UPDATE: Spring 2022

How time flies! Am I right?

I am hoping that this year will be the most productive I’ve ever had. We’ve moved. I have my own office, now. I have fewer distractions. I have a GOAL LIST and I am capable of handling it.

Right now, I’m revising the novel – which I have changed the title to. Not just the book title, but the series title as well. Why? Why did I change it from Walking the Blade? Well, it was brought to my attention that the phrase had been commandeered since I had found it in a beautiful song decades ago. And if you look it up on Google or Urban Dictionary, you’ll see that it’s not at all related to my vision of it. Also, I am taking the advice of several published authors and choosing something that will resonate with readers and be great for keyword marketing.

I want something that tells the potential audience they are in the proper place for the kind of book they are looking for. Urban Fantasy… Dragons… Lycan… Shifters… Romance… LGBTQ inclusivity…

Yeah, it’s been a rough few months forcing myself to change things.

Speaking of change – those revisions! I am literally tearing the novel apart and reordering the chapters. I never thought I’d have fun doing this part. But actually, the part of my brain that likes puzzles is just in heaven! I just have to get past this month so that I can set aside time to really dive into those revisions without having to finish up a bunch of website content that will take me out of the zone.

I want to thank my editor J. Salem. Jack definitely delivered on the promise to bridge the gap between what I see in my head and what I put on the paper.

Not only do you want someone who knows what they’re doing, you want someone who cares about your story – your success – as much as you do. As an editor, I work with you, not for you. I want to show you where your execution falls flat of your vision, and I want to explain why it didn’t work so your next project can be better from the get-go.


Because she’s an author, too, her experience is working well with me. And I know she wants me to be successful. She has gone above and beyond in her commentary on my draft and took into consideration my inexperience in crafting the story in a manner that would keep people engaged and not confuse them. I had to comprehend that just because a scene is clear to me, does not mean it’s clear to my audience – and the audience is what’s important.

I have also ordered some artwork for the prequel stories from a new designer and I look forward to showing it to you. In the meantime, I did my own cover using the older designs for my dragon shifter’s eye and posted it for my Vella. I actually have on my calendar to update and add more to the first three episodes (which are free) to better round out those supporting characters that Dawn and I love so that our audience can enjoy them better as well.

Find it on Kindle Vella. More to Come!

I have been trying to catch up on adding to my SPOTLIGHT posts here on the website now that the prequel posts have been taken down. I am still a bit behind, so just be patient with me. Please visit these authors’ and creators’ websites and follow them on social media. They are worth looking into. I don’t put them up in the spotlight if they aren’t to my liking. The label on my website still says Book Reviews, but there’s a lot more there than that.

All of my writing is still available from this website, including the content writing for the websites we run and the Medium writing as well. And I take requests for them all, so just hit me up and let me know what you’d like to see me research and pull together! The Olympic article n Medium is actually an article suggestion made by my besties. It was a departure from my normal commentary, but it was refreshing.

I will be putting together a newsletter form so that I can get folks who are interested in the freebies and the updates on releases for my novels and other products. I was putting that off until I was farther along in my revisions, but it’s time… so look for that in the near future!

I hope you all have a wonderful spring and be safe out there!

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