Walking the Blade

Walking the Blade

Wulf Gets Adopted

A blast from the past - Wulf is now met by his betrothed's children - all of whom are half-dragon / half-elf. They've been watching him and now it's time for him to prove to them that he deserves their mother as a mate.

Walking the Blade

Cody Finds Becca

Once they'd reached the cabin, Becca had announced she wanted to cook for them. Where others might've politely declined, Russ encouraged her. Food was food and between himself and Clint, they could put away quite a bit at one sitting. So while she cooked they...

Walking the Blade

Cody Finds Becca – PT2

As Cody's arms wrapped around her, Becca all but vanished into his embrace. There was a low protective rumble from the big male as he soothed her further. One thing was very obvious to the big bear. "She needs to feed." Cody looked at Becca's folks, "I don't feed...

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I’m a Southern Girl (meaning Southern United States). I grew up in the Deep South in the Bible Belt and I guess my writing grew from an exploration of the culture and the hidden cultures and things I’ve seen in growing up. My escapism as a child grew my imagination and my spirit. I began to write at around age 11 but most of that early stuff was destroyed by my mother.

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