As long as Essa was close by, Russ trusted that his family would remain safe in this because no one would be able to place blame on them when she was unbiased truth that they weren’t involved.

Making his way to the prisoner, Russell gained entry to her and crouched near the door as it closed. 

She had been stripped of her robes and cleaned. Delousing powder had been thrown all over her, and she had then kept itching and rubbing until a lot of it had finally worn off of her dark colored skin. She had taken the sheet from the straw and down mattress here in her cell and made a sort of toga from it to cover herself. The girl was now sitting in the middle of the cell.  

He picked up a piece of straw and spun it between his fingers as he quietly watched her a few minutes before finally speaking, “What do ya have to tell me?” In the mood he was in, she’d be wise to just give him everything instead of trying to play with him. 

She shrugged. Her eyes moved up to his and she then looked down. 

“Tell me about the Alpha of Pack Simoa.”

She moved her hands through several symbols, but then she sighed and shook her head. Not many knew her sign language. Most of them were dead.  She got up and came to the bars near the prisoner’s brother and then moved her long dark hair to reveal precise cuts to either side of her throat right near the vocal cords.   She reached out and took the straw from him and used it to pantomime a pen on her palm. She knew how to write in the common tongue. But she couldn’t physically speak. But she did mouth the word – “Terry.  How is Terry?”  

“He’s fucked up, did ya expect otherwise?” 

“I tried,” she mouthed. But then she moved to the dirt floor and began writing. 

“I tried. Was told I too soft. Xarlan hates you all. He came at night to hurt Terry. He made an example of me when I tried to stop it. The others hated…” she shook her head. “Xarlan is more evil.” 

Now that Russell knew the girl’s limitations, he spoke to her again and watched what she scratched out with the straw. “Will I find Xarlan in the main house of his lands?”

She shook her head “NO” then she points down.  She had the straw in her hand where she sat. She touched her forehead. How did she say it? She wrote out the word and points down to the floor.

“Tunnels. Simoa men talk. Talk tunnels. Ways in. Xarlan wants to hurt your family more. The vampires wanted to hurt your family, too.” When he looked up at her she mouthed and shrugged, “I don’t know why.”  

“Thanks, he won’t get the chance to do more.” Russell stood up and started out of the room.

When he got up, she banged on the bars and motioned for him to come back. She  bared her teeth and curled her fingers into claws. Then she squatted down again wiping the markings into dust, she scribbled once again, “He knows the weaknesses. He got the plant from my people.”  

“I’ll let my father know. Let us settle this and we’ll get ya tended to.” 

She bowed her head to him. 

Russell left then and as he climbed the stairs he could hear his little brother scream as Doc tended his wounds. They had to be cleaned out and from the looks of his fingers she had to remove nail and debris to clean them. He’d be hurting for a while. 

Pausing at the top of the steps Russell looked towards the entrance of the tent and spoke to the dragoness that waited there out of sight. ~ When the ole man comes out tell him to sweep the tunnels again. He’s infested even with the magic put down there. I should be done by that time. Tell him have mama fix up a batch of cure all. It’ll be needed cause the bastards are usin’ wulfsbane. They probably gonna use copper too. ~

~ Are you warded? You may be good – better than most – but that doesn’t mean you’re immune to either. ~  She couldn’t help her concern. She’d just found him. Losing him would not be good. She stepped out of her shadowed area, her large eyes following him. 

He was already walking into the shadows of the gated entrance when he paused and look back once more, ~ They probably got dragonsbane, too – so do me a favor and stick with my brother. I think he’ll need protectin’ if I fail. Xarlan has taken a particular likin’ to him if ya get me. Don’t let him get Terry no matter what. ~ He knew Ariessa wouldn’t mention such to anyone but she’d make sure it wasn’t repeated. 

~ Then kill him a second time for me. Skin him alive if you get the chance. Even that is too little a punishment. ~ She felt so much distaste over such things, her eyes shimmered bluegreen like the gulf waters of the tropics.  ~ I will protect him with my life. ~ 

~ Take care of yerself gorgeous. ~ And just like that he was gone.

Ariessa took a deep breath and looked to the tent where Terry was finally sleeping with his parents at the side of his bed.  She moved to let them know. 


Through the next several hours Ariessa would get flashes of images from him as his mind loosened its tethers and the beast was set free. The first image was the entrance to the one tunnel that was left accessible. The Weylyn guards outside of it lay dead and he walked past them to enter. In hybrid form Russell tore through the first ten before they even knew he was there. Images would hit the dragoness of dismembered lycan with chunks torn from each one. He removed their heads and stacked them at the entrance before moving deeper into the tunnel.

Russell took out every small group in the same fashion and stacked their heads in the same fashion at each point. The image that came after that was of Xarlan’s group set up at the barrier that Largros and Dante had created. The Alpha had vampires from Eriksson trying to break the demonic wards but they weren’t having much luck with the blooded magic.

This was the hardest part of the entire tunnel for him, but he used his lycan abilities to over take the vampires while using the wards Sen had upon him to keep the lycan back. He dug into vampiric flesh with the silver tips on his nails and ripped the hearts from their chests. He bit chunks from each and tossed the bodies to the sides. The hybrid ripped through the lycan surrounding the Alpha like they were nothing. The monster that was Russell Weylyn didn’t feel the injuries dealt him as his adrenaline raced with his rage. He roared instead of howling because it was much more than the wolf in him that demanded such and he was feeding it.

Ariessa was thrilled by the dark beast inside of him. The images did not bother her at all. They all deserved everything they got. She kept herself quiet and tried to remain invisible around the family and the doctor. Terry was now asleep again, given drugs that helped that happen. She prayed to the Goddess that the boy would have at least one good sleep without the terrors of his experience. And to help sate her desire for retribution for the innocent, Russell let her see what he was doing. She smiled as she walked from one dark place to another, continuously moving around the tent and bottom floor. 

As the cowards ran, trying to escape the monster in the tunnels, they would run headlong into battalions of Weylyn’s special guards. Because as soon as Kieran and Twilight had been told about everything by Ariessa, they had set in strategy the closing off of the tunnels.  Eva had made sure everyone had antidotes and wards before they left. 

Senias saw Devon getting ready and he put a hand on his brother’s shoulder. 

“No. You stay here with your mate and your pup.” 

Devon growled low, “I need to help the others defend this place. I can’t let em breach and put my family at risk again Sen. I should be goin’ with ya.” He looked at his mate and pup. Right now if Simoa got them Devon would crumble at their Alpha’s feet to get them back.

“They’ll just be on clean up duty. If any stragglers come out, they’ll kill them. Believe me, the Alpha of Simoan and his guards? Kieran and Twilight’ll never see them alive. You have no reason to go, Devon. I’m only there to cleanse the tunnels outward. There’s no way those idiots made it beyond the demon’s blockade.” 

“And whatt of our other pup? Where is Russ, Sen? He shouldn’t be down in that mix. His mama can’t handle losin’ him.” Dev knew his son could fight, they all could. But was he able to hold his own in such a battle? “Sen how deep in this is he?”

Sen got closer to Devon now, and spoke quietly, “He saw what they did. And he went to it on his own this time.” Sen paused and took a deep breath. “You came to me when he was not much more than Terry’s age for a reason. You and Eva get your son. I get a killing machine. Do you really want to see the killing machine when it’s seeking vengeance for someone its master adores? Or would you rather just keep enjoying your son once this is all done?” 

There was such a mixture of emotion and Gabriel felt for Devon, but knew if Sen was this adamant about such then the Alpha would listen. Sen would never harm one of the boys of that Gabriel was certain. 

“Stay here. You’re not thought of less for doing so. And I’ll bring you back your son.” Senias turned to go. 

Devon looked down and growled. But he didn’t fight it. Senias was right. 

Ariessa turned silently from the conversation. 

~ Okay, my monster. When you’re done, get out. Come through the wards, as you are Weylyn and your lifeforce can traverse. All exits are blocked by your grandparents and their special guard. The fire dragon plans to cleanse the tunnels with his flames. ~ 

As the sweet voice filled his head Russell finally stood toe to toe with his brothers tormentor. Xarlan shifted to his hybrid and circled the smaller leaner built opponent. He thought it must be a joke that this was what the mighty Weylyn’s sent to take him on. The Alpha soon regretted that thought as the fight was started. This one didn’t fight like other lycan. His style was such a mix that Xarlan had to rethink his attacks several times. It was wearing him down and the bigger were realized that too late.

Having moved through several styles of combat, Russell had played with his enemy until his enemy was stumbling around more than fighting. He went low and ripped through the muscle and sinew of Xarlan’s inner thigh and watched the man go to a knee. Russell vanished into the shadows and reappeared to grip one of his targets shoulderblades and ripped it free so that Xarlan’s arm was just hanging barely in the socket. 

The Alpha howled and heard no return response. He had no help coming. Reverting to his human form he lifted his good hand and bowed his head, “I.. surrender.. You win..” He looked up into the face of the hybrid wolf and saw his own death.

The pain filled scream of the Alpha echoed down the tunnels signaling the final defeat of Pack Simoa. Standing on the fallen remains Russell pressed his claws into the warm flesh and heard bone crunch as he threw his head back and gave a growling howl that sounded more the beast than the wolf as he claimed his victory. With the Alpha’s head held by the hair in one clawed hand Russell walked through the barrier to enter his families palace. The hybrid was breathing hard and there was that low dangerous rumbling sound with every breath as he moved slow and cautious into the large open area. His blue gaze was hard and took in everything within the Chamber. 

~ Come to me. This place is home to you. ~ The words he spoke were important. Senias stepped from the deeper part of the tunnel to either face Russell or bring him down. He always went into this with the knowledge that either could be the case. He and the boy had talked about it and made this deal. Russ may have been a psychopath, but he was one that had connections and emotions surrounding family and friends. If  his inner beast couldn’t be controlled, he wanted to no longer exist and he knew the Ancient could accommodate him without hesitation. 

He saw the large form of the dragon and breathed in the males familiar scent before moving on. Death clung to him and seemed to seep from every wound he had as his head with his thick dark bloodied fur whipped around to catch the scent of the other within the area. Canines were bared in muzzle like mouth as the were’s nose twitched. He knew the feminine scent and it registered as he neared the female. His adrenaline was fading and with that the beast was returning to its cage deep within Russell’s chest. 

The mentor’s claw was placed between the beast and the new dragoness. He had seen the way the two had interacted and had found it encouraging. If Russell had a partner that could also control that beastial side, it meant that Senias could have some breaks here and there. They would need to train together, of course… something that had already begun without any official pushing. And those kinds of partnerships were the best – the natural kinds. 

Senias spoke in the old draconic, a phrase that had no translation per say – but basically told Russell that the time had come to relax, to calm, the mission was done, and he needed to come back to this reality. 

It wasn’t until Sen spoke in the draconic tongue to him that the monster fully let go and caused Russell to drop to a knee with his head bowed to his mentor. He’d stay that way until Sen spoke the words to release him from his trance. This gave Russell the time he needed to mentally wrangle his monster and regain control of himself. Between them it had taken years to understand and another few to Master this technique of controlling the psychopath that was Russell Weylyn. None of his family knew of this and even now it was only Senias and what Ariessa had seen. Question was could she be trusted? They’d soon find out. 

The claw was quick to push the smaller dragoness backward from his pupil. There was a low growl of warning to her. Russell needed a moment. His mind was realigning. The girl didn’t realize that, and apparently was eager to help.  Once his heartrate had come down and his mind could be found, Senias spoke the draconic word for release – and he watched the boy fall forward into his big claw. 

No matter what Russell refused to relinquish his hold on Xarlan’s head. Looking up at his mentor he actually growled between clenched teeth, “No.. ya can’t take it to him. Terry deserves this. He needs to see that his monster is dead. I slayed him and my family can sleep now.” Russell was beyond exhausted as he laid there in his mentors clawed grasp. His head dropped again to the dragon and he breathed deep as he listened to his mentor speak to Essa. He then let go of the head knowing Sen would kept it safe for him until he could deliver it proper. Once he was able to he’d clean himself up and again become the form of Russell that everyone knew. Only then would he go up top to his family.

“Now… you…” the Ancient said. Ariessa came forward and Sen easily placed the young man on her draconic shoulders, just up from her back spine. He watched as she sauntered away with him. She knew to cleanse him and provide him with new clothing and burn the old…what was left of it.  

Sen turned then to the mess in the tunnel. He picked up the head of the enemy leader and placed it in a large bag that he could wear on his neck. Then, he went about what he had come here for… he began immolating everything in his path. The tunnel systems all around the palace would be cleansed before the twilight of this world’s day. 

Senias came out when the stars were filling the air to see that Kieran and Twilight and Gabriel were waiting for him.  The black dragon growled low and sniffed the air. The smell of ash and the coating of suet told them he had completed his job. He was just making sure of everything before shifting again.  

Kieran walked up and raised his hands as if to take the bag from the dragon’s neck. 

“No!” the dragon pulled back, looking much like a serpent ready to strike when Kieran had tried to take the bloody bag from his neck.  The growl was followed by the sound of the bellows in his throat. They had not been disengaged yet. 

~ No disrespect, but he will not take this trophy. This is for Russell to take to his father and Terry. The boy needs to know his tormentor will no longer be able to get to him. And Devon needs to know that his son has protected his family and his pack. It’s a matter of proper respect. Once that is done, Kieran can take it and use it as an example to other packs. Weylyn will no longer be pushed around. ~ 

Gabriel stepped to his dragon and held one hand to Sen while the other went up to stop the elder Alpha, “You can’t have this just yet. It was taken for a purpose not yet served. Just a bit longer and you may have your trophy Kieran, to warn off future trouble.” Gabriel waited for the bag to be handed to him by Sen so that he could shift. He wouldn’t let anyone take and Sen knew it.

The dragon swallowed back his fuel and allowed Gabriel to take the bag. Then, he shifted to his human form, filthy though he was. 

After he had shifted Gabriel happily returned the sack to him. 

“I assume all is finished and the Pack is safe again.” His gaze went to Sen, ~He won’t go after the Eriksson coven like this will he? ~ His worry was Russell losing control on the wrong ones in that matter. It was obvious Sen had control, but how much control did his dragon really have?

~ No. He had a goal and in this sack… is the finished goal. That’s Xarlan’s head. And I’m not the only one who has some sway over the boy now. And … the judgement is still out on that. ~ Senias wasn’t sure. He was testing her. “I’d like to go back and clean up. I need to make sure this is handled. We need to get back and be sure that this is all handled. I need to know when we can take Terry back. There’s a lot of unfinished business we need to handle on the other side, in case Sebastian needs us. Kieran has this now. I’m fairly certain both he and Twilight will be hunting down all other Simoa on this side and any and all Eriksson – if there are any left. There were five down there…dead.” He looked over to the Alphas. 

“I’ve sent word to all our pack, all our allies – if anybody is harboring Simoa other than women and children, they’ll be subject to the same treatment as those guilty of colluding.” Kieran was being firm on this. “No one is to refer to themselves by that pack name from this day forward. They are disbanded and to be known by such a name is to be branded a traitor to our kind.”  

Twilight narrowed her gaze on the dragon, “Where’s Russell? His mama will be worried for him and needs to know all her pups are safe right now.” She glanced at the tunnels and asked, “He did all of that himself or did you help him?” The dragon’s answer would say a lot about Russell Weylyn. If he did all of it himself many lycan would be leary of him. Lycan were fierce and could do a lot themselves, but this much? It would make the pup a berserker and those couldn’t be trusted.

“I helped him. He’s a Tasker under my protection and tutelage.” Senias kept his eyes on her. He wasn’t lying. Russell wouldn’t have been able to do what he had just done without the training and painstaking mental conditioning Senias had put the boy through. But he was also leaving a bit of a warning there for the Alpha. Russell was under his protection. And if she wanted to push, Senias would push back. And Kieran had the scars to prove that such was NOT a good idea.  


Down below the palace Russell came around to Ariessa washing him up with a cleansing spell. There were clothes for him folded up to the side and climbing to his feet Russ pulled them on. He looked down at himself and lifted a brow her way. Black fighting pants clung to him at the waist and top of his ass while hanging loose in places that needed to have freedom of action. The white peasant shirt hung lose. He liked the leather, knee high boots that matched his pants. “I feel like a very bad pirate.” 

“Sorry, but since I had the chance, I figured I best take advantage of it.”  Ariessa looked him over and nodded. “At least I didn’t get the boots with the fold down flap and heels. I believe in practicality over fashion. But you know, pirating is what I’ve been used to my whole life, so I wanted to see you in the part.” She picked up all of the other stuff and tossed it into the big fireplace down there. 

His wounds had healed with no signs of poison damage remaining thanks to the wards Sen had inscribed down his spine. It kept him from such harm. The silver tips from his claws were now just silver specks on his nails that were hardly visible. He had Inea to thank for those after Sen had requested the gift so politely of her. He had other hidden gifts that revealed themselves when needed. 

“I like some of those things… those secret things you have and can do. I hope you don’t take that wrong.” She turned and looked him over. “I think…” She moved her fingers through his thick hair and then stepped back again to look at him, “I think you’re presentable.” 

Russell had stretched his arm open so that Ariessa could come to his side. “I need to see my family care to join me gorgeous? I’ll answer yer questions just don’t ask em out loud. My family knows nothing of this part of me and it’s best that way. But I really need to see ‘em after I let loose like this. It’s how I keep in control.”

“Thought you’d never ask, handsome.” She moved beneath his arm and leaned into him. She wondered if things would change once they got back to the other side. She hoped not. The dragon lord had been very grateful for her assistance. It would be horrid to go back to her normal life and no longer be included. She’d take it as it was given and not say anything. She just hoped that would not be the case.  

As tired as he was Russell still held himself with his usul swagger as if nothing were wrong. He held Essa close as they climbed the stairs and once up top he sought out Senias. The dragon was waiting for him with Gabriel outside the tent as were the ole man and Twi. Twilight had that look on her face that said she was trying to figure him out. Good luck on that. He nodded to Kieran and moved to his mentor. 

Senias was also freshly cleaned, his wavy mane brushed back and still damp. He had on a similar shirt, but jeans and boots were his choice. He held out a fresher, cleaned bag for Russ to take. 

“How’re you?” 

“I’m alright, I’ve got some indigestion and a splittin’ headache which I’m certain mama will fix once I let her.” Russell gave that slow wicked grin as he held his hand out to the dragon, “I’ll take that now if ya don’t mind.” 

“I washed it up and placed a spell that’ll retard decomp.” 

Mentally, Russell had that beast screaming within for the dragon to give over in a much more demanding way, but Russ staunched that down knowing Sen intended  to do just that. It wasn’t a matter of dominance between he and Senias. It was that Russell’s monster was greedy and didn’t like sharing his kills. In other cases that part of him left very little of his target for the dragon to clean. It was awfully fond of feasting on its foes. That was why there were so many sigil’s and wards on him. Just as many to protect him as there were to defeat him.

“Your kill. Your presentation.” Senias looked at the others. And put his arm around his kindred. He wouldn’t go in. But he would definitely welcome affection, just as Russ would probably need. Any fighting and war zone dealings unsettled the dragon.  But this couldn’t be avoided. 

With the bag in hand and Essa at his side Russell entered the tent to come face to face with his dad. “Not for ya to see first sorry pops.” He pushed past the solid wall of muscle and let go of Essa to approach the bed that his brother was in with his mama seated at its side. Exchanging looks with his mama, Russell held the bag up as Terry watched and he lifted the head from inside so the youth could see. “I killed him, Terry. I ripped yer monster apart and yer safe now.” He turned with the head and faced his father, “All ya are safe from him now, my brother don’t have to fear him no more and neither do you.” He shoved the head back in the bag and held it out to his father to take as he moved to kneel before his mother and placed his own head in her lap. 

“Russ, thank you, but… you went through so much,” Eva was very concerned for her warrior.  Her fingers moved through his hair. Essa watched his mama wolf. 

“Head hurts and stomach killin’ me mama.” Russ rumbled for his mother as his blue gaze went to Essa. This was why the monster never won, his family always pulled him back and grounded him even though they didn’t know from what. Could she do the same? Could she be his center and ground him so that he always returned? Was she strong enough? Time would tell as his mentor would say.

Leaving them with Eva, Devon watched as Terry moved to the edge of the bed to lay his hand upon his brother.

“Then, I’ve got some things for you.” Eva looked over to the girl in the corner. “Hun, could you bring me my bag? And while I treat Russ, maybe you can tell me who you are. I noticed you guarding us a couple of times…” 

“Ariessa, this is my mama Eva Weylyn, Female Alpha to our Pack.” Russ groaned as his head throbbed and then he chuckled low, “Essa screwed up with Evan back home. She’s the dragon that portaled to the tree. She came to offer to help us fix things.” When he caught Essa’s glare he shrugged his shoulders without moving from his spot. “She woulda found out so best to keep honest as best ya can with mama.” 

“I’m the one that portaled Evan back home that night when he got roughed up. I had no idea there would be people trying to get in, ma’am. I even took the normal precautions and portaled to other places before going to your home, but… someone was already waiting and watching. That’s why… I told them that I’m worried this might’ve been something from the inside.” Ariessa brought Eva the bag. “That day it happened, you were rushed inside, so I didn’t get to see you. I dealt with your mate, though. I’m sorry. I just didn’t realize there was a danger in it, until it was too late.” She handed Eva her bag and when Terry looked at her, she smiled. 

The rebel of her pups looked back up at her with that sly grin of his, “Essa’s been with me and a big help in findin’ Terry. I’m thinkin’ I kinda like her mama.” The fact that Russell was vouching for her would mean alot since he was the most leary of all the pups she had with Devon.

“Is that so?” Eva opened one of her vials and held it down for Russell to drink.  She was surprised when Ariessa took the vial from her and squatted down in front of him so he wouldn’t have to raise his head and unstoppered it and placed it to his lips.  

“He’s really hurting. I’ve never seen a headache come on so strong, but I know I used to get migraines and it would hurt even ta lift my head.” She placed her free hand on his cheek, careful now not to touch even his hair until he said he was no long sore.  

Eva looked from them to Terry and raised her brow at her little one and then looked back to them. She hoped this would help their little hero feel better, getting back into the family silliness.  

It was as he was drinking from the bottle that he heard the soft barely there laugh from the bed.  That made Russ smile warmly as he laid in place a moment longer to let his mama’s magic kick in. Once it did he was up off the ground and stretched out on the bed beside Terry. He slid his arm carefully around the smaller form and pulled him close as he looked up at Ariessa. “Whatcha think Terry is she a keeper or should I toss her back?” 

Those dulled green eyes looked up at the girl in question as he tried to smile just a little, “K..Ke..Keep her..” The voice was raspy, scratchy and barely there but Terry answered. 

“Well, nobody asked if I wanted to keep you around, meanness…” Ariessa stuck her tongue out at Russ and then giggled. She kind of wanted to make him work harder for her. But at the same time, those eyes and that smile kind of set her sails full. 

Resting a hand in the center of Terry’s thin chest, Russ nodded to him, “Alright man guess I’ll do just that then if she wants me, too ya know.” He leaned close to his brother and rumbled deep and playful as he teased, “Gotta always give em last word or ya might wake up missin’ bits.” He chuckled as Terry gave a rough little laugh again before starting to cough. That was Russ’ signal that it was time to go.

The Alpha stepped out to face his own father with bag in hand. He held it out to the elder Alpha. “Take it and do what ya will with it. Russ don’t need it and neither do we.”

“Things are safe here. Need to make sure they’re safe back where you came from, too.”  Kieran took the bag and moved toward the front of the palace. Devon walked back into the tent. 


Senias stepped to one of the wall inserts and sat against it before leaning his head into Gabriel. He closed his eyes and let out a relieved breath. 

As Sen rested against him, Gabriel rubbed his shoulders and pressed his face into the man’s hair. 

~ Are you alright?~ Everyone was so concerned about everything and everyone else, Gabriel was concerned with Sen. The dragon would push himself past his limits to keep this Pack safe and Gabriel was determined to see that didn’t happen. 

~ I will be. I’m tired and I’m fucking sick of the politics. ~  

Continuing to hold Sen as he rested against him, Gabriel looked towards the Alpha couple. “How are you intending to assure the safety back across the portal if I may ask?”

“For one we’ll take the head to the other Packs and let them see that Pack Simoa is no more. We’ll also send the word out that any of the Coven’s that helped in this will pay in an equally gruesome way.” Twilight was explaining as she was watching the other couple. Kieran had paused to let his mate explain. 

“I’m sure that’s very effective, but over there that isn’t necessary. Crimson is already hunting down and killing out the Eriksson Coven. There won’t be much left by the time we get back. The Pack is another thing altogether. Simoa has some members over there and I’m assuming that your tactic will work on them. Otherwise we’ll have a repeat of this entire episode with them.” Gabriel rubbed the tension out of Sen’s shoulders and hugged the dragon to him. It was as much protective as relaxing. 

“Devon learned his lesson. He won’t abide traitors in his pack.” Kieran muttered. 

“Good thing Kieran wants us to go and visit his other grandpups then. We’ll come over in a few months just to back up the fact that we’re going to support both halves of the pack.” Twilight slid her arm around her mate and slid in close to him. She hadn’t been a big fan of the trip, but it seemed that it was now necessary. She’d go and besides it’d give her time with her brother, too. 

“Come, let’s get this over with. The Alphas will be gathering soon. But we need our own Pack to know they’re safe now and get the pyres ready for those that didn’t make it.” Kieran urged Twilight onward.  

Sen growled but then let his growl become a purr as Gabriel continued to work his magic on his tightened and knotted back and shoulders.   

Watching the couple walk away Gabriel leaned to press his mouth against Sen’s ear, “Let’s get some rest.” Instead of giving the man much choice Gabriel took his hand and started for the doorway inside. They had a room here unless Sen wanted to rest elsewhere and now that things were calm here that was a choice Gabriel would happily go along with if he made it.

“I need sleep. I hope you can forgive me that. And to be touched and held by you? That would be something very welcome, too.” 

“So no after battle ravishing?” Gabriel sighed as they climbed the stairs, “Oh whatever will I do.” He chuckled softly as they made it to their rooms. “Rest, if I feel that need I’m sure I can handle the situation myself as I have many times before this.” 
“Oh, don’t handle it yourself. Just give me a rest and then wake me up specifically to handle it…” Senias smirked. “I’ll handle it.”

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