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Finding Isabel

The mismatched group goes to a slave auction in dragon territory to find their missing comrade. Only she finds them. 

 Largros made his way toward the main tents near the center of the city. The place was a buzz with auctions scheduled all day and all night. There were very few he would consider. He didn’t like the trade of souls. It was…distasteful. He was here for another reason altogether. Isabel had disappeared a week […]

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Website Woes

There are posts that I would LOVE to share with you as subscribers that I cannot share. Not yet, anyway. I have been redesigning the website with someone and we found that our NSFW disclaimer and the subscription add ones are not working appropriately. And so the NSFW content will have to be put off […]

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To celebrate the upcoming release of War of Mist from author Helen Scheuerer – signed copies of all three novels in the Oremere Chronicles – are being given away! I read Heart of Mist and I have Reign of Mist in my TO-BE-READ pile and she’s already on to her third novel in the series! […]

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