Trusting in Love

I know you don’t know all of these characters – but that’s okay! The hope is that someday you WILL know all of these characters and will enjoy each of their journeys. Until then, just enjoy the underlying love story happening like we did as we wrote this piece – just for fun. I’m breaking from the norm here and adding in a fun little bunch of posts that revolve around characters we’ve written during the Solstice Season leading into Christmas. Rose Matthews is Gabriel Kennedy’s aunt. She is having a huge celebration and has invited not only her family, but the extended family of supernatural characters Dawn and I have been writing for years. I understand that you don’t know them as well as we do, but I’m hoping you can at least enjoy them for this little series within a series. Let us know if you take a liking to any certain one or set of them. We love them all, and they each have their own stories within the Walking the Blade series.


Arkin was on the back portion of the porch with the man he had come to be particularly attracted to. He wanted more with Alexander Matthews, but what had just happened in the front hallway had pressed a rather large pause on everything. 

“Alex, you have to understand, the background between Lord Senias and I… it’s long and complicated. We dragons don’t always get along well. Largros and I are not exactly friends. But… all of us can get along and be civil for this week. I promise. Please don’t fret.”

“You’re saying that reaction was just from you and Senias not getting along? Do you think I’m an idiot?”

“You deserve an explanation and I am very willing to provide it for you. But what just happened out there, that… that wasn’t…”   

“That wasn’t what? Please explain to me because it seems like you and my cousin have something going on and Sen doesn’t like it. Did I read it wrong?” Alex wiped eyeliner from his eyes as he stood across from Arkin staring out. “Why wouldn’t you be attracted to Gabriel Kennedy? I mean, he’s on the Council with you. You work with him closely. He’s a successful business tycoon. My family always wanted me to be like him or John, but I’m just me. He’s got his shit together, I don’t. He’s gorgeous, knows how to dress and he’s extremely smart. I’m nothing next to him.” He wiped at his eyes again and his shoulders dropped.

You are not nothing, Alex. How could you say that?” Arkin realized in that moment that there was a lot more to this than he had first imagined. His normally very outspoke, self-confident, and flirtatious man was – was he just putting on a show?

“I’m such a fucking idiot.”

“You’re not an idiot. Stop saying that,” Arkin growled. “Gabriel’s attractive, but most of you are – in this family. So is your mother and your grandfather before her. But it’s you that I want something with, not anyone else, Alex.” His beau wouldn’t look at him. It was frustrating. So, he hopped over the railing to look up at Alexander. “I flirted with him, poked at him, but that was months ago, during the investigation when we were back and forth to the other side. I wasn’t sure where my heart was going then. I was even trying to find someone or something to… to just try and get that night of dancing out of my head. You know the one? Mardi Gras, the Babylon Night? You were painted up and I grabbed you off the float in front of the club?”

Alex tried to move his eyes away, but he huffed and looked down at Arkin, placing his hands on the railing in front of him.

“I’ve never had a second thought about someone until you, Alex. And it scared me. I’m not as old or experienced as other dragons you may have known in your life… your father for instance…” Arkin actually had tears in his own eyes now.  “I pretend a good game, but I’m oft times a coward. You let me relax. You accept me – just me. I was relaxed, and I would’ve remained so, but I can’t be a coward among my people or others. I cannot show weakness.”  Alex was a weakness.  And when Senias had raged, Arkin had ruffled himself, too – just to remind the elder dragon that he would not back down. He hadn’t realized what Alexander would read into it.

Alexander didn’t know what to say, his chest ached and yet he wanted to trust Arkin. 

“I get it, you know? I’m the fun loving, life of the party guy. But I have a heart and I have feelings, too. I want someone to enjoy life with and actually stay with. I want something with someone that lasts.” Alex sighed, “I’m tired of being used and discarded when someone better comes along. I’m not disposable. And just then in there that’s exactly how I felt.” His voice cracked as he looked at Arkin with tears hovering in his pretty blue eyes ready to spill. “…again.”

“Oh, Alex, I never wanted to make you feel that way. I just needed time to figure things out. When I came back to New Orleans, I looked for you and I got in touch, but I wanted to give you a chance to make the decisions. I didn’t want to push. And we;ve been having a good time of it, right? We’ve enjoyed the club and the city, and the times we can get away, right?”

“Yeah. But, I guess I was waiting for the other shoe to fall. Always does.” He had traces of the black eyeliner smudged beneath his eyes as he admitted, “I really, really like you but I’m absolutely terrified at the same time. Every guy I’ve cast my doubts off for? I’ve been hurt by every one of them so far – really badly. All I ask is if there’s even a chance that you are interested in Gabriel or someone else please tell me now.”

“No. I wouldn’t have come to meet your family had I any doubts, Alex. I know what the meeting of one’s family means to your culture. You didn’t fool me with the use of the word friend so often. You…” he looked down and shrugged a bit, “…had me worried for a bit. I thought maybe I was the one wrong about it. But then, we were under the mistletoe.” He reached up and was just able to place his hand on Alex’s cheek from here. “I don’t know what you want to call me, but I want to belong to you. I’m willing to try on monogamy for you. And that’s saying a lot. No one else but you, Alexander Matthews.” 

Alex smiled as his cheeks flushed,  “Monogamy just for me? From a dragon like you?” He swallowed. Dragons didn’t often do monogamy. He’d even heard things about his cousin’s dragon from his mother and Nathan. His step-father… a draconic man…well, nathan had even said his and his mother’s relationship was unusual. Part of it was because Nathan was so very old compared to moast dragons. He had settled into the later stages of life and had found Rose Matthews and adopted their culture. Arkin was young, vibrant, and surely not ready to settle down? Especially not with him! This was fantasy! But he wanted that fantasy soooo much! He leaned over the railing to kiss Arkin on the lips and his feet left the porch. Easing back and ending the light kiss, Alex let his feet barely rest on porch again as he looked down at the other male. His blonde hair was a mess around his face nearly hiding it from view as he smiled, “Though you’re far from a boy and obviously much more than a friend… would you like to be my boyfriend, because manfriend sounds just awful.”

“It does. I prefer the old Southern… beau… but I suppose that’s a bit old fashioned?” Arkin held his hands up and his eyes were full of renewed enjoyment and mischief. “Come on. Get on the banister and over. Get down here, my beau! I want to hold you when I kiss you.” 

Almost bouncing on the balls of his feet Alex was up and over the banister to join Arkin on the ground. He felt the strong arms around him before his toes even hit the grass. Alex slid his own arms around his boyfriend’s neck as they kissed again only this time with more passion.

The growl that came from Arkin when he finally got to truly taste Alex was loud and deep upon his chest. He lost his balance and they both fell backwards. At least it wasn’t into rose bushes! He let go in time and cradled Alex against him as they fell. When they were on the ground he laughed out loud and pulled his love to him and sighed happily.  Alex could feel what their closeness did to his dragon. That growl came back for him when the next kiss ended.  His eyes and body told his boyfriend he wanted more, too. 

Licking his lips and catching his breath as he looked into Arkin’s eyes, Alex used the male’s earlier words, “Is it flannels and.. and cherry blossom time?”

“Yesssss…” and with that answer, Arkin created a magical portal beneath their bodies and they fell through to land on that cherry blossom comforter on top of Alexander’s bed.

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