From Intimacy to Suspicion

Walking the Blade will be a series of urban fantasy novels based on the life and relationships of a dragon who can shift into human form. The stories you see here are snippets and scenes that I wanted to share with you – things we wrote to further develop and fill in the history of our cast of characters.

You’ll be seeing the cultures and lives of demons, vampires, dragons, lycan or werewolves, along with mages and magic users. There is a trigger warning, in that slavery and indentured servitude are mentioned. There are adult themes, including sexual content and violence. But all in all, most of our readers love these stories. We hope you enjoy it and come back for more…

Rachel Adams and Dawn McClellan

 ~ I need you Sen.. please… ~ A word he rarely ever used came easily to his thoughts right then and he meant every single syllable of it. The dragon could tell, he could feel the sincerity, the worry, the desperation in his vampiric lover. He could not deny that word.

He walked Sebastian over to the bed, not once stopping the kiss. And soon they were rolling around on the mattress slowly removing clothes and kissing and tasting one another as if it were the first time. Senias wanted to make love, he didn’t want anything but that, right now. 

They were skin to skin and breathless by the time the kissing had slowed down. His hands were moving over Sen’s body just as he felt Sen’s hands moving over him. It seemed like they did this forever moving between kissing, touching, and tasting. At least once they had their bodies fully positioned like yin and yang. 

But then… oh then he had Sen pushing deep and Sebastian cared not a lick about the slight pain as his body accommodated the large, heavy intrusion. He gripped his lover to keep him close and at one point Sebastian ended up seated atop his lover. 

All night it went on, Sebastian had been on his hands and knees, flat on his stomach, on his back, astride, bent over a chair, and even pressed face-first to the cavern wall. By the time Sen was truly exhausted to the point he could do no more, Sebastian’s entire body ached. He was lying half across his lover when he felt that first tug of dawn. 

Sen lay there, his fingers moving through Sebastian’s long raven hair lazily. He’d been like that for at least an hour now. He was exhausted and yet he just wanted to look at his work of art. He hated the new scar. But it was his fault. He wanted to make up for it, but… how did he do that now?  

Sebastian’s heart suddenly raced as he lifted his head to look at Sen, “Stay.. you said a week… hold me while I sleep, be here when I wake. We have more nights of this.” He hated begging, but for Sen he’d do it. He felt the day sleep pulling at him and he fought it.

“Get up here with me.” Senias helped pull Sebastian to him so he was comfortable on the pillows. He spooned against him and covered the vampire with his warmth. “Sleep. I’ll be here when you wake. I’m only moving items as I need to. I was told I had the time.” He kissed the back of Sebastian’s head and purred for him to ease his lover’s worry.

Senias knew he had things to accomplish while it was the light of day. He would leave only once he knew his Sebastian was sound asleep.

Senias was tired, but he hadn’t gone to the point that he couldn’t keep his magical defenses in place. The time frame when the Kennedys were all active – he knew to be most guarded.  He grabbed the things he needed and cast his innate magic to portal to three other places before finally making his way back to the cavern below the estate.

He looked around the place. It would need a lot of work, yes. But he was up for it. Besides, it would keep him busy and away from everyone as he adjusted to life here. The gurgling of the natural spring water was also nice.  He would definitely need to investigate the source. it would be nice to have his own pool.

Since he had only brought smaller packages and clothing, he made his way to the lower room that they had prepared for him just up a small walking path from the cavern itself.  It looked much like a bedroom fit upon a landing above the cavern below that was meant for his dragon form. He began putting away things into drawers when he felt a familiar sensation. 

Standing in the doorway watching him, the young girl, Annabelle, didn’t make a sound for several long minutes. Then she couldn’t help herself any longer and called out, “You were gone all night.” There was a small note of displeasure at this. 

“Apologies little lady. Did you miss me already?” Annabelle was quickly working her way into his heart. He didn’t like that.  

“Are you going to live here with us or not? Henry says yes, but Emily says you may have another home.” She had blotches of dirt on the smock covering her dress.

“Truth is, I have many homes.” He finished tucking something into a taller bureau before turning to really face her. “When you get as big and old as me and can go many places, you make a home where you like it. And when I make a new home somewhere, then I bring things that are my favorites from other homes to it. I’m collecting things from my many other homes to bring here – to a new home.”

“Papa says you’re our new guardian.” She sat down in his doorway with a huff and a flurry of ruffled skirt that she swatted down while frowning, “I thought you’d be my new friend.”

“I can be both, I suppose. Would you like that?” She seemed so disappointed that he wouldn’t be. Senias couldn’t help but make that go away. He motioned for her to go back out the way she came in. He didn’t like children near his things. 

Annabelle glanced around him with a raised brow before she gave over and got up to turn and walk back out. “I suppose that’s alright. Will you come to the garden with us? We are pressing flowers. It’s kind of boring. You could help make it better.”

“Well, I can take time to stop and talk to you and your siblings if you like, but I’ll be doing a lot of this moving things around over this week. I hope you don’t mind, too much. It makes me happy to have my favorite things here. And it’s good to help people be happy, you know?” 

“Can I see the things that make you happy?” It didn’t faze the little girl one bit that he was a monster in human skin. To her, he was just someone new to talk to and he made her smile. “I won’t touch I promise.”

“Well, right now it’s mainly just clothing.” Senias took her hand to lead her onward. “What I can do, if you’re good at making people happy, doing as Emily requests, and not get into trouble is I can bring you something. Do you like jewelry? Would your papa approve of me bringing you some seashell jewelry? It’s very nice. Or… what do you like?”  

Carefully tapping her chin in thought as they walked, Annabelle only answered after several minutes of contemplation. “Seashell jewelry would nice. I have a big shell you can hear the ocean in. Would that make you happy? To hear the ocean? Could my shell go in your happy things?” 

“I would greatly appreciate it. I could keep it for a while, then give it back to you. I wouldn’t want to keep it from making you happy,” They were walking back up and out into the bottom parlor of the house soon enough.

He would need to have a little talk to someone about letting the children down there. He planned to move some dangerous magic. Perhaps door locks? He had thought there already were door locks. And yet, Annabelle hadn’t been deterred.

Emily shook her head when the pair came into view. 

“I’m sorry Jean-Michel, I was tending to Lily and Henry. She snuck away from me.” Annabelle let her friend’s hand go and ran past Emily to join her siblings in the garden again. “I’ll make sure she doesn’t bother you further, sir.” 

“Best keep a closer eye on my siblings or you’ll be replaced with someone who can.” Katherine was coming out of her father’s office when she heard what was going on. The startled blonde turned to rush back to her wards while the brunette leaned against the wall and watched Jean-Michel. “How goes the moving? Are you settling in alright?”

“I just got the clothing and a few spiritual things so far. Nothing spectacular. I want to be sure my doors are locked before I bring over anything that might harm your siblings. If I know anything, doesn’t matter if a mother or a nanny has 8 arms and eyes all over their head – when a child wants something they keep trying.” He put his hands on his hips and watched out the French doors into the garden for a moment before turning his gaze to Katherine. “I may need to rearrange some things in the lair. It’ll be loud and there may be shaking. Just… letting you know.” He turned to go back to it. He was wasting daylight. “I also need to make a stop somewhere near the ocean for Annabelle.”  

There was a soft laugh, “Poor Jean-Michel already wooed by the nanny and my little sister.” She laughed lightly, but her eyes took on a serious air. “If you like Emily, enjoy her, just don’t damage her. As to Annabelle, careful she’s like a ferret. She’s cute, cuddly, and very playful but she’ll steal all your shiny baubles.” 

“That’s why I need to lock my things away. She doesn’t need to steal my baubles. They might kill her.” He chuckled. “As to Emily, she’s just been kind enough to show me around. I think she was more worried about the girl than anything. Unless the thought makes you jealous. I wouldn’t mind you being jealous over me. It’d be flattering. Just don’t harm the help. She loves those kids and you can’t hire better help than help that has a vested interest.” Senias figured he’d go ahead and begin handing out advice while he could.    

“I hardly know you so why would I be jealous. Not to mention I could have any man in this county, why do you think I’d choose you?” Did he really think she was that taken by him?

“I’m powerful. I’m handsome. I have the experience from hundreds of human lifetimes to impart to whomever tickles my fancy…” He shrugged. “Stop me when I’ve said enough to sweep you off of your dainty feet.” 

Katherine’s hazel eyes rolled at him as she pushed away from the wall. 

“My point is, don’t go after Emily because of me.”

“Don’t worry I don’t have a habit of wasting good help senselessly. Besides I’m not the one you need to worry about. My father is the one she is frightened of and for good reason. If he’s displeased she’ll lose more than her job.” She shook her head and actually cringed a little. 

“So I heard.” The cringe was noticeable. That was a good sign. It meant that perhaps this young Kennedy was yet redeemable. “His methodology is one way to see to it that your help isn’t loyal at all and keeps secrets from you. Not a wise move on Andrew’s part,” Senias was frank and honest with her because he believed she might just be the next one in line. “Hopefully, when you find yourself in charge, you’ll realize that.”  

“I don’t need to mutilate those that displease me Senias.” She spoke his true name softly, almost provocatively. It was his reminder that she held the cards and yet kept them close to her chest. “I have other ways. I learned at a very young age the worth there is in making allies. It’s best to be on my side rather than against me.”

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