REVIEW: Autoboyography

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The Premise:

Three years ago, Tanner Scott’s family relocated from California to Utah, a move that nudged the bisexual teen temporarily back into the closet. Now, with one semester of high school to go, and no obstacles between him and out-of-state college freedom, Tanner plans to coast through his remaining classes and clear out of Utah.

But when his best friend Autumn dares him to take Provo High’s prestigious Seminar—where honor roll students diligently toil to draft a book in a semester—Tanner can’t resist going against his better judgment and having a go, if only to prove to Autumn how silly the whole thing is. Writing a book in four months sounds simple. Four months is an eternity.

It turns out, Tanner is only partly right: four months is a long time. After all, it takes only one second for him to notice Sebastian Brother, the Mormon prodigy who sold his own Seminar novel the year before and who now mentors the class. And it takes less than a month for Tanner to fall completely in love with him.

Oh my… I could not put this book down. Every chance I got, I was reading it. It reminded me so much of being bi-sexual in the Bible Belt around people who were not supportive of my sexuality. And the heartache of loving your family and yet being afraid to be yourself around them? This author hit the nail on the head.

The characters are well-thought-out and you become invested in their lives and their decisions. Your tummy goes on the roller coaster ride with Tanner, through this portion of his life. If there is a critique it would just be that I would’ve liked maybe not hearing Sebastian’s voice. Does that make sense? Because, through most of the book, the author does such a fabulous job of putting us in Tanner’s head and seeing things through his point of view – which is not always correct. And so you are immersed in this. Therefore, when Tanner gets surprised by things or reads a situation wrong – the reader really feels it. And I loved that!

Anyway, definitely still a 5-star from me and I passed it on to my trans son and would recommend it to anyone who needs to better understand bisexuality or pansexuality and what family and belief can do to people who are by no choice of their own – LGBTQ+

If you are interested in picking up a copy for yourself, then be sure to check here to see where the book is sold.

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