We are rebuilding the main website ( with an author spotlight, regular author blog, Walking the Blade series, and the availability for NSFW (that’s Not Safe For Work) content that has to be hidden from the main public site by a sign-in form declaring that the reader is over 18. We’re hitting some glitches in the plug ins. The main site is up but some features are still being worked on. So I posted multiple times last week to make up for this week… while we work on the site. Please be patient with me and the web designer.

I’m also plowing through the last polish of the first novel that introduces the series. Beta readers come next and then either querying or self publishing and promoting… and moving on to the second novel. What does that mean? Hmmmmmm….

It means that I may also be removing what is on the website’s webseries section soon and moving us onward to prequel stuff that we’ve never released. People will have the chance to get a taste of the original story via patreon or Amazon or… you get the idea. I cannot support the website and series without some sort of help from readers. So that will become a thing. The Walking the Blade series, my spotlight blog, and my regular blog will always be there, but the goal has always been to publish and sell. I cannot believe we’re almost there!

I still have – but it’s just a flow-through to my main webpage. Or it should be. I’m not sure if WordPress is still allowing you guys to get my content through there whenever I post. Theoretically it should allow it, but I may be wrong. Let me know if you can!


The hubs has always been an artist when it comes to webdesign. So he has begun building his own business for that. He gives a free audit on a website when he is approached for one by the owner (sometimes he will do this on his own to see if the person wants him to optimize their website). He doesn’t hold people to obligate them to purchase anything from him. He just kind of likes doing this and has decided to try and make a business of it, like I did for the hobby writing.  Also, if he designs a website for you, he does it and then teaches you about it and leaves you alone. If you want further help, sure, he’ll charge you, but you can always do the ala carte thing instead of having to buy a plan with him… unless that’s what you need. It’s all up to the client instead of him being pushy. He hates being pushed around by salesmen so he won’t do it.  For those interested – here is his info:  or 833-GEEKOUT

We’re also going plant based and trying out new and sustainable projects around here. I plan on blogging about that and we’ve decided that it will be called Noob Cuisine – but I’m talking we’re gonna be covering more than just food. Although, you can never discuss food too much in my opinion… but I will let you guys know when we get further into this project.

GNO Trip upcoming! I need it. My ladies need it. And if you have a set of friends you feel completely comfy with, you should plan these! We are going to Florida the second week and a half of September just to get away and chill out. May the Margaritas be icy and the company be spicy!

I’ve been and will be continuing to show up at LGBTQ+ and GLBT Prides and get-togethers as a Mama Bear for #FREEMOMHUGS / #FreeMomHugsNC and I support all of the chapters for this organization. I fight social anxiety and depression and chronic pain, but whenever I can go wild in support of people who have need of it, I will.

As the weather gets cooler (I cannot wait for Fall!) I have a lot of home improvement projects to get to. The goal is to ready this house for sale within the next few years and pay off debt (yeah, I know… those things conflict) so that we can minimize our space more while the kids move out. As we get older, we’re realizing that we don’t necessarily need a lot. So…time to live that life.

Anyway, as always, I hope you still enjoy the website and blogs. I hope you can stay patient with us while we figure out what’s going on. And I hope you have a wonderful rest of your summer!


(the picture is one taken while I was walking through Greenville, SC – I love taking pictures of places) 

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