Hi guys! I’m trying to decide where to go with the next post for the webseries. Do I continue the arc for Becca and Cody or do I take a break this weekend?  Have you seen what I’ve been up to? I posted pics to my Instagram but I’ll share at least one pic here today for ya. We went to the “Fountain of Youth” – sorry, it didn’t work. But it felt good! And the state park surrounding it was beautiful.

Hmmm… still on the road, so my decision could go either way. Becca and Cody are a favorite “accidental” couple that winds up part of this ever-growing family that Gabriel and Senias have brought together with their friends and colleagues. I am half done with the original manuscript polishing for the first two novels that begin the series. Yes! I will be looking for beta readers very soon. YAY!!!!

Okay, so if I post the next portion from Becca and Cody, promise not to hate Sebastian too much. He’s being very protective of the girl that reminds him of his own child that he lost. So it’s not intentional cruelty.  And things get complicated when you have the traditions of very different supernatural races mingling… it’s a mirror on our own vast cultural differences as humans.

No matter the decision on a post, it’s gonna take me a bit to edit it and publish it. So just keep an eye out for it this weekend!

In the meantime, check out this KICKSTARTER –


Ninjas, Orca Gods, and African Mythology!

Born in his rightful home with power unlike no other, Sankara is taken to a new land where he is taught to live by their ways. He almost believes this new place is his real home but visions of the past just won’t let him be. In no time, he discovers that this so-called new home is only a mirage created by someone who hoped to use him. Confused and misplaced, Sankara goes on a quest to find his true self, to find his roots.

Having to step back into our past to learn some hard truths about ourselves is sometimes the only thing that stands in the way of our dream future. Your true power comes from knowing who you really are; what you are capable of, and how this helps you. Stepping back into the past in order to move forward is one of the challenges Sankara is faced with. He seems to have lived in two different realities and wants to discover what really defines him.

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