon stood before them, only some light silken pants on…and they hung low on his waist.  “I would continue to speak in such a way, but I know Devon hates mindspeak. I don’t want to give you a headache. So I’ll oblige.”   The girl was still staring. Senias raised a brow. “Uh…Senias of Morias. And you might be…?” 

“Eva LaCroix, soon to be Weylyn,” she held her hand out to him. It was taken very gently by the draconic man, and he kissed the back of it appropriately.  

Eva watched it and for her, time stood still. The aura that she had already seen around the old soul before her – in those simple touches and flashes of the past – she confirmed things she had hoped were not true. Slowly, she brought her hand back. 

“You need to eat,” she whispered. Her mind was still trying to formulate what she should say and what she wanted to say. They were two different things. What if she messed this up?  “I could cook a meal made by my mother, my grandmother…for you both and we could all talk.” 

“Where the hells did you find this one?” Senias chuckled. He wasn’t sure how to take this proclamaition over his needs. He wasn’t sure what to think of this creature. He definitely took a couple of steps back from her but kept jovial with the meeting.

“Somewhere ya got no interest in lookin’.” He shook his head and clapped the draconic male on the shoulder, “May not be what you expected, but it is what it is. I took one look at her and wanted no other. Perhaps one day yer true mate will cross yer path and I bet ya get my meaning then.” Sen hadn’t shared much on his life prior to coming through and joining up with them. Dev only knew of his current dragon mate and so he was going off of what he knew. He also knew they weren’t exactly…monagamous.

“Mmmm… sorry if he confuses you. My dragon mate is not…like a lycan mate.” He smiled. 

“You love her, but you love her as a platonic love. I know it. I mean, I know of it.” Eva explained.   

“Besides Sen prefers men though the occasional female does end up in his bed.” Devon gave a wolfish grin. 

“If they’re as beautiful as your mate, I have no trouble including them,” the dragon bowed slightly to the both of them, for once trying to be polite. 

Eva didn’t smile, but she blushed. His colors… she was trying to figure out what to say. How had she confounded a creature so much older than her? Because of what she could tell about him, maybe?

“Not a chance my friend I don’t share.” Devon winked at Sen this time yet couldn’t help, but feel awkward between the two. “Okay… so what does my ole man have ya doin’ today?”

“He says I’m to take a break. And Nea said to walk away from the palace. And your mate says I need to eat. So, I’m trying to do all of the above.” Senias took a deep huffing breath. He was annoyed but he was trying not to say so.   

“In that case, why don’t we all shift and go huntin’?” Devon looked from his friend to his mate. “I wanted to show Eva how to hunt in her wolf form anyways so why not now?” The way Dev figured it this would knock several things out at once.

“What do you want me to do? I could… herd some of the roe deer your way?” Senias offered. “Maybe we could teach her wind shifts and tracking and then that? Or do you want to begin with that?” Senias felt like, if no one wanted him around otherwise, why not help where he was wanted?  

Eva smiled at the draconic man.

“Anything the both of you want to help me with would be fine. But, I think I’d like to get bathed and a shower before we go too far,” the female wolf kind of reminded him that she wasn’t really wearing much of anything. And what she smelled like was sex and grass. They had brought extra clothing, but they hadn’t changed yet…  

“I know a wonderful, private spot further up along the ridge. I can fly you both to it, otherwise, it’d be tricky.” Senias looked between the two. “The water’s actually a little warmer, because of the midday sun hitting the stone.” 

Eva turned to look at Devon and she mouthed, “Yes… please…” she wasn’t sure how better to say it, but she definitely didn’t want to go back and leave the dragon. At some point, she’d tell Devon why. But right now, it wasn’t a good spot.

“Guess we’ll take ya up on that offer.” Dev rushed to the tree to get their packs. 

Senias smiled. He was happy about that decision and shifted immediately and offered to gather them in his claws to take them for the ride instead of portaling. It would be more fun for the lady, he thought. 

When Devon returned he helped Eva into Sen’s claw and climbed behind her. ~ Thank ya for this Sen, it’s good to get time with ya away from my ole man. I like time with ya that doesn’t involve battles. ~ 

~ You do? ~ The dragon was a bit surprised.  He flapped his wings and was taking them up along the rocky area of the hills before moving toward the treeline.  ~ I suppose I assume people don’t like being around me more than anything. Unless we’re all partying and drinking. ~

Devon held Eva to him and kissed the shell of her ear. ~ Yeah I do. ~ He wasn’t one for mind speak because he hated the feel and it did give him headaches after a while as Sen had mentioned. Right now, though, he mind spoke so only Sen could hear him. This was how much Devon trusted the dragon as there was no hesitation in either the mind speak or letting Sen carry them in this fashion. The rush of wind from the dragon’s wings was significant. Soon they were up in the air and Eva held him tighter, but didn’t dare look away!

The dragon let them down gently on a huge boulder that was mostly covered by the soil around it, making it much like a flat stone floor. Another boulder was revealed beneath the water  that was only maybe 4 feet deep further in and then got deeper as the ground went into normal rounded river stone where the stream met this bypass. It was obvious that the stones had been cleaned off a bit by the dragons that came up here.  And they had also cleared just enough of the trees for landing and the rest were left to keep other eyes from seeing in to the nice area. 

Once they were down, Senias landed and turned his back to the couple. He knew proper manners. And he knew when to use them. It was when he didn’t respect someone that he didn’t give a fuck.  

“Oh, wow… a ride with a dragon and then, this? It’s gorgeous!” Eva was very pleased.

“You’re welcome. I am glad you like it,” Senias spoke, because he had shifted. He sat on the upper stone looking the opposite direction. “Rumor is, you came from the other side.” 

“Rumor? Already?” Eva looked to Devon and giggled. She took the clothes he offered her and placed them on the dry stone before removing the rest of her dirty clothes and then walking into the water. The dragon had been correct. The water was warmer than normal stream water. She very quickly made her way to sit where she could. 

“Yeah she’s from the other side. But now she’s stayin’, maybe she’ll like life with our Pack better than life over there.” Devon was hopeful as he stripped off his pants and walked into the warm water.

“Tu es de quelle partie du monde?” Senias asked. 

“Je suis d’Haïti,” Eva’s eyes got large, she smiled more brightly and looked to the man. “You’re French?” 

“Nope. But I’ve lived there a long time. I noticed your accent.” He absently moved his fingers on the stone.    

As Sen and Eva spoke in an unfamiliar tongue, Devon washed himself up. He wasn’t upset nor did he demand that they speak in a familiar language. No need. Though, the sound of it was nice to the ears, for sure.  

“Well, if we get some fish or deer today. I will make you some fine spicy Haitian cuisine. Maybe it’d make you feel better?” Eva turned to look to him. 

“You know, the way to both a lycan’s heart and a dragon’s heart is through the stomach. So, maybe I would be in a better mood after such,”  Senias stretched and moved to lie back so he could soak up more of the sun. 

Eva went to Devon and whispered in his ear, “Your friend, he’s … very… sad… for some reason.” She hugged her mate and added, “His aura always been so dark?”  The person didn’t seem to be the type, but he definitely had darkness around his soul.    

“I wouldn’t know Eva.. I can’t see his aura. But if he’s sad I’m sure it’ll pass. We’ll keep him company and busy until it does hm?” Devon hugged her back and smiled even as he looked towards his friend with concern.

When she looked at him as she was, Dev knew she was expecting more from him. Kissing Eva softly, Dev waded out of the water and tugged on his fresh pants. He didn’t bother with a shirt since they’d be hunting soon. Making his way to the dragon, he cleared his throat with a rumble that had the auburn-haired man turning to him.

“You alright?”

“I think so. Why?” Senias replied easily enough. 

“Seems like you got a lot on your mind and I’m a pretty good listener.”

“You’re usually off with your boys, drinking and prowling. Why should the things that fill a dragon’s mind bother you?”  Sen pulled his bare feet up to bend his knees before turning slightly to look at Devon. 

There was big sigh from Devon as he crouched down beside Sen. “Because all of that doesn’t matter.  You seem damn distant even by stadards already set. You’re my friend and I’m here for you when you need me – like now – so start talking.”

Senias took a breath. He had an arm beneath his head and one on his stomach as he considered the sincere words spoken to him. 

“I feel the pull of the other world. My world. And my lover that I left there.” the dragon took a deep breath. “I came here to consider things and I wound up finding friends in need and remaining to help them. Both Inea and I have found enjoyment here, but she also misses her kindred, whom she has been without for several years now. Crimson was dead set on finding and culling all of us. They were onto us. Sebastian sent me through a portal because he was worried for me. He and I have been very bad villains to those humans. Nevermind what they did to us and our cliques and kitlings before they came into good power.” 

“Ya wanna go back to this Sebastian and so why are you out of the palace for that?” Devon was trying to understand.

“Inea shooed me from the palace because she worries about me dealing with that boy we rescued. She can’t hide that from me.” He looked over to Devon. “I hope you and your mate never lose a child. It rips your heart apart. And when you find others in need and hurting, well, that pain comes back. She’s much stronger than I am concerning it.” 

The mention of Rory saddened Devon as he listened to his friend explain the situation with Inea.

“In all reality, I feel more and more lost on this side the longer I stay. I think maybe I should go back… rejoin Sebastian with a new name and identity… and enjoy life for as long as life allows. Perhaps my crimes there will have been forgotten. Besides, you’ve driven the elves out of all the packlands. This last slaughter? It was a parting fuck-you, to be sure. But I believe they’re done with you. I believe Pack Weylyn has shown them the error of their ways.” 

“I hope so, cause I want these lands safe for my mate and our future pups.” Devon glanced towards Eva enjoying the water and then back at Sen, “Have ya told the ole man yet?”

“I don’t know how to tell your father. But then again, he wanted me to rest instead of helping with the pulling in of the scouts or asking me to watch the perimeter. So… maybe he sees it, too? Maybe he knows I need a break.”  

Broad shoulders shrugged, “Maybe he does. I know he won’t be happy that yer leavin’. He’s gonna try to stop ya. Are you ready for that? I’ll have yer back, Senias, if it’s the thing you need ta do. I’ll miss ya, but if you need this, you need it.”  

“Stopping us from leaving would be a bad idea. If my mind is this muddled and I’m relaxed? Well, I’d hate to become irrational.” His gaze rested on Devon. “A lycan who has lost to his wolf is nothing compared to a dragon who no longer recognizes friend from foe.” Senias got up to sit and turn to watch Eva as she went into the deeper water. “I would never want to place you or your mate and pups in danger.” 

“I can understand that, and I’m grateful, because I never wanna see ya that way. Are ya gonna stay for our full moon ceremony or ya plannin’ to leave before that?” Devon asked as stood to stretch his long legs out.

“I wouldn’t want to miss your ceremony. That is – if I’m invited.” 

“Of course ya both are invited. It wouldn’t be as great if ya weren’t there my friend.” Devon gave a slow grin that faded a little, “Just don’t get lost and forget yer way back Sen. Even if it’s just for a visit by all of ya and I’m includin’ yer Sebastian in that.”

“I’m not sure Sebastian would like the weather, here. And I’m not sure Kieran would like him…” Senias chuckled at the thought of the two meeting. Both were very dominant in their personalities. 

“I mean he must be pretty important to ya. I’d like to meet him some day, perhaps we will be good friends too.” 

“That would be nice, though he can be abrasive. I guess no more than any other I’ve known. No more than me…” Senias smiled. “He’s very important. We’ve given up so very much for one another. The pull frightens me. But it also intrigues me.” 

Devon rested a hand on Sen’s shoulder and his accent dropped away, “Just know that no matter how long it takes for you to return, our door is always open to you. You’re always going to have a hot meal and a warm bed in my house Senias of Morias. I know you don’t understand why and probably won’t for several years to come, but I count you amongst my dearest and closest friends. Take care of yourself over there and know that we are always here for you…” 

“Thank you, Devon.” 

Rising to his feet Devon stretched with groan, “ Now let’s show my mate how to hunt proper and get bloodied the right way, then we can enjoy some good ale at the fires while the meat cooks or as Eva cooks it her way for us.” 

“Mmmm… a bit of both sides, sounds good to me. But you may need to grab the saddle pouch. When I hunt, I go for a large quantity… we’ll be feeding the pack.”  Senias got up and stretched his body, snapping and popping sinew and bone. 

There was a deep chuckle from the big lycan as he turned to look to the water and called out, “Can’t live in there woman, it’s time to get dirty again so ya can come and enjoy another round.”

“Mmmm… that’s the only way you get me out! Senias, you were so right about this place! I’ll definitely be coming back here! It feels almost like a bath!” Eva slowly stood and made her way out, unashamed by her nakedness before grabbing up her already dirty over-large shirt. 

~ You know that goes both ways, yes? If you need anything and I am not here, find a way to get me word. I will help. ~ Senias mind spoke to his friend – a friend who had now impressed upon him something much deeper than he had originally thought was there. 

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