Learning to Shift

Walking the Blade will be a series of novels based on the life and relationships of a dragon who can shift into human form. The stories you see here are snippets and scenes that I wanted to share with you – things we wrote to further develop and fill in the history of our cast of characters. We hope you enjoy and come back for more!

When next Devon got to see his intended mate, she looked worn out and in need of a break. He was grinning as he held a pack out to her, “Extra clothes for yer shiftin’.” 

“These clothes your mother insisted on aren’t exactly run-worthy.” She wound up tying the bottom of her skirts to form makeshift pants. Taking the pack, she walked by his side out into the wilderness. 

He led her out from the palace and to the north of it where there was woods and a stream with spring fed glen. He dropped his Pack at the base of a tree and as Eva did the same, he stripped off his shirt while facing her. Like any warrior he had his share of scars but the worst was yet seen. 

She tried not to gawk, but failed miserably. Hopefully, he didn’t think she wouldn’t take him seriously.

“Clear yer mind and focus on the wolf. Don’t panic and try to hold back, instead go with the feeling and let it guide ya through the shift. It’ll be smoother and hurt less. Like this.” 

Eva stood back and watched, hoping she would get some sort of clue on how to make it easy. However, she had to admit, his advice was the opposite of what she would normally do. Maybe if she focused on that, she’d remember to do it? Or maybe…

Devon closed his eyes and his whole body relaxed and shifted to the big golden brown and black wolf. He stood on all fours and shook his fur out. 

His markings were extraordinary. Nothing like him existed in her world! She was sure of it. Eva’s first instinct was to walk close to him and touch him. She moved her hands over the ridge of his back and walked around him, taking every detail in. She wanted to be with him. She knew she needed to be with him. She felt that tug again. She felt the need. And this time, she let it happen. 

She wasn’t frightened of what would happen if she shifted. He wanted her to shift. She wanted to shift. And so, within seconds she did. She shifted  – what seemed like it was effortlessly. She was on her four paws and moving all around Devon, still sniffing him and looking him over, memorizing everything. 

She was pale, blonde colored as a wolf, with brown mottled spots all over her like large freckles. Her face was masked in that light brown color as well. 

There was a low whoof from Dev as he moved around her in slow circles catching her scent. She was beautiful in this form as well! He nudged her side with his nose and turned to jog off so that she would give chase. He wanted her to see that this part of them wasn’t all about breeding or pain. He wanted Eva to run, play, and enjoy her wolf.

She started, then stopped, lifting a front paw tentatively. She looked around the woods and then back to him moving forward slowly. She made a little growling and woof sound, too. She felt good. And that momentary fear of retribution was just taking a moment to wash off of her. She shook vigorously from head to toe before trotting to him again. He did a similar dance again and this time, she took to it, understanding dawning on her. He wanted her to chase him? Very well!  

As they ran through the trees, Devon made a game out of teaching her to work her wolf. He was showing her how to defend herself and how to take down a larger opponent. Devon spent hours with Eva teaching her all of it. Eva took it all in and couldn’t help but enjoy as many playful moments along the way as she could. Her lighter form was quite a synergy with his solid build. But she found that in the fun, were lessons. No matter their size difference, she could learn to compensate. 

When they were stretched out on the grass beside the stream, Dev let himself revert to his human form. He was on his stomach in the remnants of his pants, and there for her view were the scars upon his back with their bits of copper glinting from their depths. He didn’t move as he let her inspect his back. Once she had shifted forms he would answer any questions she may have.

Eva stepped up on his side and sniffed him, then sniffed the scars before shifting to her human form. Her palms caressed the skin and her fingers traced the patterns. 

“What happened?” she asked quietly, not stopping her physical connection to him. She actually still had her over-sized blouse on thanks to the magic within the shifting. Her skirts had been left behind somewhere. The material hung over her body, from the shoulder on one side. She didn’t notice. All of her attention was on her mate.  

With his arms crossed beneath his cheek Devon watched her over his shoulder as she inspected his scarred back.

“I was taken as prisoner during the second war with elves about seventy five years ago now. Being not only a leader to the warriors but also son to an Alpha made me a good target for their irritations. I didn’t complain, because if their attentions were spent on me then my men and the other lycan were safe from their ire.”

“I knew someone like you,” Eva whispered as she let herself sit on her butt instead of squatting. She looked to his face. “The coven had those of us who were slaves in the upper areas and they had slaves who were trusted as servants and even lovers. And then there were the fighters. There were some amongst the fighters that tended to try and get the punishments upon their own shoulders so that the younger ones, and the naive ones didn’t take it. I believe some of the younger ones might’ve broken had they been punished.” Eva motioned toward the markings and then asked, “How long?” 

“I was theirs for almost two years and I made sure no lycan died there or were maimed by our captors.” Devon rolled to his back so that Eva could stretch out with him. She did so without a second thought and without any encouragement. She’d wanted to be in his arms for a while, now. His hand lifted to smooth his fingers through her beautiful hair, “No anger is held by me over it, though. I find it is too exhaustin’ to hold anger with others. I’m angry and then it’s… it’s gone.” 

“That’s a good way to be. Anger holds power over you. Keeps you from moving on.” she whispered. “But I don’t forget, you know? I am cautious because of my experiences as a slave. I find that to be different.” 

“Well, I figure, if I hold all that anger, pain and hate towards the elves in me, our Pack will start adopting those same feelings for no reason and then suddenly innocent ones would be getting injured on both sides. Doesn’t make me a good example for our people.” He wished he could say the same about his father.

“I have met nice elves. One almost bought me before Kieran got there.” She moved her face against his upper chest and took in his scent. “She said I would have made a wonderful guardian for her. And I know I would. I know how to fight – as a human. You can teach me how to fight as a wolf. But, yeah… she was lovely. But I prayed she would find someone else. I believed you, when you said you would come back for me. I didn’t want to go to anyone else.” She let her hand move over his chest, now, enjoying the muscles and the lightly furred skin. She could feel herself becoming aroused, now that they were calming down from the run and really able to take one another in. She’d not actually given herself time for this, until now. 

“I told ya that I’m a man of my word. I made a promise so even if the elf had bought ya, I would’ve tracked ya down.” Devon would not lie, he was thoroughly enjoying Eva’s exploring fingers as they move across his skin. Remembering what she had said, Devon kept his hands up and tucked beneath his head so that his chest was stretched out as his arms were up by his head. “Explore all ya like darlin’ I promise ya got free reign, I’ll keep my hands up here till ya want me to put em somewhere else.” There was a relaxed pleasant chuckle from the big lycan as he laid there watching her. Devon couldn’t help but wonder if she’d ever gotten such freedom with the men in the coven. If not, they were even more bastard for what they’d done to her.

“You’re my mate. I don’t mind if you put your hands on me, Devon. There may be times when I don’t want to be sexual with you because of pain or something… and I’ll let you know. I promise. But know that I always want to touch you and feel you. If I didn’t want that, I wouldn’t be here. Like your brother said – I had the opportunity to leave already. If I left now, it’d hurt both of us… not that I plan on ever leaving…” She got up and straddled him just to let him know for sure that she was serious.  Of course, she hadn’t meant to out Gareth for being protective, but that was the truth. And she would always tell Devon the truth.  “As of right now, I definitely want to be sexual with you.” 

He wondered what Gareth had said to her, but that thought left in a jiffy. Right then the only one on his mind was straddling his hips. His golden gaze lit up and that deep rumble moved through his chest for Eva. Devon’s hands left their place beneath his head as he moved them to Eva’s thighs. His calloused things moved over her soft supple skin as he slid them up to vanish beneath the material of her shirt.

“I just don’t ever want ya to fear my touch. I will always be as gentle or as rough as ya want me to be.” Placing his hands on Eva’s hips, Devon moved her so that her heated center rubbed against the hard ridge within his pants. Devon didn’t want to go too far. He wanted to thoroughly enjoy their first time together, he didn’t want to startle or scare her by being too rough and with his size it was always better to have a well prepared lover. 

He was well-built! She actually looked down at where they were nearly connected with surprise. Sure she had expected a good size on him, he was a pretty big guy, but she was actually quite pleased by what she felt. He’d not be overly long… maybe… and the girth was something she had enjoyed in the past – if he knew how to use it. And as handsome as he was? Oh, he probably knew how to use it!  She rocked against him, letting her scent push outward onto him or rather his clothing. 

“Ahh.. Goddess.. Eva… ya feel so good. Come here to me, my mate and kiss me.”

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