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After deciding to open a website dedicated to music and untapped musical talent from all over that hasn’t actually gone mainstream here in the states (in other words, it hasn’t been played on TOP 40 radio consistently and not many people know of them) – Untapped Sound, the hubs got into looking closer at royalty-free music and music curation and electronic production or music remixes. It’s actually become a hobby of his. He takes music that others have performed and released via licensing agreements to the world or to him specifically. He then manipulates it and adds in sound effects and other musical samples to create something unique. And he has a lot of fun doing it.

He calls it – GEEK DIGITAL MUSIC. Why? Because it was born from the needs of us geeks to have themed music for our little projects. Oh, and also because Geek Digital is his SEO/ web design company. I kind of like using the latter as the reason, though.

He has also gotten with other artists who have created such mixes and has agreed to post their work on his YouTube as well. He adds the visual effects and provides promotion for them. I’m so glad he’s found something like this to enjoy. To be honest, it has benefitted me greatly, because I can pick and choose my faves by theme from his videos, make a playlist and have writing and reading music to enjoy while I carry on with my own stuff.

I welcome you to take a moment to listen to GDM. Like the songs you enjoy, subscribe if it’s something you want to come back to, and share the content whenever you feel it is proper.

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