It’s Been a While

Walking the Blade will be a series of novels based on the life and relationships of a dragon who can shift into human form. The stories you see here are snippets and scenes that I wanted to share with you – things we wrote to further develop and fill in the history of our cast of characters. We hope you enjoy and come back for more!

At this time, the scene continues and there is sexual content to come. However, that, my dears will be found on my patreon. Here is the first section, for your delight. Remember that we indicate telepathic speach by using (~).

The vampire was leaner than he, paler – of course, but handsome beyond measure to the dragon-become-human. His eyes were crystalline as many vampire eyes were. His hair near ebony, and his full lips were difficult to ignore.  He moved across the candlelit room to be close to his lover, the one who had been gone from his arms for far too long.

Every touch made Senias quake, his skin bumped with the sensations. He was supposed to be Jean-Michel around other people, but keeping his proper frame of mind was so difficult when Sebastian was here, finally with him. And yet, he didn’t seem to care that Miranda was still in the room, watching. There was something about her. His head was a spin of things. He was so entranced by Sebastian; this was why he had needed to come home.  Damn but he needed his lover. The dragon purred deeply. He wanted to feel those fangs in his flesh. He was offering himself to the vampire, alas…

Sebastian had more in mind. He broke their contact only long enough to pull Sen’s shirt off and tossed it to a nearby chair. Then he was taking in the changes to his lover and reaching his hand out to trace his fingertips over each scar. Senias was leaner, after all, he’d been at war for five years straight. But his muscles were ripped – a side effect of battling and training with lycan. Instead of allowing Sen to touch him back Sebastian swatted the man’s hands away. 

“No, this is my time. Yours will come soon enough, love.” 

Walking slowly around Senias, Sebastian continued to let his fingers trace over new marks here and there. When he was standing behind his dragon, Sebastian pressed himself close and wrapped an arm around Sen’s waist to splay a hand flat against those tight stomach muscles. He moved his hand down to disappear into Sen’s pants where he gripped the length that was hard and aching for him. Sebastian knew how to please Sen and sometimes giving in too quickly wasn’t as satisfying for the dragon. His fangs scraped over the flesh of Sen’s shoulder and he purred for his love. Their connection ran deep, and it took absolutely no effort at all to mindspeak ~ I’ve dreamt of this moment for years. ~ 

The look he cast Miranda right then told the female that at this very moment all she’d get to enjoy was the show. The vampire was in no mood to share right then as he might have any other time.

~ As have I. ~ Sen moved his hand up and into Sebastian’s hair, tugging him to his flesh so that the vampire’s fangs pierced the skin of his shoulder. It was very close to where his vampiric lover liked to drink from. ~ Taste me, and take me. Give me what I’ve needed, and take … Sebastian, we’ve been parted for far too long. ~  Senias’ face was lit with an expression of nearly painful need. His deep, soulful eyes shimmered in that moment, just enough to reveal that he was more than human to their hostess. He waited, his breath near to panting. 

Miranda’s gaze could not be torn from these men, two works of art, despite how different they were. The succubus madame moved to her lounge to stretch out while continuing to watch.

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