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I met and followed Chase Connor on Twitter this year because of a follower spree. When I began reading his tweets and saw that he was so supportive of other authors and had such good vibes – I had to begin following him on more than Twitter. His writing reflects a fresh view of the world that does not ignore negativity, rather he’s found a way to get beyond that and his writing helps others deal with it and overcome, too!


Please stop by his website and then if you like what he has to say or what he’s written – catch him on Twitter, too – @ChaseConnor7  – You won’t be disappointed.  He also has all of his books showcased on his website, so look through them, most are LGBTQ+ and MMRomance.  Here is an excerpt from one of his more recent posts:

Something I wanted to write about today is about this mentality that people have in our society. I see it a lot in the Writing Community–whether people know that they are pushing these views or not.

We’re often told that we’re not “enough” for the groups to which we belong. There is bisexual erasure, people saying that transgender, queer, asexual, demisexual, aromantic, and other LGBTQ+ are not enough to be included. We are told that people are not “black enough” or that if we are not familiar with all of the customs of our culture that we are not enough to identify with our ethnic and cultural heritage. We are told if we write a certain genre that we are not “real writers.” If you like reading romance that your tastes are “not refined.” The examples of this way of thinking are infinite. People like to imply or outright say that if everything about you doesn’t fit within arbitrary parameters that you cannot belong to a particular group. There is no taking into account of how you were raised, where you were raised…or the fact that a lot of this was beyond your control. It’s not like your parents asked for your input before they just…raised you.

What I want to say here is that you do not need to take a test, pay dues, and join any specific club in order to be exactly who and what you are. You do not need anyone’s permission to be black, white, Asian, Latinx, male, female, funny, corny, happy…you don’t need anyone telling you that being your authentic self is not enough for them. If your authentic self happens to not fit into the parameters other people have set for what it means to be…whatever…then that is not your problem.

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