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From the Author: Changes to the Site
By Rachel Adams Posted in From the Author on May 20, 2019 0 Comments 1 min read
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Thank you for continuing to follow us, share our site, like us, and journey with us on this wild ride into creating a web series full of characters that we love!

Soon, we will be rebuilding this site! I’ve held off on announcing it until I knew there would be time to handle it all.

I have pulled from our site enough material to write not only 3 books, but to also provide readers of our site with a series of small stories from the lives of both the main characters and those who are in their extended group of family and friends.

I am looking into finding artists who can actually draw sketches of my characters, some of their personal things, and perhaps even some settings. I am also looking to have the crest drawn that Senias has branded to his back – the thing that makes him a willing slave to the Kennedy Clan.

 – should you have suggestions on artists that will not empty my wallet completely, please let me know in comments! I like to showcase other people’s talents, so I will do that on top of paying for the pieces.  

Just, please don’t run away if you see changes!


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