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The Rescue & Loss

Gabriel helps get Terry out of harms way...

Both Senias and Ariessa took to their dragon forms. Ariessa, with her frills and straight-fins beneath her legs, wasted little time getting to a higher dune. She saw the outlines of the enemy, the Weylyn scouts were also scrambling to get into this battle. They were howling as they went. Ariessa leapt as high as […]

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Russ and Ariessa have finally found Terry in the desert backlands near the volcanoes of the north in the other world. They call on all those who have come to help.

Almost a week later Russell finally had it. His family was losing hope and now he’d done it! He had located the whereabouts of his little brother. He hadn’t been able to focus on Isabel as his family came first. The attackers were in an old mine shaft at the base of the mountain called […]

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I wanted to apologize for not getting a post out today. It has been a wild day and a wild week. I hope to be able to get out, even a small post by tomorrow afternoon. Thank you very much for your patience! ~ Rachel

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MID WEEK GIVEAWAYS & CONTESTS – from authors abroad!

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