Updates from the Fall!

Hello everybody! It’s been a while!

I wanted to update you and thank you for hanging in with the subscription and reading up on the happenings in my life. I’ve had a very busy late summer and I’m just starting to get back on track as fall comes to us here in North Carolina. October is a busy month for me anyway, but I am also working my way through 3 beta-reader reviews and making changes to my manuscript. so, that means – super busy.

I also have been playing around with my gaming channel a bit to kind of get myself back into streaming more. Not sure what may goals are there, as I am painfully shy anyway when it comes to some of that. But I think streaming kind of helps encourage me to be more “out there”.

The political climate is a heavy one. Please be sure you tune out enough for self-care but not enough to be unaware of the things happening around you that may affect you, your friends, your family, and the generations beyond us. Do what you can to please, please, please not polarize your intake of news. I let my opinions be known on Twitter and Facebook for the most part and Instagram and my website are for more professional pursuits, but I will say this:

By the end of this week, I will have the next post for my prequel to the Walking the Blade novel series up for you. Also, I will be next week updating my Spotlights with newer posts from those authors and review sites that I love to use. I would tell you what I’m currently reading, but I’ve been so focused on current events and political news and news about Covid-19 that I’ve not left myself a lot of “fun” reading time. So, I’ll just suggest for you some more spotlights soon and you can go and choose what you like. One thing for sure – if you want to good suggestions for reads, I am always posting writer lifts on my Twitter page. So follow the link buttons and go take a look when you’re done here.

I wish you all well and enjoy the season!

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