Isadora Brown

I realized it had been a beat since my last “Author Spotlight” and since I got an email from this author today, I thought, why not? She calls her fans “brownies” which is appropriate, considering her love of fantasy.  I enjoyed her Academy of Peculiars writing and I’m about to begin a full Urban Fantasy set called Rebels and Renegades that she has taken part in.  Actually, she’s known to take part in these sets and she generally writes romance stories in sets as well – which is fine by me. Her writing is light and enjoyable, romance mixed with the supernatural, right up my alley! I can read her books as a weekend snack and that’s sometimes just what the doctor ordered!  Let me place her own author description from amazon below along with her most recent push via email – you might like it!


Fans of The Punisher and X-Men: Wolverine are addicted to this gritty new urban fantasy by a USA Today Best Selling Author. 

Isadora Brown loves all things dark, dangerous, and deadly. Things that go bump in the night and send shivers down backs are things she adores. She loves (and writes) sexy, forbidden romance, usually with some bite and a hint of magic. She is the author of The Somerset Series, The Dark Paradise Trilogy, The Stranger Trilogy, and The Neverland Trilogy.

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