From the Author: Research Becomes Treasure

So, as most of you know, I use a lot of settings from my state of North Carolina when I write. I also change the names up of memorials and townships and businesses – because I don’t have everyone’s permission to use these things and who knows what kind of morass that would be!  But, while I changed the name of the local university town to Whitley… and the corresponding school to Whitley University – I had forgotten that I have some of the local memorials and parks included in my writing.

Well, considering the recent rash of memorials-in-question-on-campuses that actually give homage to unsavory types (racists, sexists, and worse) – I thought, since I have to fictionalize this, why not use the names of important people who are marginalized?  I began my research for an appropriate namesake for some of the memorials mentioned in the series and found this website.


Now, this site is not being kept up very well, but it has a lot of articles and very good links on it. But this article in particular was useful to me. I wonder how many people know about these unsung heroes of the past?

I think I might start doing this more often.

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