The Wanted and the Unwanted

Walking the Blade will be a series of novels based on the life and relationships of a dragon who can shift into human form. The stories you see here are snippets and scenes that I wanted to share with you – things we wrote to further develop and fill in the history of our cast of characters. We hope you enjoy and come back for more!

~ Rachel and Dawn

The day was like any other, Miranda had the women and men of the house cleaning to prepare for the evening. This time of morning usually saw the tavern closed and yet if a paying regular patron appeared there were always exceptions.  Unlike the madam of the evening, the dark haired beauty was dressed in pants and a peasant blouse with her hair pulled back in a messy pile atop her head. 

She was seated at the table with her brother enjoying coffee while he tallied up the previous day’s earnings and paid everyone their dues. None argued with him because they knew to do so would end up one of two ways – homeless or dead. Neither option held any sort of appeal. 

“I want to go shopping.” Miranda ran a finger around the lip of the cup. 

Pausing in his writing Dante lifted his gaze to his sister. “For what exactly, you have all you desire already.” He went back to writing and handing out coins.

Before she could answer the front door opened and one of her usuals entered. The fact that he was there two weeks early made her just a little nervous. Such a thing usually meant that his mood would be very dark.

Stripping away his coat, Quincy walked to the table and held his hand out to Miranda. 

After just a momentary pause she took his hand and rose from the chair. The look he gave her attire was disapproving which told the beauty this visit would truly be rough. There was no way she would deny him, though, because where she could recover their other workers couldn’t.

Dante’s gaze lifted to meet his twin’s and she smiled, “We’ll talk more in a bit, let me see to Mr.Q first.”

~ I can turn him away, just say the word. ~ Dante narrowed his gaze on the males back.

~ It’s alright, with his pain there is pleasure, and I’ll recover. Just keep everyone downstairs while he’s here. ~ She cautioned and climbed the stairs at Quincy’s side.

Four hours later, Miranda was an exhausted mass of flesh and bone that was lying in a near fetal position in the center of the floor. She couldn’t move yet.. it hurt too badly to do so. The whip and lash marks hadn’t quite healed yet, but she was thankful the burns were nearly gone. Her creamy skin was nothing but rich green and browning bruises. 

Miranda laid there taking shallow breaths with her forehead resting on her knees. She tasted that metallic pang of blood in her mouth and yet even as much as she ached it was for the most part a good ache.  She gave a small smile at realizing that she was no longer alone.

“Miranda?” Senias was in shock. Dante had met with him, they had chuckled over a few jokes and then the man had allowed him to come up. Had he not known? Surely he wouldn’t let this happen if he knew? 

“Wasn’t expecting… you so soon… I’ll be but a moment, monsieur.” Miranda remained as she was because though they’d just met yesterday he didn’t seem the sort to cause further harm to her whilst she recovered. “Your clothing is on the chair by my vanity.”

“I don’t care about my clothes,” The Celt sat next to her and placed a hand on her shoulder. “Take energy from me.”  

“Why?” Her head turned so that she could face him and looked at him through the mess of her hair. Her face was unblemished except for the bruised and torn bottom lip, but that was mostly her own doing.

“You accepted this…punishment… for some reason, and believe me, when I tell you I want to know more about it. But at this moment, madame, you need to heal. You do not deserve the pain you are in. There should be oh soo much more pleasure than ever the pain. And if it needs to be an order, fine. I am ordering you to take energy from me and heal yourself.” His voice grew deeper as he spoke, the anger curling around every syllable. The anger was not directed at her, it was directed at whomever thought to leave their submissive in such a fashion! 

“Usually there is.. he was in a foul mood is all.” With a groan Miranda turned her face from him to fight the urge to take what he offered. “I can’t.. it could kill you if I lost control and in my current state that could very well happen.”

“You won’t hurt me. After last night, I’m finer than fine. You helped with that. So now, turnabout is fair play, beautiful. Take energy from me.” 

There was a huff from her body which she paid for by a quick jab of pain from her ribs complaining, “It’s not that simple.. I cannot just take energy from you. It isn’t how I work.”

Senias was still being ignored and that wouldn’t do. So, he decided to show her how she should be treated – how he felt she should be treated. He very gently gathered her up into his arms and he pushed some of his magical energy around her, to warm her and tempt her.  As he did so, he made his way to the large chair nearby so he could sit with her in it. 

“In case you weren’t aware, I am like you and your brother. I am not wholly human. You won’t hurt me that bad.” His caring was an emotion and if anything, hr figured that the emotion would be something she could latch onto and pull with. 

The way he gathered her up startled Miranda and she had only a moment to draw in the air before he was sitting down with her in his lap.

“I know you are more than human, but I don’t think you have ever been drained by one like me.” Regardless of her injured lip, Miranda kissed Jean and pulled energy from him as he had so fiercely commanded her to. With what he had already pushed into her and now what she was pulling, the succubus could feel her body healing.

His heartbeat picked up pace and she slowly withdrew even as her skin shifted to it’s natural lovely pale white with swirlings of blended blues, teals, and greens especially at her veins. Pull any more and she’d completely shift which Miranda wouldn’t allow to happen. Her hands rested on his chest as she leaned back from him. 

 “I’ve taken plenty Frenchie, to pull more we’d have to fuck and I don’t think your vampire would like that.” Her laugh was husky and still held that twinge of ache though it was quickly fading as were her numerous wounds.

“Only because he didn’t get to enjoy it with me,” He smiled at her. And then he began looking her over to be sure there was nothing more he could do. 

Easing from his lap Miranda looked back at him while the lash marks healed and the streaks from the whip began to fade. There was a particularly nasty one that had curled over one hip and up to snake across her breast to her nipple. That one was taking longer to heal than everything else. When she felt his gaze follow its path Miranda shrugged her shoulders.

“I hate when he uses that one.. it takes days to heal because he soaks the whip in some home concoction and it irritates the hell out of my skin. I’ll forbid its use anymore.”

“He shouldn’t have used it to begin with,” Sen muttered angrily. 

When Jean stood up Miranda took in a breath and tsk’d at him. 

“Now look you’ve ruined clothes with my blood. You’ll need to change and leave those so I can launder them.” It wasn’t that she was ignoring what he said. It was that she didn’t think he understood as he was looking at it from a male’s perspective not a females.

“I don’t care about my clothes. Like you said, the other sets are still here. What I care about is a woman who showed kindness and discretion to me and mine. You shouldn’t see that customer again, not if he abuses you.” 

Miranda pulled on a satin dressing gown and sighed, “It doesn’t work the way you think it does Frenchie. I can’t stop seeing him. If I do, he will simply turn his attentions on another and you can well imagine how a human female would fare with him or my other patrons that are like him. If they are with me, then others are safe.”

“So you’re keeping him from harming others? You view this as a heroic intervention?” The draconic male was so confused. 

“I heal and if you hadn’t come up, Dante would have come to help me. Don’t scowl and frown like that. It makes you ugly.” Her hands moved to her hair and she pulled the mass free of her gown. “Come help brush this mess before I get frustrated and cut it all off.” There was a soft laugh from her even as her lip healed right before his eyes. “Then we’ll have a smoke and some good bourbon while we talk about you and your lover. By that time, you can see if he’s awake to join us in town. I want to shop and I want to go and see the opera tonight. You two can take me.”

Senias took a deep breath and swallowed, forcing himself to calm down. 

“You try to pretend it away, but I want to continue to talk about this…” he moved his hands in a circle indicating what had just happened, “…as well. But, I don’t mind relaxing while we do.” He walked over to her vanity and picked up a brush. His coat had been taken off when he entered, so that was not a problem. He placed the brush in her hand and then moved to the side and began separating her thick hair into more manageable sections with his fingers. That done, he took the brush and began his work. Such things were both intimate and relaxing for Senias, even if he was with someone who didn’t even know his real name. Besides, Mira intrigued him. 

She smiled at him through the mirror as he brushed her hair. “We can talk all you like. I find you very fascinating, Frenchie.”

“I’m not really that fascinating. Not important at all.” His grin said something different, but he was focused on her hair and not his own image in the mirror. “I think you’d look quite beautiful with short cropped hair. But, that is not the style of the day, is it?” He continued to work on the length, untangling the ends before moving further up. 

“Speak what you’re thinking. I can feel it.” 

“I know I have no right, but if I could…my request to you, would be… to not only refuse the thing that causes the deep wound, but to also tell this shit… I mean… customer… that it isn’t proper to just leave you when he has done something like this to you. If he’s the one in charge, he’s also the one with the responsibility after the fact. He’s the one who should be helping you through the moment and into the finish. Not that I mind doing it, but… oh, it feels so much better when the one who has brought you to a certain level, also then cares for you after. It’s… it’s difficult to put to words. My vampire could explain things so much better. I’m just a barbarian, after all.”  

Reaching back to cover his hand on the brush Miranda caught Jean’s gaze through the mirror.

“Is that what he does for you, Jean? Your vampire…” 

“Yes. He takes me to highs that I never knew, but it isn’t like other highs that you hear of, not like opium or other drugs people imbibe. It’s like last night, yes? I knew there would be pain, and there was, for I’ve not been taken like that in years. But, he was also drinking from me, which does something to you. If you’ve never experienced it, it is difficult to describe. Being drunk, perhaps? But also ecstatic. And he was touching me and finding the places of pleasure through the pain. Afterward, he could’ve left me with you, but he would never do such. He stayed with me. When I woke with terrors, he comforted me. He took me to a shared home and made sure I was fine before finally resting himself. That? That is my opinion of how one should treat another when pain is achieved for pleasure or release.” 

There was a look of understanding and Miranda sighed. She didn’t want to go into it. But, she definitely liked what he described. She decided it was time to move on. 

“Tell me about him? I want to know what kind of man you put so much feeling into. I can hear it in your voice when you speak of things he does for you. It’s as if those are the best treasures in the world.” There was a soft trickle of a laugh from the succubus as she let Jean’s hand go so that he could continue with her hair.

“Would you like it braided? Or would you like it to land in lovely waves? Or would that be too fancy for your day?” Senias had gone through two sections and when she released his hands, he was beginning the third and last.  

“Braided will do, please and thank you.” She actually gave a soft purr of contentment right then. Miranda loved to have her hair played with and so secretly she was feeding her own private pleasure in having him do this.

“Good choice.” He could work on this while speaking of Sebastian. 

“He is a Lord of his kind, though, he would never take claim to such a title willingly. He likes his freedom, as do I.” Senias couldn’t help it. He was kind of proud of having such a lover at his side. 

“A Lord? Oh my, how ever did you end up with a pureblood? What does his Coven think of you?” She really didn’t deal with many vampires these days. They’d all gone to ground during the hunts that had nearly wiped them out. Nowadays they kept to the night and to their own with only a few actually venturing out of their lairs to hunt.

“He… he hasn’t taken his place since the culling days. We both have suffered losses. We both have enjoyed retribution. I suppose that is how we came together. I’m not known to his coven, now.” Sen looked into the mirror at her eyes letting her know he was telling the truth in that. “But I like the title. It suits him, whether he wants to admit it or not. Never suited me.” He began slowly braiding her luxurious hair into a very fancy woven set down from her crown and around to the side so that the bottom would be to her left, over one of the bruises that hadn’t healed yet. 

“Surprised?” he asked. 

“Yes, you don’t strike me as the lordly type. He does though. What happened to your title?” Mira turned to look up at him while she stayed seated on the small stool.

“I’ve left it to others. There are reasons for that. None of which are probably good enough, but I’m fine with things as-is.” He finished off the braid and motioned for her to take the bottom so that he could get one of her many ribbons and tie it off.

 “Sometimes people have things thrust upon them and they never wanted it in the first place. Sometimes the appointment is wrong and sometimes… sometimes it’s just not the proper time. I’m not sure which applies to either of our cases. Not yet.”  He walked to where she had told him his new clothes were and began pulling off the bloodied ones he had on so that he could look proper when they adjourned downstairs.  

Miranda watched him change and couldn’t help but think just how much this man had in common with her and her brother. Before he could pull the new shirt on Miranda stood and moved to press against his broad, well muscled back. Resting her chin against his shoulder blade she breathed the wonderful spicy musk scent in of him and shook her head. 

It wasn’t that he’d not enjoyed the touch of a woman, it was that it had been some time. And this particular woman had a very sharp appeal to her, considering what she was and the excitement of what she could do. He paused in dressing, enjoying the idea that his arms and hands were still ‘tied’ within the sleeves of the shirt while she was against him. 

With a kiss pressed to his spine, she purred, “Leave it off while we talk, I like looking at you.” The succubus ran her tongue over the peculiar brand, or was it a tattoo that he sported at the shoulder blade. Both?

Senias took in a breath, the sensation of the magical mark thrumming a course through every nerve of his body when it was touched in such a way!  He jerked in response, so she took a step back, then moved a bit further toward where she had some pillows set up. There was a peel of giggles as her mind swirled and she was suddenly light-headed. The zing of energy had come from him; burst through to her from that simple touch. 

“Mmmm, I’ll have to remember that.”

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