REVIEW: Creativity Brewing: A Flash Fiction Anthology

Like all reviews, I do not give away too much, because I don’t want to spoil the book read for you. But this was quite a fun and adventurous journey! If you want a copy – CREATIVITY BREWING is waiting for you.

This was my beach-book for a day trip and I do not regret that decision in the least! I mean, when you are easily distracted and are being dragged around from one place to another, you need a book full of short stories, right? Even better – these are actually flash fiction – as in only 2 – 3 pages each. And they aren’t all one genre – I read fanciful, thrilling, adventurous, melancholy, mysterious, and even horror themed stories. This book captives my imagination by providing a glimpse into someone’s life and then pulling that away, leaving your creative mind sparked! I could pause between each story and let my brain simmer on what I had just read for a while: How did the character come to this? What’s going to happen to the character after this? What was the meaning behind the story? What do I hope happens next, even though it’s not written? I would definitely recommend this to anyone!

Honest reviews of books are available from me. I will post the review to all sites available to me, including my own website and social media as well as GOODREADS. I am a slow reader, so apologies up front for how long it might take. But I do my best.

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