Getting things set up!

So, we’ve had lots of wildness here while getting the website turned over to a new format that’s easier to download and read. I hope you like it! I’ve also been very busy with home set-up and research and writing of articles for other websites and blogs I post for.

I will be adding a new post to Walking the Blade as soon as I have time but at the latest it will be next weekend. I will also be updating the Patreon Page for those who subscribe there by the end of the month. I’ve decided the last week of each month will be when I update there.

A big thanks to GEEK DIGITAL – run by the hubs, for my new look, less bulky format, and more conventional WordPress feel. He added my Patreon button, too! Look up to the top menu! He can make a big, fancy website, but he’s also proven that he can maintain websites and critique them to let you know when those websites just don’t work the way you want. Hence – this new site look!

If you want to catch my work on MEDIUM, please do. If you like an article you can clap as many as 50 times!

If you want to check out my “foodie blog” – NOOB CUISINE is the place to be!

Best Wishes!

~ Rach

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