REVIEW: Over A God’s Dead Body

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I was sooo confused by the first scene! It kind of reminds me of American Gods on chaotic pacing and scene changes. But it makes up for that with the story and increasing hilarity. I was reminded of Buffy and more recently The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina with this. Some of these characters deserve a sequel. The humor is very adult and raunchy at times. This book doesn’t take itself seriously, and it’s listed as a comedy, so remember that! I enjoyed the read and would recommend it to people who don’t mind this kind of humor. My only issue were the grammar and typo errors. I felt like these sometimes took me out of the flow of the plot and had me confused about a scene. If Joel has time, I’d suggest that he go back over it or get an editor to do so and that would fix this one complaint. But, I’d still recommend it.

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