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Spotlight: The Q'Taxians
By Rachel Adams Posted in Spotlight on May 20, 2019 0 Comments 1 min read
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This is a webseries that has grown from the heart of its creator, much the same as Walking the Blade has come to be.

We are sharing the stories here as a rough draft that we’d love feedback on and we hope to keep adding new stories to the site from the characters we’ve come to love. We know that we may not get to publish all of our stories – we hope we can publish some of them – but no matter what, we want to tell these stories.

The author of The Q’Taxians has a similar passion for this work, and it shows. You begin to feel for Sylus immediately and then your mind begins that internal questioning. You want to know more about his world, his circumstances, and his future – all because Tavorie’s writing makes you give a damn. And this makes for a page turner (or in this case a page scroller).

Try it  –

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