New Year! New Fun!

The CHINESE NEW YEAR brings good fortune for those willing to push forward to reach their goals!

As I’ve often said, I work around the family schedule. And for now, it seems that my posting for the series will happen on Mondays.  That gives me time to edit wherein I’m not between drop offs and pick-ups. And I can schedule it for the next day.  

Also, I will be getting my Patreon set up and a page that has listings to the various websites I write with and use for income. Those are projects that will be up and coming. I plan to post tiers of patronage that will receive things like:

  • Videos of my writing process, suggestions and ideas for those things
  • The mention of a custom character from a patron within my work
  • Drafts of scenes from the Walking the Blade series that do not make it into the main series draft or the future novelizations
  • Taking requests for character scenes.


For higher level patrons there will be things like:

  • Prequel scenes with our favorite characters.
  • NSFW scenes that were left our of the uploaded drafts.
  • Once books are available, patrons of this level would also receive signed copies upon purchase.


So I hope you’re prepared for an exciting new year filled with new possibilities! 

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