First Morning Home

Walking the Blade will be a series of novels based on the life and relationships of a dragon who can shift into human form. The stories you see here are snippets and scenes that I wanted to share with you – things we wrote to further develop and fill in the history of our cast of characters. We hope you enjoy and come back for more! — These are prequel stories to go with the future book timeline.

UNEDITED…but definitely ENJOYED

For the first time in a very long time Devon had slept in, which left his mother to introduce Eva to her new world. Helena was in the main hall looking over the plans for the day when she caught sight of the redhead. “Good morning Lady Eva, I trust you slept well. Sit and join me for breakfast. Devon will be down shortly and if he isn’t we’ll go see what ails him.” Helena motioned towards the chair beside her and smiled.

Nervously, Eva made her way to the woman. She was wearing the clothing that had been placed in the chair in her room. It fit decently, but she had to tie a few things here and there. She wasn’t as large made as these women, it seemed. Her waist band was rolled up so that the skirt wouldn’t trip her. She sat down and looked over at the lady of the house. She and Helena had been introduced to one another the day before, but things had moved so very fast and they had all be exhausted. This would be the first time to actually talk to the woman. 

“Devon says you have a beautiful soul and I believe you are quickly laying claim to his heart. He says that you need some assistance and perhaps a little guidance to which I’m happy to help.” Helena looked the younger over, “First things first we need to get you clothing, per my son’s request you are to have a whole wardrobe.”

“He’s captured my heart, too, ma’am.” Eva looked around, hoping there would be food and drink soon. “I didn’t have much where I came from and yesterday, I soiled it while helping with the injured. I’m thankful that you lent me these. I’d hate to run around the place naked, you know.” She smirked, a gleam in her eyes. 

“Oh, well we wouldn’t want that.” The lovely blonde was a bit surprised but she kept herself in check as she understood the young woman had little in the way of proper teachings.

“Sorry, was that inappropriate humor? I know… I was raised around men and in the coven I was mostly around men and other women who were young, so I realized not but a few years back that I might’ve picked up a crude tongue. Sometimes when I’m nervous, I forget to filter myself.” 

“Inappropriate humor we can deal with. Just make sure such is not used out when around others. As Devon’s mate you will one day be Alpha to this Pack along with him. You want them to respect you and so you must learn to be one to be respected.” Helena saw great promise in Evalyn and she wanted to help her reach her best. “Now Evalyn what style of clothing do you prefer?”

“I love skirts and light shirts, sometimes, I’ve taken sleeves off of regular ladies blouses. I don’t like the fashion of wearing corsets back home. Those things hurt and don’t help me much at all. And I don’t like anything frilly, because frilly gets in the way of practical.  Frilly is for special occasions – that and lacy. Just my opinion.” She took a deep breath. She’d kind of blurted everything out at once. 

There was a soft laugh from the Alpha female as she waved her hand and had food brought out to the table. 

“Eat and we will have the seamstress in to take your measurements. I am sure we can come up with suitable and acceptable clothing for you. They’ll be sure to have at least two sets ready by this afternoon.” As they filled their plates, Helena continued, “We will also have to have your attire made for your ceremony. Have you any thoughts to the design that you’d like?”

“I don’t know, what is the ceremony like?” she asked quietly before crunching into some crispy bacon. She had her plate full and she couldn’t wait to dig into those potatoes. They looked well-seasoned and she liked well-seasoned. But the bacon wouldn’t make it back to her seat. It was gone. She hadn’t had good bacon in a very long time. 

“Never been to a full moon ceremony?” That was surprising to hear, but the lady shrugged and took a bite of eggs to enjoy before she went on, “That will soon be remedied. Our ceremonies aren’t grand. The female dresses as she desires, she is marked with the lycan markings for protection, happiness, fruitfulness, strength, devotion, wisdom, and love. The protection is to keep you safe, the happiness for your joy. The fruitfulness is to bless your womb so that you may have many strong, brave pups and strength to care for them and keep your mate strong when he waivers. Devotion to keep you to him, wisdom to guide both your mate and your pups as they need it. Love so that your hearts and souls may remain as one for all time.” 

“Does that work? Or is it like the prayers given back on the other world, where they are intended as a reminder of what is expected between two people and the communities they may be joining together?” Eva scooped up some of the eggs with the potatoes and got them into her mouth. She had to suppress a groan of appreciation.  

“For many they work. The Goddess chooses who she blesses. You’re a healer so perhaps she will indeed fully bless you.”

“You will be joined together by his father Kieran and before all of the Pack as well as several visiting Packs. You will dance and feast and then Devon will take you away for several days so that you may properly bond without interruptions. When you come back we will start your lessons and you will learn to be an Alpha.” Helena had watched the young woman’s reactions and had smiled to see that she was taking it all in good measure.

“I kind of can’t wait for the taking away and bonding part,” the impish grin was unmistakable. “But I am very, very thankful he’s patient. I told him that because of how I was raised after… the change… that I didn’t know about my wolf so much. And he’s going to teach me. I feel like, until I met him, I was missing a piece of myself… and not just because I didn’t have him in my life. Because I wouldn’t allow part of me to be… me.” She nodded, pleased with how she had explained it. She took a drink and then picked up a biscuit.  “I also can’t wait to learn more about being an Alpha. I hope I’m suited for it. As I told Devon, wherever I’ve gone, I’ve always enjoyed helping people. And it sounds to me like being an Alpha is about helping.”  

About an hour later Devon appeared dressed down from the last she had seen him. He was in his pant and a lose shirt with no shoes and his hair freshly washed. “Mornin’ Eva, mama. Hope there’s still food cause I’m starvin’.” He held his beads out to his mother as he took a seat Beside the beauty that would soon be his mate.

“Good morning Devon, I trust you slept well since you are so late to rise.” Helena called for her some food with another wave of her hand as she stood to tend to his hair. 

There was something beyond handsome about her future mate when he looked like this. He was fresh and he was just – natural. Eva wished she could have woke up with him. She probably would have stared at him… watched him sleep… and that’s when she realized she was staring right now and tried to refocus by shoveling another few potatoes into her mouth. 

“Here Evalyn let me show you how to fix his braids properly. After the ceremony it will no longer be my duty to carry out.” 

She got up from beside Devon and pushed her chair back out of the way. Her hand went to his shoulder, because she really wanted to have that connection to him. He kept her from being so nervous. 

“You should also know lycan men eat twice what others do. Be sure you prepare for that.” The mother pulled the brush he offered her through his thick hair. She separated the right half of Devon’s hair and sectioned it out for the braids. 

“Twice as much? Well, hopefully we have enough for that, then,” Eva whispered. 

“Would you like me to explain the beads and how they are placed or do you already know this?”

“Mmm.. I know each has meaning. Each about packs, battles, personal ones from mating, and children…” Eva hoped she could remember everything she was about to be taught. She didn’t want to disappoint any of them. She wasn’t sure what all anyone knew about her. Kieran had said to keep it vague, but Eva wasn’t one to lie at all. So she was being herself and she would explain things as they came her way.

“Good, then I can just tell you which is what…” 

When his food arrived Devon cleaned the first heaping plate and accepted his second before his braids were even finished. There was at least a half a pound of bacon and sausage along with at least six scrambled eggs that he was now digging into. He glanced up at both women as they finished his hair and he grinned while licking his lips cleans. “Thank ya both I appreciate it.”

“And what do you have planned for the day?” Helena lifted her brow at her son in question. 

“I’m gonna take Eva out to practice her shiftin’. If she wants to, that is.” His gaze went to Eva and he smiled for her.

Eva’s eyes sparkled in anticipation. It was something that had been painful and horrible to deal with until now. Now? Now, she looked forward to trying and learning from him. She looked forward to spending time with him.  

“She’s supposed to be fitted this morning for her new clothes.” Helena could see the longing between the two and it warmed her heart. “We’ll make quick work of your measurements and then you can go. I’ll pick out fabrics and see your clothing started. We can choose your ceremony attire out this evening.”

“I’m not overly picky.” Eva finally moved her gaze from Devon to Helena.  “I talked about what I like and I guess the only color I can’t wear is yellow. Makes my skin look badly in most light. I trust you, m’lady.”   

“That is good to know.” Helena smiled as she moved around the table with graceful steps. “Now I’ll call the seamstress while the two of you finish your meal.” Helena left them then to fetch the lady in question and gave the new lovers their stolen moment.

Pushing his chair back, Devon tugged Eva into his lap with a playful chuckle. “Did ya sleep good? I know I tossed and turned and held myself back from huntin’ ya down. I wanted ya in my bed whether it was to sleep or make love to ya.”

“I would’ve appreciated both. I’ve gotten pretty adept at resting in unfamiliar territory, at least.”  

“It won’t be unfamiliar for long my fiery vixen.” Dev nuzzled her jaw and breathed her scent in. He wanted to shift with her right now but knew better than to run out on his mother.

“Now, you have no idea how fiery I can be, you know that?” she giggled and moved her hands behind his neck to his head so she could let her fingers move into his hair a bit. 

“Have ya enjoyed the baths yet? My mama keeps the one below the palace private. After we run we can enjoy it if ya like.” Devon purred a low rumble against the side of her neck as he teased her. His hand slid around waist and he rumbled deeper for her.

“That sounds wonderful. Are they heated?” 

“Enough of that in my main hall. Come Evalyn and let’s get you measured so you can be off with him.”  Helena summoned Eva from the entry while narrowing her gaze on her son. He knew better, after all.
“Yes ma’am!” Eva gave him a kiss on the cheek and then turned to hop off his lap and go after his mother. She was so happy! She didn’t remember ever feeling like this.

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