Quarantine News!

Okay, so this little sitty begins with the last update and so, if you want to read that, go ahead – AUTHOR UPDATE!

To add to that, I am almost finished with my 4th draft and what turned into a rewrite of the first novel in the Walking the Blade series of stories that Dawn and I have been writing for years. We began this in Yahoo Clubs (can you believe how long ago that was?) by coming up with various characters in a fantasy setting and trying them out in a collaborative writing style with other people. We became long-distance friends and have shared ups and downs and new family and friends since then. All along, we kept building our world and developing our characters.

We’ve been part of Marvel groups, Firefly groups, Sci-Fi groups, Fantasy groups, and Urban Fantasy groups over the years, but all along this one set of characters and their surrounding cast kept close to our hearts. It became a hobby series and I coined the title Walking the Blade to Dawn one day and it’s stuck. I decided to begin editing it for posting to the web, but then realized – thanks to the lovely people of Twitter’s #WritingCommunity and #WriteLGBTQ and the many friends and associates of mine who are living their dream – why am I not getting this published? Whether it be traditionally or self-publishing, I want to do that. I really feel like our stories have an audience. They are diverse, they are a mixture of three well-known genres, and I hope by the time I get this last draft through beta readers and an editor it’s going to be worth reading!

At any rate, I wanted to update everyone who has been following. I wanted you to know why I’ve shifted gears and I won’t be putting entire chuncks of the stories up here anymore. I want to save anything that might become part of a published work for that published work. The things I post here are going to be teasers, snippets, and portions of history and character development that probably will not be seen in the novels.

I still have my Patreon available and it will be getting unreleased portions of the story as well. But, those are special and some are NSFW segments that I’ll only release to patrons. I actually need to update that – the quarantine has had me very busy, diving into this project and also writing articles and doing research for two new websites we plan to open in June.

Thank you for continuing to follow along with my adventure! I will keep updating. I will also add in more Author Spotlights so you get to learn about other artists and authors I follow. I’ll keep sharing any giveaways and freebies I come across (though you might want to visit & follow my Twitter for more of those!). Most important, I’ll be posting those snippets and scenes from Walking the Blade’s cast of characters every other week. I hope you enjoy!

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