Largros made his way toward the main tents near the center of the city. The place was a buzz with auctions scheduled all day and all night. There were very few he would consider. He didn’t like the trade of souls. It was…distasteful. He was here for the woman he loved. Isabel had disappeared a week earlier into the traders and slave rings around Iona. She had been taken along with young Terry Weylyn as they both defended the others young pups from the agents of Pack Simoa and the vampires of Coven Eriksson on the other side. Terry had hopefully been found. The trail the others had taken to get to him – it was in the opposite direction from where his Isabel had been taken.

The young draconic man couldn’t really find those he was supposed to meet and help except through conventional means. They’d show up at the main tent. He was sure of it.  What he wasn’t expecting…

“Largros, it took you far too long to realize I was here. You need to practice on your sensibilities,” Mira whispered from behind him. Her expectant belly made him hate seeing her here.  

“You shouldn’t be here. I thought Derek had made that clear through me…” the dragon was none too pleased.  

“Oh he did but as you see I don’t listen to commands very well.” Mira looked him over and shook her head, “Are you really going into this auction dressed like a commoner?” The succubus gave a quick lift of her brow as she sighed, “The auction will be starting soon so let’s get you dressed properly Lord Largros and I’ll present you to Lord Rashgun and his Lady Saysha. We’ll pick up Derek along the way.” 

“He’s going to be very angry with me that you came. But, thank you. I don’t know the customs here very well. Acting like old aristocracy in the other world is far different.” Largros offered her his arm, though he would let her lead. 

“Better view from the box as a dragon than a commoner. Not to mention better chance at getting what you want while I’m near at hand.” Her ruby eyes glittered for him as she smiled. “I know them and I know these lands far better than you. Trust me and you have a better chance at getting her back.” Derek didn’t know she was here yet, but after they’d last spoken, she knew she needed to come and help them.

“Again, thank you. I’ve been following all the leads and making sure I have someone in place at every portal – and I DO mean every portal. If someone takes Isabel back, I will know. So, at least we have a chance. And with Derek finding out they were in Iona, all the better. But you’re correct, Mira. I’m just not as connected here as I am over there.”

It didn’t take long to acquire the right attire for the dragon and get them going. After that, she led Largros to the lush palace building in the center of the city. “Have you ever been to Iona before?” She lifted her dress and stepped past the beggars that lined the streets outside the auction house and arena. 

“Once, when I was still young and with my drakkar. Not since. So, it has definitely been a lot of decades. And I don’t recall ever being introduced to the lord and lady.” 

Mira was a regular and so she slipped her arm through his and with a smile towards the guards at the front entry, she walked them right in without question. “Where were you meeting Derek at? I’ll get you settled with Lord Rashgun and I’ll go get him.” She led him through the gathering and they passed the dais that the merchandise would soon be passing across. “Once we return I can escort you both down to see what will be offered for sale this evening. I will tell you to prepare yourself because she may not be on the market tonight.”

“I’ll stay as long as I can for her. All trails led here, so there has to be a trail away if she goes.” Largros took a breath. “I was going to meet him at the main tent, last I got a message, it was to be at the Mead Bar. But he may be similarly dressed. He’s been tracking both Isabel and the little Weylyn boy all week.” 

Turning to the left Mira led the dragon up an elegant flight of marble stairs and down a carpeted hall to reach the Lord and Lady’s private box. Knocking once she waited for the door to open and then stepped inside with Largros at her side. At sight of the draconic couple, Mira left Largros to move and greet them properly. She curtsied to Rashgun and turned to hug Saysha. 

“Mira!” Saysha was always happy to see her demonic friend and… well, usually very profitable business partner. 

“Well, look if it isn’t our troublemaker, back again for more man meat are we?” He looked around the woman. “No blonde woman with you this time? Just a blonde man?” Rashgun stood up to properly greet them.   

“It’s been a while, but I thought that I would bring my mate and our friend to enjoy the arena only to find out that there’s an auction going on. So we decided to stop in and see if anything of interest was put up for purchase.” She glanced back at the dragon and held her hand out to him, “Lord Rashgun, let me introduce you to Lord Largros.”

“Well met,” the dragon bowed politely and waited for Rashgun’s visual permission to greet his mate. When the Lord of Iona nodded, eyes closed, Largros took Saysha’s hand and kissed it lightly on the top. Then, he took Rashgun’s hand and they both closed their eyes and their head tilted down, Largros’ more than Rashgun’s.  

“Well, it seems life has definitely brought you something priceless,” Saysha marveled at the obvious curvature of Mira’s abdomen.  “When will we be meeting your mate?” She knew for a fact that the dragon was not the mate. 

Her hand caressed over her swollen abdomen as Mira smiled warmly and gave a soft feminine laugh, “Soon, I thought I’d show Lord Largros up for a proper introduction and see if it would be acceptable for us to join you two for the auction? If so I’ll go fetch my mate from his perusing and bring him up for introductions before the sale starts.”

“Of course. You are all three welcome,” Saysha smiled happily. She enjoyed Mira’s company. The last little adventure hadn’t been forgotten, when Ashley had gotten Azrael to come into the box? But it was not held against any of them. 

Leaning to brush a light kiss on Saysha’s lips she smiled sweetly, “In that case I’ll go get him and leave our friend in your capable hands.” Mira turned to leave the box and winked at Largros. If he could make a good impression while she was gone then that made his chances all the better. If the Lord and Lady of Iona liked him then there wouldn’t be many who’d dare bet against him for fear of their ire.

Derek was walking through the crowds of the main tent. He was dressed like the royalty he was, but also kept that warrior spirit in the sash he wore that held a few throwing knives. His hair? The braids with beads were actually all on one side of his head and she could see that he had the rest of his normally unruly waves tucked properly in a sash that matched the one at his waist. She knew the moment he knew. He stopped in his tracks and smelled the air. His eyes went right to her. And then they glared just a bit. 

Making his way to his mate, Derek welcomed her into his arms and kissed her whole-heartedly. 

“You’re supposed to be resting at home with yer feet up,” he scolded.  Though she could tell from his emotions that he was happy she was in his arms. 

“Mmm yes and you are supposed to be there rubbing those very swollen feet. But neither of us are where we are supposed to be.” She wanted to stay in his embrace but knew that wasn’t possible right now. Her head tipped back and she lifted a hand to play with the beads in his hair. She loved toying with them while they spoke to one another, ~ Did you see her? Is she out amongst those on display? ~

~ No. I didn’t smell her and I didn’t see her. I’ve been all over this place. ~ Derek growled. 

Mira knew they had eyes watching them and she lifted up to kiss him while smiling for him, “Now come on. Largros is waiting with my friends the Lord and Lady of Iona. Rash won’t start until I’m back. He knows I’m always looking for new playthings in his sales.”

“You need more playthings? You know, I’m definitely all game on that.” he chuckled and let his mouth move over the shell of her ear. 

“Oh yeah hmm we’ll have to talk more about this.” Mira gave a soft little laugh, ~ I know you wanted me to stay home and you can spank me later for it alright. I’m a bad girl, but you knew that when we first met. I never claimed to be anything else. Just like I knew you were a very bad man and never expected anything different. ~ She shivered and took a shuddery breath, thanks to his hot breath over her ear.  

 ~ Saysha loves me and so why not use that to our advantage? I took Largros up to meet them and left him to make a good impression. ~ Mira tucked herself into her man’s side, “Best go up before they miss us.” She gave him a smile that promised more later as they made their way to the private box of the Lord and Lady.  He’d been gone for over a week and she was going to never let him leave like that without her again!

“You left Largros to make a good impression. Well…” Derek wasn’t so sure about that. However, when they returned he was quite surprised. 

Largros was laughing with the other draconic couple, taking a drink when Derek and Mira returned. 

As they stepped into the box Mira introduced her mate to her friends, “Derek, my love, allow me to introduce you to a couple that are friends of mine. This is Lord Rashgun and his mate Lady Saysha.” She looked to the dragons with that very sexy smile on her lips, “Lord Rashgun and Lady Saysha this is my mate and business partner Derek Weylyn. I’ve told him a few of our wild adventures in this world during some of my previous visits so don’t either of you dare to tell him that I’m any kind of saint.” Her sweet laugh was just as teasing as her words. Even pregnant Mira couldn’t resist her teasing ways. It was just part of what she was.

“Well, they don’t seem to be saints either, Mira. I just showed them how to mix a couple of my specialty cocktails to keep us busy before the showing.” Largros sat down in his chair while the dragons greeted the newcomer.  

Once everyone was seated the auction was started. Mira sat between her mate and Largros while both men avidly watched the sale, she would glimpse at each of them and saw a matching look upon them. The demoness couldn’t hold it against her mate, after all Derek had never lied to her about his feelings for Isabel Matthews. Mira had thought she had take the wretched females place in his heart. Perhaps she was wrong. 

IIt was at this moment that Mira caught a quick glimpse at Rashgun and found him watching Derek in that same way he would prey. He knew! ~ Bid on someone. ~

~ What? ~ Derek was startled from his thoughts by Mira’s order. 

~ Do it now Derek! Make it a pretty piece to add to our bed. Say it out loud and bid on one. Male or female it matters not just make sure they look nothing like Isabel. He’s toying with you. He’ll bid against you and Largros when she comes up, but if you’ve bought another it’ll confuse him. Let Largros bid on her alone and Rashgun won’t contest or counter offer.~

He’d not even thought about… okay… He leaned over to Mira to make the game believable. Because not even a mate would just do something without her consent, right? 

“What do you think of that one? I know you wanted another blonde, but she’s reddish-blonde… we could train her if she’s not already, you know…” his eyes sparkled and he showed his canines just a bit for her in his wolfish grin.  ~ I’m sorry. I didn’t even think about that. ~  

Being the spoilt ass that she was known to be Mira looked over the one in question, “Sure your up to training one lover?” She gave a husky laugh and her eye sparkled with it, “Wait until we see what she has to offer us first.” 

“You’re the one with the experience here… besides, she has to appeal to both of us.” Derek rubbed a fingertip over his bottom lip, his tell for Mira that he was definitely in the mood – to play for Rashgun’s eyes. 

Once the female’s top was removed Mira chewed the tip of her nail and purred for Derek, “Ohh yes not to big or too small. Let’s see if we can win her shall we? Go ahead.” Her free hand dropped to Derek’s inner thigh and she laughed for him as his body quickly responded. ~ Someone’s getting excited over this sale. ~

~ Well, you did call me a bad bad man… ~ he couldn’t help the excitement such things brought him, even if he knew it was wrong on so many levels. 

Largros looked the girl over, but he was definitely one to be more discerning and so he would play that role. He moved closer to Rashgun and whispered loud enough for the others to hear, “I didn’t have time to peruse your wares, only those on the outside. I’m looking for a male with dark coloring. I love the contrast against my skintone. Or one with darker coloring than mine at least… dark hair especially… green eyes would be a bonus…” he was nearly dreamily describing the dragon himself. Rash was well tanned and toned and had dark hair and green eyes that looked like pools of emerald.  

The dragon was either trying to change the situation or make Rashgun nervous enough to not let him realize the play. 

When Derek bid on the pretty female, Mira waited as another bid came in and raised her own placard. She smiled at Derek and drew him into the play against her. While they were mates and shared a business, she had never demanded shared money and neither had he. The demoness figured whether she won or Derek did would end up the same result. 

“You minx!” Derek chuckled, but when Saysha and Rash looked their way, he pointed out, “Whoever wins gets the control.”  he upbid again. “Keep in mind, I have my own money from other jobs, woman.” in other words, he wasn’t about to let her win. 

After just a few raises she laughed and leaned in to kiss her man even as his hand moved over her stomach. “Never said I played fair, lover. At least you won her. She’ll be fun to enjoy.” Mira moved from her seat to Derek’s lap as the next few moved through the stage rather quickly.

Derek rumbled for Mira. ~ I’ve missed you. ~  He truly had. Having her in his arms made him long for doing so every night. But he couldn’t just leave Isabel out here. 

Across from where they were seated another member of high rank within Iona appeared in their box. He was soon joined by his mate and another female that sat within the shadows. It wasn’t until the sale was almost over that she came into view. With her long dark curls pinned up atop her head and her green eyes rimmed in kole, Isabel leaned in to listen to the couple conversation as she leaned and smiled. She wasn’t in chains though she didn’t seem to notice them either. 

~ Largros, don’t react, but… ~  Derek watched as the dragon sighed heavily, having not found the male he was looking for. He sat on the wide railing and turned to lay eyes on Isabel 

~ Mira, is she under some sort of spell? ~ Largros couldn’t tell. He lit a cigarette and kept his eyes moving between all of them, so that no one would notice his interest in the … why was she already here? How had that happened? And how was it she was so… calm and willing? Those were not in the same definition of Isabel Matthews!   

~ I don’t see any magic resonating from her. Unless they toyed with her mind which I can’t say from here. Looks like she’s leaving the box. ~

~ Then now would be the time to… ~  Derek was getting up. Largros was watching, about to do the same.  

~ Wait, Derek.. the one she’s with is an Elemental. He’s putting off a lot of energy.. oh shit he’s Djinn. ~ Mira eased back in her chair. There was nothing they could do if a Djinn had Isabel. 

~ That means nothing. There has to be a way. ~ Derek didn’t like it. This was not right. But it explained why her trail had gone cold so many times. 

At the end of the first portion of the auction there was an intermission. Isabel excused herself to go down below to the next batch and see if any were worth the money. She wished they could buy them all, but yo do so would draw too much attention. So she chose the ones that wouldn’t survive long. When she chose one Isabel spun the bracelet on her own wrist and those she was seated with looked down to nodded her way.

~ What are you doing? ~ Largros asked, though he remained in the shadows away from her. ~ You’re not ensorcelled… Derek and I have been calling out to you. It’s like someone’s been hiding your trail. What is happening? ~ 

She continued on as if she didn’t hear him. It wasn’t an act though, Isabel really couldn’t hear them. The bracelet she wore blocked such things and clouded her memory so that everything and everyone seemed very distant and very faint like a by chance meeting not important to recall vividly.  

Largros walked out to her, he looked into her eyes. She really didn’t know him. 

When the blonde male approached her, Isabel tipped her head to the side and her brows furrowed as if she were trying to recall his name. 

“We’ve met before haven’t we?” She shrugged her silken clad shoulders, “I’m sorry I don’t recall.” Isabel smiled and held her hand out to him, “I’m Isabel and you are?” It was obvious she wasn’t being abused, she was decked out in satins and silks with all sorts of jewelry.

“I’m Largros.” He took her hand and turned it to kiss her palm. Still holding it, he looked at her longingly. He spoke softly. “We know one another very well. You were taken from me but a week ago. Your friends and I have been looking for you ever since. I’m so happy you’re safe, but… why don’t you remember?” 

When Isabel tried to pull her hand back the gentleman wouldn’t let go. “Please let go.. Lord Eversmore and his Lady are watching us.” For a moment it seemed as if she remembered, but then the bell chimed to let them know the second half of the auction would begin soon. “I’m sorry, I really should return before I’m looked for.” She pulled her hand free and glanced back over one shoulder at him as she made her way back up to her Lord’s box.

Largros felt as if his heart were being ripped from his chest.  

Derek looked to Mira. Izzy had just walked by them like they didn’t exist. Where was… 

~ UhOh… ~ 

In a show of emotion that Derek had NEVER seen from the dragon, Largros marched past them with a low growl. He stood before the people that had Isabel with them and he looked them both over. 

“I don’t care who or what you are, but Isabel Matthews is her own person and she has a family and friends and you are keeping her from her life!” He looked between them. “Stop doing this to her. If she were of her right mind, she would probably tell you this and even more. So don’t look at me like I have no right. I love her and you can’t do this to her spirit. It’s not right!” 

Rashgun looked perturbed by this but he said nothing, at first.  

~ Considering what happened last time you were here, I have a feeling you might not be welcomed back again, babe. ~ Derek raised a brow at Mira. 

“Don’t cause a scene here. You’ve no understanding as to what we’ve done for her. If you’d like to join us we can talk otherwise I’ll take my entourage and go.” The Djinn was being ever so polite but to the dragon’s mind and his two friends he spoke more and in a way that would force even the succubus to her knees willing or not. ~ Do not vex me. She is being kept safe for another and I’d rather she enjoy her visit than see her terrified the entire time. Join us and share polite conversation until he arrives and then all of you may leave in a civil manner. ~ 

“Largros!” Derek growled. 

The dragon looked at him incredulously. Wasn’t he affected by seeing this at all?  He claimed to care for Isabel and had at one time wanted to be her mate!   

Mira took in a quick breath as she rose from her forced curtsey. She exchanged looks with her mate then. She’d follow his lead, but she hoped he wouldn’t chose a dangerous one like stirring the trouble further. Her hand moved over her stomach she knew she was useless to them right then. “I need to sit down Dare..”

“Our friend is confused. Apologies,” Derek may have been a passionate man, but he was also a businessman. He knew the ins and outs of such. And they normally didn’t include taking on a client or possible partner head to head. He was up with Mira and  held his hand out to the dragons, bowed his head in apology to them. Then he took his mate’s hand and asked her mentally ~ Now? Here? Or somewhere else? You can draw from me. I’ve plenty of energy to share. ~ 

~ I don’t know.. Give me a moment to figure out.~ Mira breathed in slow and glanced from where they were seated to where they were. But before she could say anything the Djinn surprised her.

“Isabel show our guests to our box and introduce them to Aryena.” He smiled as he watched Isabel take the dragon by the arm. She was a little confused by what had been said but he knew that would pass soon. He had sent word across to her drakkar of her presence after purchasing her from the headmaster of the Eriksson Coven. He had calmed her and given her a purpose. He freed the slaves they purchased and she remained at ease. Hopefully her drakkar would arrive soon before this trio caused any further trouble.

~Let’s go with him. We’ll hopefully get some answers while I catch my breath and Isabel will be within sight. We’ll figure this out Dare.~ Mira smiled as she too her mates arm and followed behind the others.

Largros swallowed and he looked at all those present, a blush on his face. He looked at Isabel especially. His other hand went over hers. “I wish you remembered. I don’t understand what’s going on,” he whispered.  

There was her soft laugh as she walked with the dragon back to the box. “We’re waiting for my father. Lord Eversmore has brought me to these sales twice now waiting for him. He assures me though that he will be at this one. Lady Aryena promises that I can go home today, but that I can always visit them any time I want.” Isabel looked up at her escort and lifted a hand to caress his face, “I know you…just not sure how, but it will come to me.”

“Yes, you know me.  And I don’t understand why you don’t remember me and why you’re waiting on your father here. I left your father and your mother back home… your home. I came to take you back to them. They’re very worried about you.”   

The confusion lifted a little and she smiled brightly as they started to walk again, “Do you know my father? Lord Eversmore says I became separated from my parents but didn’t say why or how.” Her brows furrowed as she climbed the stairs with him to their box, “Tell me something since you seem to know me so well. I didn’t run away or anything did I? I’m not sure I want to return if I’m in trouble.” She smiled for him then and just a glimmer of his Isabel was there in that touch of mischief she had right then.

“No, my love, you didn’t do anything that would mean you are in trouble. As a matter of fact, you defended lycan pups from being hurt. You defended their mother, too. Right now, there is a rescue mission underway to find you and the one pup that did get captured. You’re over here because cruel people took you and sold you. I am very grateful to Lord Eversmore for saving you from something horrid. I will do all I can to replay him. I just… I wish I could take you home. But if your father and mother have already been contacted…”   

“I don’t know if mother will be here or not. I know father will though.” Isabel explained as she led Largros into the box and introduce him to the pretty blonde that was seated. “Lady Aryena this is Largros, he knows me and my family.”

“Lady Aryena,” Largros bowed properly. He definitely didn’t even try to touch her as he had Isabel. Then he looked aside and held his hands out to the others. “These are my friends, Derek of Pack Weylyn and his mate, Mira DeSalucet.”

“Please join us, I promise my husband is more growl than bite unless forced otherwise.” Unlike her husband, Aryena was very much human. “He truly does just want to safely return her to her family. Nathan I think is the name he goes by over there. He told us that he would be here today, otherwise we wouldn’t have come out with her.” Isabel was focused on helping get the pregnant female situated and so in a soft and low voice the Lady explained a bit more, “My husband tried removing the bracelet but all the poor thing did was scream. It upset our own children and so he replaced it. He will not remove it again until her father is present to take her home.”

“We’ve been tracking her all week. We finally realized she was here and we were trying to purchase her, if need be. The Lord and Lady do not know this, of course. We’d like to keep it that way. I just…” Largros looked toward Isabel and his eyes were full of pain. “We’re close. She’d be my kindred, but she…she’s not one to allow attachment. Do you understand?” 

“Seeing her…fake-happy? It’s so odd.” He watched Izzy help Mira and Derek and there wasn’t even an ounce of recognition in her. It made him shiver. 

“Why do you call it fake happy? And why is it that doesn’t allow such attachments? I’m just curious mind you. The bracelet only fogs the mind and is meant to keep one calm. She still remembers you just not as clearly as she once did. Once it’s removed though she’ll return back to whatever state she was in before it was placed on her. I hope you are prepared for that.” The Lady offered them all drinks and food while the sale started up again.

Mira wasn’t sure how to take this version of Isabel Matthews. She watched as the woman poured her a drink and even pulled something close so that Mira could elevate her feet. ~I’m sorry is this a nightmare? Perhaps you should pinch me just to make sure.~ 

~ I have no idea what to think… ~  Derek was just… shocked. 

“Do you know what she went through before you got her? Why did she say she was screaming?” He just realized that was something he’d not asked and had overlooked. 

Taking a deep breath Aryena repeated what she’d heard in her very lady like voice and tone though what was said was anything but lady like, “I believe as I recall it she said to my husband to take his hands off of her before she shoved them up his ass.” The one called Mira almost choked on her drink before clearing her throat and waving the Lady on to continue, “At which point my husband tried introducing himself and explaining the situation. She cut him off and proceeded to threaten to have Uscias eat him whole. There were a few I don’t give a fuck’s in there as well as I recall. But at the sight of one of the slavers she started screaming non-stop.” Aryena fanned herself and looked on the verge of crying, “We tried to get her to eat and she refused. The first day she wouldn’t even drink. So my husband discussed the bracelet with me and I agreed.”

There was a lifting of her own glass as the Lady sipped to wet her throat before going on, “The second day we thought she’d settled enough and so he removed the bracelet. She screamed names as if people were simply going to magically appear out of thin air. Uscias, Largros, Senias, Gabriel and Derek..  And she screamed out your name last my dear.” The Lady nodded in Mira’s direction which seemed to stump the woman in question.

Largros and Derek both looked at Mira. 

“Whatever for? I can promise you, she and I have no fondness for one another.” Mira rolled her eyes, “I mean …” Mira whipped her head around and narrowed her gaze on Isabel Matthews as she muttered her own, “Well fuck..” to herself. Turning her head to look at her mate, she smiled and squeezed his hand, ~ Can you do something for me lover right this second without nine million questions? Because I really am short on time if big and snarly is coming through to get his precious. ~ Why the hell was she doing this again? The little bitch was going to get her ass in boiling hot water.

~ I can try… ~ Derek, again, was confused as to the timing. He always kept a small notebook and pencil on him and reaching in his back pocket brought it forth for her. He looked at Isabel and smiled, unsure what to say. 

Mira scratched out a list for him and placed it in his hand, ~ Yes I know what they’re for and yes I still need you to yank some chains and get them. You’re the head of the damned blackmarket and since most of those items are illegal trade on our side they should be nothing for you to obtain here.~ Wasn’t every day she asked him to get things like a third eye from a soul eater and the fourth finger from a mermaid.. Webbing still attached.

“She was calling out to everyone she saw as family, well.. Except Mira… but then again, she knows Mira is attached to Derek, so maybe?” Largros wasn’t sure. But he was explaining this to the Lady, and she was a virtual stranger, so even if he figured something out, he wasn’t going to go into it. 

“Okay, well, I’ve got my list of delicacies for my mate. I hope the market has everything,” He kissed her mouth and then made his way out before anything could be asked. 

While Derek made himself scarce without drawing too much notice, Mira was trying to figure out how she was going to accomplish what had been asked of her without causing a scene or having herself killed by Largros. With a groan of frustration Mira wiped a hand over her face.

“Are you feeling alright? Do you need to lay down?” The Lady asked out of concern.

For the demoness the misunderstanding was obvious, but from the looks on the faces of the others it seemed like perfect timing. “Actually I am feeling a little drained. Derek went to grab a few things to help me, but could someone show me a place to lay down for a bit?”

“I’ll show you. Would your friend like to come along or will he stay and await your mates return?” Isabel looked Largros’ way as she helped Mira to her feet. 

“He’s coming.” Mira answered quickly before the dragon could get to curious.

“I’m…going!” He smiled and walked over to Mira’s side as if nothing were wrong. ~ I hate this pretending thing. What the FUCK is going on, Mira? ~ 

~Shut up and help me. Your girl here called out for me. Doesn’t that seem strange to you?~ As Isabel led her along Mira looked towards the dragon and saw when it hit him, ~ Yes she wants something from me and I’m pretty sure I know what it is. You probably won’t like it much or you’ll be all for it. Either way doesn’t matter because she asked not you.~

~ That’s not fair and you know it! ~ Largros was perturbed. 

~ Yes I know, I’d say sorry but you wouldn’t believe me.~ Mira felt the pain begin in her lower back and sighed as she kept walking, ~ I don’t have a whole lot of time here so.. Just answer this question for me. If you could have Isabel like she was before the snatch and grab, would you take it? ~ 

~ You’ll be taking swaths of her memories from her. What happens to us becomes us. Don’t you… wouldn’t that make us just as bad as those who would force ANYTHING on someone without their knowledge? She isn’t capable of making such decisions like this. ~ Largros argued. He continued to move. 

When Isabel led them into a small sitting area, Mira did not complain as she stretched out on a lounge to wait for Derek. 

“Thank you, Isabel.” Largros watched his lover as she walked over to a cabinet of drinks and a water bowl. She still seemed like she had no idea who they were.   

~ Before you answer think about it really hard. She was snatched and then separated from Terry so neither knows what happened to the other. She was given to slavers and never told this Lord and Lady what happened. All she did was scream insults and our names. Had to be bad for her to scream my name. Why not my brother’s? She knows him. So thinking about all of that you can answer my question.~  

Isabel grabbed them drinks before leaving the room to check on her host and hostess.

Largros paced as he thought over everything, including what might have happened. 

“Well, I’m glad the main market is just below the arena. I could get to all of my contacts within a fairly decent…” Derek began before he heard the mirror on the far wall shatter. Largros had slammed his hand through the thing and was growling and muttering to himself. “…I… can go back for bandages.” Derek stated as he brought the basket of things to his mate.

Largros looked at his hand, the blood moving down it. Even as it shook, he plucked pieced of the glass from the thing. 

“For the love of the Goddess, Largros, you don’t heal that form very well. Why…… you know what… just, let me get a towel before you make a bigger mess,” Derek looked at his mate. ~ Are you going to be able to do this without having our kid while we’re over here? ~ If she thought he hadn’t noticed, she was sadly mistaken.  

“Get a large one to hang up over the mess. Perhaps we can leave without them noticing too soon.” The dragon muttered. He looked over to Mira. ~ Fine. ~  

Mira looked between two men and sighed as her head ached from all the mental chatter. She looked at her mate as she took the basket from him, “Yes I can do this without delivering and you..” Mira motioned for Largros to come forward to her, “I’m so glad you agree now let’s not waste your offering.” Removing the items from the basket she grabbed Largros by the wrist and let his hand bleed into it. After a moment she looked up at him and shrugged before licking the wounds to heal them. Once she was done Mira plucked the few bits of glass he’d missed out of her tongue and let him go. “Have a seat and don’t interfere.”

She crushed several of the dried herbs from the list up and mixed it with his blood. She couldn’t get any luckier than to have a dragon bleed for her magic.

When Isabel returned Mira called her closer and had her take a seat. “I’m going to help you, Isabel. You don’t recall asking me, but you did. These men know you very well and they want you better so let’s do that.” This Isabel was very trusting and she sat still while Mira painted sigils and designs on her forehead and palms of her hands. ~Just so we’re clear no one moves while I do this. Derek would be really pissed if I’m thrown into full labor this very moment.~ 

~ Whatever you say, boss. ~ Derek waited. 

~Of course. Whatever you need. ~ Largros watched and said and did nothing else. 

The warning given, Mira had Isabel facing her with her hands resting palm up on each knee. Placing a hand on each of Isabel’s cheeks Mira held the woman’s gaze and spoke softly in demonic repeating the same phrase until Isabel was speaking it with her. Theirs eyes lost color going completely black as the sigils on her forehead lit up and Isabel’s whole body shook. 

When Isabel started to scream Mira kissed her and pulled energy from her along with darkness that was attached to it. The bracelet released and fell with a click to the floor as Isabel went limp in Mira’s hold. The succubus didn’t stop though, she wrapped her arms around Isabel and held her close as the kiss continued. One of her hands moved down to Isabel’s abdomen and pushed as drew harder while pushing the magic gathered by the sigils into Isabel’s lower abdomen. Finally letting Isabel go she laid her on the lounge and quickly grabbed the other pieces from her list. Dropping them into the bloody basket Mira brought the basket up and opened her mouth over it to let the darkness pour out over them. 

Covering the basket with a cloth from the table Mira took a damp cloth and wiped the sigils from Isabel. “Here pick her up and hold her to you. She’ll wake up wondering why you’re staring at her. I didn’t take everything, Largros, just the awful things. She knows they were taken and knows where we are and who we are with.” Mira rubbed her own stomach and breathed through the next contraction.

Largros stopped holding himself back and lifted his Isabel from the chaise to carry her to a chair nearby. He sat in the thing and cradled her to him. His eyes were wet from having seen what he had seen and he rested assured that they had done the right thing.  He wondered if they had found Terry and if so… could the same be done for him? This past week had probably been hell for the both of them.

Embraced within Largros’ arms, Isabel opened her eyes and looked up at him, “Hey handsome..finally found me huh?” She looked around and relaxed again in his arms. She felt exhausted and drained for some reason.

“Yeah, but do me a favor. Next time you want to play hero, call me so I can be by your side?” He cuddled her close and purred for her.  She wasn’t asking anything and so, he wasn’t going to say anything or ask anything either. He was just so pleased to have her back! 

“Dammit, Mira,” Derek sat in the space left open by the other two. “We need to get you home. Your father said you need the demonic energy. You’re not getting any here.” How had she gotten back here without Angelus knowing and stopping her? He was both thankful for her presence here and upset that she’d put herself in danger.  

It took Mira a moment to respond. She felt a little tipsy from draining Isabel and the slow languid smile on her face said so even before she answered her mate, “Shhh.. Dare… lover.. I’m fine… whoa better than fine… fabulous..” Mira actually giggled like she’d been whammied.

“Then… you’re not contracting?” Derek was concerned. “This won’t… this won’t hurt you or the baby?” He put his hand on her belly and held her hand. 

“Oh I’m in labor but this won’t hurt our baby.” Mira sighed and relaxed as the tension in her body ebbed away. “And we’ll make it home in plenty of time.”

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