Found By Your Masters

Walking the Blade will be a series of novels based on the life and relationships of a dragon who can shift into human form. The stories you see here are snippets and scenes that I wanted to share with you – things we wrote to further develop and fill in the history of our cast of characters. We hope you enjoy it and come back for more~ Rach and Dawn

Carolina was lovely this time of year. That was the thought that came to Andrew William Kennedy’s mind as he sat in the parlor of his newly built estate house. He was looking out the window sipping tea while his wife set the servants to their tasks of carefully unpacking and setting the rest of the house as he would want it.

He had felt something curious days before and now he felt it again. It was that tickle along the back of his neck that told him he was close. Magic was involved, that much was obvious. But what kind? He tentatively reached out with his mind, one trained in the magical arts. What he felt surprised him. He smiled. So, he’d gotten very close to where his servant actually lived. Good.

Instead of mentally asking questions Andrew focused and pulled at the other being connected to his family’s magic. It was strong enough to bring whoever it was – a need to be here. And considering the political situation around, Mr. Kennedy felt it was time to get more fierce in his efforts.

When Sebastian woke Sen wasn’t anywhere to be found. With a sigh and a good stretch he climbed from their bed and pulled on his clothes. Ever since returning from the other world, Sen had been distancing himself. Sebastian knew Sen was upset with him over refusing to go to the other world. Senias apparently felt he needed to be there, and yet, he was reluctant to leave without his vampire. The shouting and debating had actually gone farther last week. Sen had actually physically fought with him. Sebastian was now sporting a very scarred arm to give proof as to why one never badgered a pissed-off dragon.

Sen had been apologetic and even tried to heal him. Who knew dragon bites didn’t heal so well on vampires? It had been a blow to their relationship but they had made peace, yet it seemed things still weren’t right between them.

~ Sen.. where are you? ~ Sebastian called out as he yawned and pulled the long sleeve shirt on. He looked towards the aurumn but Sen wasn’t there either.

The roar was enough to let Sebastian know that Senias was in his dragon form. The accompanying return roar was enough to let him know the dragon wasn’t alone in that. And the shaking of the earth around him told the vampire that whatever was happening was taking place not only above him – but above ground…

The two dragons rolled across the natural meadow screaming their loud voices at one another as they did so. Trees not only were downed, but they were getting hurt with the branches and wooden pillars left. Dragons were powerful and destructive, but they also had to be careful of their wings, especially. They had weak spots and Senias was proof of that, since coming back. He had a streak from his shoulder down his side where a large harpoon had scored him while he had been in the fights on the other side of the portal. They had never healed properly, leaving scars and mismatched scaling. And now, it seemed he and Inea were throwing caution to the wind and fighting among both the forest and lands cleared for the local farmers.

“Get him under control, Bastian!” Seamus yelled as he ran up. “She’s weak! She can’t do this on her own!” the highlander was beside himself, which was not usual at all. He was the most overconfident person on the planet, but his dragon was getting the worst end of this! “This innae a slap and tickle, fang! They’re really figthin’!”

The loud hiss ended with a sound that was like what you’d hear in a shipyard when metal slid along metal – both came from the female, pale white-green dragon as she slammed the lighter male into the ground. She was warning him to stay there, and even as she did, he was trying for her back leg with his rear dewclaw and screaming his disapproval. For every year that they spent as humans, this very small moment was a reminder to those who were bonded to them, that Inea and Senias were dragons and had their own struggles separate from all others.

The dragoness felt the claw and immediately a gout of greenish flames hit Senias in the chest. He released the hold and the female flew up and away. Senias struggled to turn over, nearly toppling the small cabin they had been nearby as he did. He growled and moved, watching her as if he were gauging another assault.

~ Senias! Stop you’ll hurt her! ~ Sebastian called out to his dragon as he stopped at Seamus’ side.

The dragon completely ignored the vampire and shoved off into the air after Inea.

~ You need to land Sen before others see you! ~ “What happened? What caused this Seamus?” Sebastian asked as he mentally tried to pull him back down.

“They’ve been arguing over the killing. He didn’t want another. Well, too damn bad. But if it’s not one thing it’s another! She’s done and I am, too! We’re goin’ back across or up north and west, soon as we can. She don’t have to wait on anything. She’s a sorceress, remember!”

“What in the nine hells are you to doing? Sitting here with your thumbs up your asses?!” Dante snarled as he watched the two and shook his head. With a cut to his palm the demon smeared blood on his hand and spoke demonic as he squeezed it closed. He slung the blood to the ground and then up into air and watched static-like electricity shoot through it up into the clear night sky.

The sound of thunder filled the air and clouds formed to create the storm that Dante had called forth. It would mask the noise for the most part and now Dante was shifting and spreading his wings to fly up and see this fight ended before one got injured.

They wheeled and turned into the twilight as it was fading into evening. The thunder rolled around them and Inea knew how to use such things to her advantage. She had to be wary, though. She was yet carrying life inside of her. The first stars were blinking above the clouds as she emerged above, the temperatures here freezing the rain on her body and then tinkling off as she let herself fall back through. The release of her flames to clear her bellows looked beautiful against the night sky. And then, she heard him. She turned to look and saw her mate, coming up and through. She tried to reach out to him, appeal to him. Alas, Senias’ anger, was like the flames. He didn’t seem to want to control it.

~ Seamus, get to the lair. Tell Sebastian … well… tell him not to follow us. ~ She waited until Senias was close and then dove back through the clouds, straight at the storm.

“What is she doing?” Sebastian’s gaze narrowed towards the sky as he took a step forward. ~ Sen! ~

She moved swiftly and then simply blinked out of sight. Senias tried to pull up, tried to figure out what had just happened. However, the moment was interrupted by the sound of thunder all around him, and then the electrical charge moved over his body, knocking his breath out of him and sending him spiraling to the ground.

Back at the new house, there were screams from the house servants when following a loud clap of thunder, the ground shook with the sound of what seemed like a cannon going off very close. One of Andrew’s children came running to him. “Daddy! Daddy! I saw the monster in the sky! I saw it!” She held him, shaking.

“That’s no monster,” Andrew spoke before making his way out to the fields.

Senias groaned as he moved very slowly in the field he’d landed in. He’d hit hard. His mind was befuddled and his entire body ached. In particular, his brand. The shock of the moment was enough to force him to shift. He stood up, only some of his breeches left on him as he tried to get across the field. He cried out immediately, having found the sharp end of what was left of the crop that had grown here last season stabbing his foot. He was back on the ground, holding that foot and trying to figure out what was happening.

Having sent his daughters to be with their mother in the back rooms of the house, Andrew lit a lantern and made his way outside.

“Da’ devils in da’ fields sir.” One panicked field hand pointed to where the tobacco leaves had recently been brought in.

“I’ll take of this, Mason, go in with the others.” He moved through the sheared stalks and could hear the groans of the injured.

He paused when he reached the man and used the toe of his shoe to nudge the male. “Now what do I have here before me?” He nudged the I injured foot when the male wasn’t eager to answer. Andrew wasn’t worried about being attacked, he had powerful magic on that prevented such.

“Sonofabitch! Easy! I didn’t realize I’d wandered into your damned field. Jeesus, I’m sorry. Damn… just… had too much to drink…” Senias was very quick and very good with the excuses. Always had been. However, he was rather unaware of the large dragon-shaped crater he had left. Most everyone there was unaware of it. However, the master of the house was NOT unaware. The sensation he had been feeling, it was strongest it had ever been, right this moment. “I stepped on… something…” He wiped the mud from his eyes and tried to get a better grasp of where he was.

The slaves and servants looked over at Andrew. A monster? Right…

“You know, I’ll be, I just ask your help out of this, please. I’ll find my own way back to town. I just, I’ve been robbed is all. It happens. I can contact someone, I’m sure… for help.”

“You didn’t wander into anywhere, I called you here.” Andrew snapped his fingers and several servants braved the danger to come to the Master’s call.

“Wha…what?” he was still very confused.

“Help him up and get him into my rooms down below the house.” Andrew lifted a brow towards the male at the question, “Welcome back Senias, you gave my family a merry chase all these years. Actually, they thought you were dead, imagine my surprise to find out otherwise.”

Senias backed up but found he was enclosed quite well by the strong hands around him. He was scared. He was having trouble breathing. His eyes were wild and a soft green glow began to emanate as he considered his possible ways out of this situation. He couldn’t use mental speak. They didn’t know about his friends, yet. That was obvious. He didn’t struggle. If anyone saw him…maybe they wouldn’t come forward. He didn’t want anyone to come forward.

“Took something from us and thought to Welsh on your end of the deal. You and the female… what was her name? Inea? Yes. So you simply vanished! Now I find you here in MY new lands? What a coincidence. Now, as they help you out of the hole you’re in, let me remind you of your vow and what breaking it will cost you!”

Senias sucked in a breath as the male in front of him put a hand on his bare chest and then grabbed the skin of his brand with the other. The pain had him seeing stars. And he literally fell forward onto the man before the others there tugged him back. He said one thing that could be misconstrued as just a surprised utterance but would let Sebastian know not to come.

~ “Kennedy.” ~

~No… I’m coming for you Senias. Hold on! ~ Sebastian was desperate as he went on the hunt for a quick meal to replenish his system.

“That’s right, Senias.” The joy Andrew felt was shining in his hard brown eyes. The Kennedys had their dragon back and oh what delight that brought him! The energy once more lit up in the brand, renewing the connection between the family and the dragon. “You.. are.. mine.” The words were a snarl and his eyes lit up with magic. This Kennedy knew how wild his magic and how to control the dragon.

Immediately, Senias put a foot down and those who were pushing him were halted by the strength. He took a step back and screamed as the feel of the marking on his back latched hold of him once again. It was a tattoo of the Kennedy crest overtaken by a brand plunged into his skin. He’d not felt anything from it in decades. How had this happened? He slung people off of him and fought them until he heard Andrew’s voice once again.

Andrew spoke the magical words need to strengthen his connection to the creature before him. His family controlled all types of beasts, but this one – this one was the prize! Without touching the brand again the mage drew the design in the air and then he snatched it from the air and clenched it in his hand.

When Senias felt the sear of the brand this time, his connections dampened with everyone but Andrew Kennedy. He growled an inhuman sound but then he was calm. The green-blue eyes looked at the human mage, a sparkle there in them as he breathed hard. Those who had held him were now trying to figure out what to do. They weren’t weak yet they’d been tossed around like ragdolls by this man. Maybe he was the devil? And now he stood staring at their master.

“He won’t need an escort. The spellwork has been slowly binding him. He threw you off because you don’t have the right to control him. I do.” Andrew explained.

“That’s better, all quiet, now. So, where have you been hiding all these years, naughty little beast.” Andrew asked.

“Little?” Senias stared at him. But he didn’t answer the question.

“To the house then and clean up, you smell foul. We’ll tend your foot there. You’re no good to me lame.” Turning his back on the dragon, Andrew walked knowing Senias would follow as a good pet would. While not loyal, Andrew knew the dragon had no choice but to obey and protect his master. That title was held by himself at the time which was very fortuitous for his family.

Senias looked up at the sky, at the stars. Well, he’d had a very good run, hadn’t he? He saw the man look over his shoulder and so, he caught up.

At the house, Andrew led Sen to the rooms beneath the house and ordered a bath and fresh clothes for him. Once he was clean, Andrew fetched down one of the maids to clean up the injured foot and gave her a cleansing powder to pour in it. It’d hurt like hell, but it would heal the damage without infection setting in.

After screaming bloody murder and calling Kennedy some names that even the people taking care of him hadn’t heard, Senias sat on an old velvet chair, his foot raised on a matching one across from him. He took a deep breath and let it out slowly.

It wasn’t until they were alone that Andrew spoke to his dragon again, “You have made ties to others? You’ll go and break them. You will return here every night and once the connections are severed you’ll have no further contact. Understand?” The orders were devoid of emotion and sharply spoken letting the dragon know the orders weren’t up for debate.

“Yes.” The draconic man didn’t look up at Kennedy. He simply stared at his still-burning foot. He didn’t want the others to be involved anyway. He didn’t want them hurt. He did his best to block out any images or memories of them, instead focusing on the here and now. At least none had been near him when the connection to Kennedy had been completed.

“How long have you been here?” Senias asked, just…curious.

“Almost a year, we had to wait for the house to be finished. We were farther North before that. How long have you been here?” Andrew turned the question back on the dragon.

“Not much longer.” He didn’t want to go into details and he had long ago learned the truth didn’t always have to be exact.

“I first felt you in France, but then the sensation was gone before I found you. This time it was stronger and I wasn’t about to give you up a second time so I lured you.”

“Lured me?” He finally turned to look at the man. “How?”

“You don’t really think I’m going to tell you that, do you?” Andrew sneered only to take a deep breath. “Hungry?”

“Wouldn’t be the first time a Kennedy thought too much of themselves around me,” he chuckled. “Food and drink would be welcome. I…I missed my aim on that stag.” He had to come up with a reason he’d wound up in the mud in the first place.

“You’ll eat and rest then leave. I’m giving you time to handle your matters and return. If you take too long I’ll be forced to interfere and you won’t like that at all.”

“How long is too long?” Senias asked. “You know in case I want to fuck someone…”

“One week to get it out of your system,” Andrew muttered, “I’m told there’s a cavern beneath the house, if this is true you may use it as yours.”

“How kind of you.” Senias stared at his foot again.

“Watch yourself, it is a kindness I show you. I could leave you in this small room where shifting is impossible.” He moved toward the door. “One week, Senias.” The chuckle was heartfelt. Even if it were a bit on the evil side.

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