Walking the Blade will be a series of novels based on the life and relationships of a dragon who can shift into human form. The stories you see here are snippets and scenes that I wanted to share with you – things we wrote to further develop and fill in the history of our cast of characters. We hope you enjoy and come back for more!

So, this is a short piece, but I kind of wanted to leave it somewhere that showed what was happening before time-jumping to the next set. Hope you enjoy!

Eva was cooking in the huge kitchen, and enjoying small talk with her two guys – Sen and Devon, when they all got interrupted by a slamming door and a pissy looking Gareth walking through to find something in the cooling cupboard.  

~ Bet she told him, ~ Senias mentally whispered to Devon. He waited. He was never sure what the hell was about to happen when it came to the little brother. Gareth was quite the wildcard sometimes. But then, his dragon mate liked her barbaric types…  

~ Oh yeah she told him and he ain’t none to pleased about it either. ~

 “Is it true?” Derek’s voice came from the same door Gar had busted through. He looked at Senias.  Then, seeing Gar still searching, he yelled, “Top shelf past the stove. Whiskey’s behind the vase.” 

Pulling the whiskey down, Gareth didn’t even bother with mugs as he opened it and took a good drink, “Of course it’s true. She wouldn’t have said anything if they didn’t mean to leave.” Gareth took another drink before offering to Dare. 

Derek took the whiskey easily enough. He looked over at Senias. The draconic man took a deep breath and exhaled with a sigh. 

Devon was watching his scowling brother as he and Derek passed the bottle between them. Then, the dragoness herself walked through the door, her eyes fixed on her lover. They were so completely different in looks and demeanor that they were the perfect definition of opposites attracting.  Inea with her long blonde waves and deep dark almost violet blue eyes and golden tan stood almost regal in her calm confidence. Gareth, on the other hand, his fingers pushing through his messy black main on the unbraided side, glared in frustration at her with his pale crystalline blue eyes, barely able to restrain the tempest inside of him. 

Inea paused; her fingers coming together in front of her. The depth of the emotion in the dragon’s eyes was unclear. She moved around the table toward Senias instead of taking her normal route to Gareth. 

Eva watched, taking it all in. She was still learning. One thing she had no trouble with – was knowing that the dragons were both saddened by this situation they found themselves in. 

Gareth looked at Inea’s dragon mate as he licked his lips and handed the bottle off again. “So Sen when are ya headin’ back?”

“I’m not sure. I’ve not talked to your father and mother about it…” 

“Inea says less than a week, is it the same for you?” Gareth wasn’t looking at the dragoness nor was he making a move towards her. She’d said point blank that she was going back through the portal to be with her kindred and had told him how much she missed the highlander. As if he meant nothing to her.

“I’m staying for Eva and Devon’s ceremony. I wouldn’t miss it,” Senias looked from Gareth to Devon, his hand moved up Inea’s back when she stood next to him, offering support through touch. “But I feel that it’s time we made our way back to face what we had to leave.” 

“But ya’ll came here cause that world was goin’ bad.” Gareth rumbled low.

“It is not the world that is at fault, Gareth. Our world is beautiful and appropriate for us. We had to leave because of the dominating species. But we have connections there and responsibilities. We’ve remained here because we were shown kindness by you and your pack and therefore we both wanted to insure that you had peace before we left. That has been achieved.” 

“It will be once we push the elves back beyond the Northern Mountains,” Kieran said as he walked into the room. Seeing Eva, he smiled. “Well now, I was told there would be good Gaian food coming from the kitchen. Sounds like the little bird what whispered that to me was correct, eye?” He was so pleased to see Eva taking in this life well. However, she didn’t get to respond. His eyes caught Gareth and Derek, the whiskey half-way between the two – his whiskey. He growled. “What’s this about?” 

“Ask the dragons,” Derek pointed out before taking a quick – possibly last – drink of the whiskey Kieran kept hidden from almost everyone. 

“You shouldn’t go after the elves,” Senias stated. 

“They’ve lost their military leadership. They’re on the run. They took out a whole pack just out of spite! And you want me to back down?” Kieran turned slowly to the dragon. 

“You had dragons. Next time, you won’t. We’ve decided to go back to Gaia.” Senias remained seated, but his eyes had no issue meeting Kieran’s gaze. 

“You’re abandoning the cause when we could finally finish it all off?” Kieran’s chest growled low. 

“You’ve finished it Kieran. And you don’t want us to be here for another fight.”

“Yes. Yes I DO want you here! You’re my partner in this conquest, Sen!  You may not have started it, but you joined us and you’ve become part of these warriors! You’ve helped free our people. You can’t just leave!” 

“This wasn’t supposed to be a conquest, Kieran! This was supposed to be a liberation! And it is done. I can leave and I will.” Senias got up and motioned for Inea to move back to the door behind Devon. His gaze caught Devon’s, a subtle warning for his friend. 

His chair was picked up with one of Kieran’s hands and it became a pile of rubble once it hit the far wall. Everyone in the room was on the move it seemed. And with good reason. This was a very tight spot for a brawl between such large men, despite the rooms being made for large lycan. Senias did not flinch. Kieran came to him, a hot breath in his face, for the lycan was much broader and at least a foot taller.  The two stared at each other, growling low. 

Stepping from behind Devon and the others just enough to be heard, Eva whistled as loudly as she could, to get everyone’s attention. 

“Now – in case you don’t know it – those two dragons are hurting just as deep and in some cases deeper than anyone else in this room! I can see it in their auras. If I was in their shoes… I would be trying to make sure parting ways went as smooth as possible. So I’d ignore my own emotions. That don’t mean the emotions aren’t there.” Eva took a breath, smoothed her hands down her apron and cleared her throat while she still had the floor, she added, “Now you people can act a fool and be horrible to each other or you can be proper and enjoy the time you have left to spend together. I know if it were me, I’d make the most of the time I was given. And I’d not cause a mess of the kitchen where someone was tryin’ not to burn her perfect meal…a meal she planned on sharing with everyone here.”

Kieran turned around and moved back out the back door and into the palace proper. Senias watched him, but didn’t move immediately. Inea came to his side and touched his shoulder and then moved her fingers and palm down the arm and over his upper back, doing her best to calm her mate.  She spoke something in draconic, something only a few lycan understood. 

“You must let this go. We have become dangerous to those we love. This is the proper path. Even if they do not understand.” 

“What’d she say?” Derek whispered as quiet as he could to Gareth, for he hadn’t a clue and he knew his friend spent much more time with the dragons than he did.  

“She’s tryin’ to calm him and tellin’ that leavin’ is the right thing to do cause they are becomin’ dangerous for all of us.” Gareth shoved the half empty bottle into his friends hands and turned to follow the ole man out of the room. Inea had already told him all of this, but it didn’t make losing her easier. He still didn’t give a shit because he could be dangerous, too. Two could play at being cold. Thanks to his father’s treatment through the years Gareth had become really good at it.

Senias turned and took Inea in his arms and held her. She cried against his chest. “I’m sorry.” 

“You’re fine. You did what was right. We’re doing what’s right.”   

“Food ready darlin’? I’m a starvin’ man.” Devon smiled for his future mate. She had done a wonderful job of taking back that situation. 

“Yes, I suppose you all can at leastl have a good lot of it.” She piled his plate high with the beans and rice and sweet-hot venison they had brought back and she had tenderized mercilessly. Then, she made her own plate, not near as much food on it. “Everyone come and get something to eat. Then, maybe it’ll be time to go and look at the stars a while? Let your energy get back to where it should be.” She handed Devon his plate and took her own to join him wherever he sat.  

“We’ll be off for now. But thank you,” Senias when he needed to be, could be gentle and kind. Right now, Inea needed that from him. The two walked out of the room.  Derek sighed and grabbed a plate to fill up. As he sat down, he motioned toward the door with his bread. 

“Seems like everybody’s hurting and starvin’ themselves silly.” The young warrior sopped up the juices on his plate with the bread and took a nice big bite. Around it, he mumbled, “See, that’s why I don’t get serious with nobody.”

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