Update on the Series

I wanted to continue with the next portion of the Walking the Blade series. However, my writing partner also works in healthcare. This means, she is VERY busy right now. The next scene was heavily written by her and we need to edit and update it before we can post it here. I know what you may be thinking.

But it’s a draft you post for commentary, why worry about that?

Even as a draft for commentary – it has got to be edited and updated. We have the wrong characters in this older version and things are mentioned that we decided should not have taken place in the main characters’ story. You see, by the time it’s posted here, you get draft #2. #1 hasn’t changed since we first wrote it – sometimes years previous and sometimes last week. This happens to be a post we’d not revisited in years.

Thank you for your patience, and we will get a new series post out as soon as we can! In the meantime, enjoy a picture of my Dwarven Dog, Lupy and his big sister, Jojo – looking out on their kingdom….

~ Rach

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