What To Do…?

Walking the Blade will be a series of novels based on the life and relationships of a dragon who can shift into human form. The stories you see here are snippets and scenes that I wanted to share with you – things we wrote to further develop and fill in the history of our cast of characters. We hope you enjoy it and come back for more…

Rachel Adams & Dawn McClellan

Sebastian came awake with a quick intake of breath. He was face down on the floor of the lair, having not quite made it to the bed. Not that he wanted to sleep in it regardless. He flipped over hope rising up in his chest, but the aurumn was cold. Instead of getting up, the vampire covered his face with a forearm. Why get up? To feed? Why? Sen wasn’t there and if he was to be believed he wouldn’t be back. His eyes closed with the intention of going back to sleep. He could after all push his body and force it into stasis. If he were lucky a hunter would find him and end it all. 

“For the love of the world, why must you be so focking melodramatic? On the floor? Really, Sebastian?” The dragon had simply appeared via portal right then and there. He had of course moved through several other places before coming here, as one could see by realizing he had four bags strapped over his back. He bent down and slowly began removing them from his body not five feet away.

“I’m a vampire; melodramatic is what we do best.” Pulling his arm away from his face Sebastian’s brows furrowed, “I thought you weren’t coming back.” but then his gaze went to the bags and he realized Sen really meant to leave him.

“I wasn’t. And then my new master gave me a week to set things proper and say my goodbyes. So, I’m taking my time.” He walked over to the vampire and knelt on one knee near him. “But, I am leaving.”  

Sitting up Sebastian pulled his knees up and wrapped his arms around them, “Why? Why are you leaving me Sen? Is it because I asked you to be my Chosen? We were already bonded..” He swallowed sandpaper and his jaw clenched. 

“No, you idiot. I’m leaving because I’ve been found. For the first time in quite a few centuries, I’ve had a Kennedy find me and claim me before I could fight. Don’t you remember? Kennedy? It’s the name taken by the original clan O’Cineadeagh in the isles… the ones I made my deal with for this body?” Senias couldn’t help but moved the back of his hand over Sebastian’s jaw. 

“Kennedy’s.. so if there were no more Kennedy’s you would be here with me?” His gaze was pained and hard as he looked up at the one he loved. Then, he smiled, thinking he’d found the out very easily, “I could kill every last one of them if it freed you.”

Senias chuckled and looked down at the cold aurumn. He placed his hand palm-down on it and heated it up properly for his lover. How did he put this? 

“The spritely one has a twin named Henry. Her name is Annabelle. She’s nine years old, but she can already see me for who I am. The little one? Her name is Lily. And she reminded me most of the sketch pictures you keep hidden in your favorite box of treasures. I believe you named your little girl Miriam? But you called her Miri?” Senias looked at Sebastian’s eyes. “Will you become the same monster that killed your Miri – just to free a dragon that knowingly… if not ignorantly… made his own bed?” Sebastian could be a monster, sure. But he wasn’t a child killer.  

The memories were painful and he thought Sen a horrible bastard right then for bringing them up. Yet still, with the pained expression on his face, Sebastian had to be honest, “For you, yes… yes I’d become that monster.” Climbing to his feet he stood right in front of his dragon. “Because I love you that much. I’d damn myself to set you free.”

“I’m not worth the sentiment.” The dragon stood up to face his lover. 

A snort of derision left the vampire. His shoulders slumped. He wasn’t going to win this. 

“Besides, that’s not a practical maneuver. You were a warlord, Sebastian! Get your head back in the strategy and out of the clouds!” A low growling sound left Sen’s chest but lost its bite as he let himself sniff the air. He wanted to remember Sebastian’s scent if this were to be the last time they were together so very close. 

Reaching for Sen’s upper arm, Sebastian pulled the man to him so they were face to face and only a breath apart. “I don’t give a fuck about what’s practical Sen. You’re worth it to me and that’s all that matters. You’re right, though. I was a warlord and I wiped entire towns just because I didn’t like the looks of them. So a family line won’t mean anything to me.”

Sen’s brows furrowed at Sebastian. His eyes searched the vampire’s eyes. 

“Did you really think that I’d just sit back in misery and let some human-fuck take you from me? I thought you knew me better than that, Sen. I told you once that you were mine and I meant it. I won’t just step aside and let you go! The bastard will have to rip the heart from my chest and cut my head off first!” Sebastian kissed Sen then roughly laying claim once more.

This time, Sebastian found himself sailing across the room and landing on the floor near the other furnishings. Senias wiped his mouth and growled fiercely. 

“He will. Or… if you continue to threaten them, he’ll watch in delight as I have to remove your head from your shoulders for him. Is that what you want?” His Celtic accent was heavy when he was upset, and the idea of all that could go wrong bothered him greatly. He shouldn’t have come back here.  

Pulling himself back up Sebastian stalked to the side of the lair and pulled Sen’s demon forged blade to toss through the air at its master. It clattered to the floor before Sen’s feet and Sebastian yanked his shirt off to throw to the side. He used one lengthened nail to carve an X over his heart and a ruddy red line appeared. He did the same to his throat.

“Then do it! I’ve even marked myself so you can’t miss!” His chest was heaving as he opened his arms out to his dragon and tipped his head back.

“What don’t you understand about indentured servitude, my love?” He scoffed. “I was bound by my vow to them long before I knew you existed. In case you didn’t notice, he’s been trying to find me for years, now. I ignored it. I became more and more unpredictable because of it. I shouldn’t have. But I did, and now I’m going to pay for it. I have a week. Having made such a deal means he can only hunt me down after that. However, he’s enacted my bond and my oath. So hunting me down will be easy and he will definitely do it.” 

 When it was obvious that his lover wouldn’t take the offer, Sebastian dropped the pose. He watched Senias as the dragon spoke and placed certain objects into a traveler’s bag. 

“And if anyone tries to harm him or his children, I am also bound by my oath and bond to kill that person to protect them. I’d have to kill… you… The oath is stronger than any bond after it. I love you, Sebastian. Don’t put me in that position.” He took a deep breath, his fingertips touching the top of the well-oiled dresser. 

 “I don’t understand this, and I never will Senias.” The vampire could admit that much. He watched as Senias paused in his packing. They both looked utterly defeated. He took a tentative step forward. “You say you have a week. Spend it here with me.” Would it be torture? Yes, but it was torture he’d welcome. Because as long as he knew Sen loved him, Sebastian would be looking for a way to break the deal without his dragon knowing it.

Senias looked into the bag, then he took a deep breath. Gods, but he was so scared he’d regret this. And yet… when the offer was made… he dropped the bag and turned to lift Sebastian up in his arms and kiss him deeply. 

Sebastian gave himself over Sen. He didn’t want to be in control. He just wanted Sen any way he could get him and as they kissed he wrapped his arms around his lover. ~ I need you Sen.. please… ~ A word he rarely ever used came easily to his thoughts right then and he meant every single syllable of it. He’d beg if he had to.

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