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Website Woes
By Rachel Adams Posted in From the Author on July 5, 2019 0 Comments 1 min read
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There are posts that I would LOVE to share with you as subscribers that I cannot share. Not yet, anyway. I have been redesigning the website with someone and we found that our NSFW disclaimer and the subscription add ones are not working appropriately. And so the NSFW content will have to be put off until we find a better design that will allow for these things.

There are reasons. For one thing, I want to have it on recored that those who are opting in for NSFW content are stating that they are over 18 and adult. Second, I wanted to hold back something beyond the norm for my subscribers. The “continued scenes” (NSFW or not) were going to be subscribers only.

I hate this! I hate this because we’re up on one of my favorite BDSM/NSFW scenes between Russell and Ariessa and I can’t post it in order.

I will be moving onward to the next scene, hoping that we can get things sorted soon and still come back to this before the moment has completely passed. But in the meantime, I wanted you to know that this is happening in the background.

Thank you for your patience and even though this is a pretty website style, it may be going and be replaced by something more practical in the near future. But at least the website will stay the same and I won’t have to go through another domain change. Thank you all for your patience!

~ Rach

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