My Dragon!

Walking the Blade will be a series of novels based on the life and relationships of a dragon who can shift into human form. The stories you see here are snippets and scenes that I wanted to share with you – things we wrote to further develop and fill in the history of our cast of characters. We hope you enjoy it and come back for more…~ Rach and Dawn

“What I’m sayin’ is, ye don’t want to fuck wit’ dis, Bastian. He’s not tha same – it’s already been happening! Didn’t you notice tha fight? He’s not tha same dragon…” Seamus looked between the vampire and the two half-demons.

“That is still my dragon.” Sebastian snarled at them all.

“They were literally fightin’ and she’s with kitling! Dat’s not tha dragon what lost his first kitling. He would ne’rae take a chance at losing another. If any of ye had lost a child you’d know it. But Sen? He’s not in his right mind. D’ese trips here and yon innae been a help, either.”

“Don’t preach to me about loss and Senias’ mind!” Sebastian growled.

“Fine, be stubborn and get yerself killed.” The highlander was doing all he could to warn them away.

“I’m sure I won’t be missed if he does kill me but thank you. Now tell me what did this? Who do I have to kill to get my Sen back?” Sebastian needed answers and he needed them now!

“It’s d’at brand. It’s that brand and the human Kennedy that is considered the heir to the dragon is who it is. And when he’s dead, it’d pass to the next in line. Always has been dat way.”

“Then I’ll just have to kill the whole damned line, won’t I? If there’s no one left to pass it to then, Sen is free.” He’d slaughtered humans before without mercy, guilt, or second thought. He just had to switch his mind within himself to care less.

“Luck be wid ya, if his kids are young. I could ne’rae do it.” Seamus moved to the door. “And remember, it’s his sworn vow ta protect the heir with his life. So you’ll be fightin him, too. I’m bein’ smart. Me and my gel, we’re gone. We won’t be back. If yer smart, you’ll lay low.”

“I’ll get him out of this.” Sebastian looked off from the Scot. “There has to be a way.”

“Nea got out of it all with a lot of pain, but… she’s a sorceress. She could handle tha influx a tha powers. Sen – he’s not wired like it. He’s a warrior. Sebastian, you really ought ta think on the layin’ low part. In time, he could find his way out from under da basterds again.”

Sebastian simply stared at the shorter redheaded man. He truly thought abandoning Sen was the best answer!

“If ye take my suggestin, havin’ a lovely place like ye described to me?” He looked at Mira and Dante, “That’d at least give a good cover to get messages back and forth. Just sayin’. He won’t sell iny of ya out. I donnae think it anyways.” He bowed his head to them before leaving.

Dante looked to his sister who looked down ashamed. He then looked to Sebastian, “I can’t risk it. I’m keeping Miranda out of this. If Jean is bound by magic then it’s probably due to bargaining and that means mages, warlocks or witches were involved.. possibly druids. I can’t risk either banishment or enslavement. Think about it man, his own dragon mate has run! That should tell you something.”

“Yes, it tells me you’re all cowardly fuckers that he wasted his time on. I won’t abandon him!” He looked the twins up and down, “Now skitter away rodents I have my dragon to save.”

Dante sighed and shook his head. He took his sister in a hug and called the shadows in the room up and around them to take them away.

Left alone, Sebastian snarled and slammed his fist down hard on the table. This was their home. They had lived here for years, now. Why did things have to change? He paced for a while in their cabin and finally, he gathered enough of himself to push a telepathic message through the fog

~ Senias… damn it answer me! Don’t do this alone! Let me help you. ~

~ No. You can’t help me. Thank you for showing me love. I didn’t deserve it. ~ The response was sad, desolate, like someone who wasn’t just lost in the middle of the desert, but someone who knew where they were lost and had given up.

~ I don’t accept that Sen! If I can’t go to you then I’ll wait here for you until you return. I won’t abandon you… I love you. ~ Sebastian gripped the back of a chair and could hear the wood cracking as he squeezed.

~ Don’t stay. It will only cause pain and put you in danger. He probably has contacts with Crimson. You’re still a wanted vampire. ~

There was a deep growl from the vampire. ~ You’re mine! Those are my markings you bare! You are my Chosen Senias of Morias, let me help you! Inea broke the vow to the Kennedys and I’m sure that I can help you do the same. ~ This wasn’t over by a long shot. Whether Sen wanted him to or not he would go to him. The dragon should know him well enough to know that.

Senias looked down at his hand, at the faint markings there. He couldn’t let Andrew see it. Sebastian was still wanted. And Sebastian couldn’t change who he was, he couldn’t hide so well. And if Andrew Kennedy could control him… and Sebastian was bonded to him… well, the implications were not good. He growled.

~ Take your markings back and leave me be. I don’t want you and I don’t want your help. I’ve made sure you cannot come to me, so don’t even try. ~ His mental voice was cold when he used it. And he focused on the bond… he wanted it gone. He pushed it away. And within minutes the markings faded once again. That done, he grabbed the cane they had left for him and made his way to the bed. He hoped the vampire had the good sense to just turn away.

Miles away, Sebastian Evansworth gasped an intake of breath. Looking down at his own arm, he watched the markings slowly fade away. He fought back his pain at this and growled in his stubborn way through their connection.

~ No. You’re being a fool because you’re stuck in a bad position! We’ve saved each other’s sorry asses for decades! I’ll find you. If you are rejecting me then do it to my face! ~ The sun was starting to rise, he could feel the pull of the day-sleep. The vampire weaved on his feet fighting it.

Senias fell over on the bed he was provided with. It seemed that his master had prepared well for him. At least it wasn’t a cell. It was lovely, his cage.

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