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Walking the Blade will be a series of novels based on the life and relationships of a dragon who can shift into human form. The stories you see here are snippets and scenes that I wanted to share with you – things we wrote to further develop and fill in the history of our cast of characters. We hope you enjoy and come back for more!


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When the vampire finally grew with his climax, the dragon cried out again, his body feeling another rush of ecstasy. He was barely able to stand. His knees wanted to buckle only moments into the aftermath. He was trying to figure the situation out, when he felt strong arms help him to the bed in the chamber. Once he was able, the dragon-become-man turned to grab hold of his lover, bringing Sebastian into his needy arms. He purred and growled, a bit of his supernatural self coming through at the moment of possession. He didn’t care. He didn’t care that he was weakened or prone near the drunken demoness. He could sense well enough that she was one to be trusted. He usually had a knack for such things. Besides, if Sebastian felt the least bit wary, considering how much dragon’s blood he’d just imbibed – he would have them out of there with a quickness.

~ Relax, Sen. Rest. I have you. ~ Sebastian held his dragon close and rubbed his arms so that he would settle into the soft down feather mattress they were currently lying upon. He felt Sen shiver. The vampire caustiously watched the lovely woman who had been their audience. Rising to her feet, Miranda gathered one of her rich down comforters and moved to the side of her bed to cover up the couple upon it. As the warmth surrounded him, his warning growl turned back into the steady breathing of contentment. He listened to Sen’s heartbeat and slowly sleep took the both of them.

She stood back, taking a few steps so that they didn’t feel intruded upon. Her hand went to her heart. What had just stumbled into her place? This one was special, indeed! She felt nearly dizzy from the energy that still surrounded these two gentlemen. She knew that energy didn’t come from the vampire – there were plenty of those around. She had experience with them – voracious lovers all. But her Frenchie? She stifled a giggle. Such a silly name, considering they were in Paris. But it was meant to be satirical. Her eyes moved to the table where she had sat the dagger. It was from the other world… obviously elven. And he had just – given it to her freely. Well, for her kindness and the clothing, the demoness supposed. But it was worth so much more than what she had provided.  Too bad he was taken. But taken had many definitions, didn’t it? She smirked, a dangerous mischief coming into her eyes.

And then, her twin brother, Dante, mindspoke her.

 ~ Well now that I’m full of energy thanks to your customer, I’ll have to find my own suitable play thing for the evening. Be sure to thank him for me, just not so well that he becomes a nuisance like the other. ~ He was still ensconced in the silk enclosed area below her room. He had felt the energy as well, and had let his incubus side drink from it. Good thing there were plenty of fine ladies and gentlement running about this evening. There would no doubt be an orgy in his room later.

Mira swallowed. She picked up the dagger and slowly, quietly left the room. 

“Mmmmm…no…” Sen had flashes of memories in his mind. There were explosions and the feel of things piercing his skin. His hands curled into fists in his sleep as he jerked against the memory of arrows and shrapnel from the explosions nearby. 

Sebastian had been seated in the bed beside Sen reading some local pamplets left in the room by the mistress while his lover slept. It was obvious Sen had needed it and so Sebastian had simply stayed close. So when his lover jolted in the bed it caught the vampire’s attention. ~”Sen.. it’s a dream love, relax and sleep.”~ he spoke both aloud and in mindspeak

“Dev… get…Get out… Get out! Get them out!” He shook his head and turned away from Sebastian in his sleep, back arched with the fetal position. He could feel a shower of heat over his wings despite being in human form. Gasping for breath, he sat up and scrambled to the headboard. His eyes were wild and he looked at his surroundings to try and make sure this had been just another nightmare. 

Reaching his hand out to the dragon, Sebastian combed long fingers through the mess of sweat damp curls. “Want to talk about it? Or maybe about him?

“Who? Devon? No. I… I had to leave.” Senias got up from the bed quickly, his breath still trying to calm. He made his way to the pot to relieve himself.  He was still trying to shake off the sensation over his skin from the memory of that damned elven magical netting. He’d been taken down for a good week or two after that one. But he’d kept it from harming their men and women. That was what was important to the dragon. He washed his hands and rubbed water into his eyes. He hoped Devon and the pack were still safe.

“I figure this Dev must be special to you with the concern you have for him.” Easing back against the headboard the vampire sighed softly, “I can feel it from you. You worry about him more than I’ve known you to worry about any in a very long time.” There was no doubt they had missed one another. And while they had sworn no oaths nor ever required anything close to monogamy, the idea that Sen had gotten so close to another …

“Sorry. I do care, but it’s… there’s nothing I can do right now.” He wasn’t sure what else to say. He wouldn’t lie to Sebastian about anything like that. He’d found new connections, how else were he and Inea to survive?  He walked over to the side table and poured himself some water from the pitcher. 

“At least tell me that he’s a good fuck or good at sucking you off to be worthy of such concern from you lover.” He even chuckled, his eyes preferring the reading materials for some reason to looking at Senias right then. 

“What?” Senias seemed confused. It took him a moment of staring at Sebastian to realize what was being said. “No, huh, no. Devon’s my friend. For as long as I knew him he was into elven women, good ale, cigars from this world, and good fun. And before I left, I was able to witness his mating ceremony to a lovely turned lycan named Eva.” Senias took another drink before walking back over to the bed and sitting on it with a knee forward to face Sebastian. “I can’t imagine him ever going for a male.” Now it was time for him to chuckle. “Nor could I ever imagine being with him. Not my type, I suppose.” 

There was a moment of stunned silence as Sebastian stared at Sen, “Wait… are you telling me you’ve not had this Dev in any way sexually, and yet you are worried about him so much you are dreaming of him?” Dark brows rose high in shock, “Did you make a kindred of this.. this Dev without any sexual needs or feelings towards him?” This was amazing and Sebastian couldn’t hide his shock.

“…” Senias thought about it. “If I did, it wasn’t purposeful. But I definitely enjoyed his company, and he accepted me for who I was. He doesn’t like mindspeak, but it came in handy for battles. We were close friends; trusted one another. If there is a bond, it kind of just – developed.”

“Tell me about him, then.. this great lycan friend of yours. I want to know more.” Sebastian tossed the book aside to move to a kneeling position before Sen. He moved close to his dragon on his knees and rested his hands on the lean narrow jut of his lovers hips. It was a sincere request and so Sebastian knew Sen would give over.

“I suppose I need to catch you up on my adventures, not just on him. The main scene would be the lycan revolution against their elven masters. I’m not sure what you may have heard through your contacts, but it was a pretty long and arduous bunch of battles. And myself and Inea were both in it with Pack Weylyn – the pack that took us in. Devon Weylyn is a prince of that pack. I worked more closely with his father, Kieran. But, I suppose over the years, my bloodlust and anger began to wane. Kieran’s hasn’t. And that frightens me – for the pack. He’s the Alpha. Luckily, he takes his son’s counsel seriously. Devon’s always been a good soul, willing to fight – yes… but also a loyal friend. He understood when we had to leave. He understood when I told him I missed you and felt like it was time to go. He encouraged it. Kieran fought it.” 

“Then perhaps next time you see one another he’ll be the Alpha of that Pack. That’s if he’s as good and loyal as you see him. We all have our dark sides, though. So don’t be surprised if he’s more like his father than you’d like him to be.”

“Perhaps.” Senias sat there, gazing into Sebastian’s eyes for a moment, before he broke the spell. “I need to find my aurumn. I need to calm my true self more. The wars – the constant battles? It’s put me on edge, as a dragon. The last battle, before this little one that finished driving out the elves? I got hit by their magic hard. I almost lost it. I almost strafed everything and everyone.” Blue green eyes grew harder. “I came close to not caring who died. I just wanted it to all…stop. I’m not that. I’m not what this world wants me to be.” 

“Stop, Sen.” Sebastian muttered low as he let the dragon go to climb from the bed. “Neither of us are what the world wants us to be. If we were, we’d be dead or some stuffed trophy for a hunter’s home. Perhaps we’d be rotting in a cell for Crimson.” The vampire relieved himself before retrieving his pants to lazily tug on. “Instead, we are what the humans of this world have made us.”

“And what’s that?” Sen asked, a bit of a smile at the corner of his mouth. He watched the vampire get dressed. He supposed he should do the same. This room had just been so comfortable. Alas, it wasn’t their room, and he wasn’t exactly in the best of health, so he’d needed the rest. Now, he was curious about this world. His world. 

“We’re war lords and with just the sound of our names enemies piss themselves in fear. It is because of the suffering and pain that humans caused us that we ushered in the Dark Ages for them. That only ended when you walked through a portal and I lost interest in causing their agony. I prefer to think of torture as an experience best shared.” Sebastian pulled his shirt on and added his long dress jacket with it. He bent to gather up Sen’s clothes and laid them over his arm. “Come close and I’ll get us to your aurumn so you can heal properly.”

Senias got his naked ass up and made his way to Sebastian Not hesitating in getting close to the man, he moved a finger to tenderly push some of the vampire’s long, dark hair back behind an ear.  

“Seems to me, from walking all the way from the portal to here, listening to the conversations all around me? You and I and perhaps some of the others just started the fall. Humans have done a damn good job of continuing their own destruction. Maybe it’s time to get a new title, eh?”  He growled a purr and some clicks to the vampire, nothing that had a true translation, but the meaning of which was a warmth and caring that held more weight than words.  

When Sen touched him like this, Sebastian could almost see a future with him… almost. Clearing his throat Sebastian shadowed them to Sen’s lair.

“Has Crimson lessened it’s pace? I was told they think they’ve wiped us all off the face of this Earth…as they call her.” Stepping away from the vampire, Senias turned and moved his hands upward. The torches in the cavernous underground chamber lit up the space recealing quite a lot. The walls were hewn stone, claw marks here and there. The space had human furnishings along one wall from various eras the two had lived through. Taking up most of the space opposite was a large golden piece of flooring. Senias moved forward and as he stepped upon the gold, it became malleable enough to make each step quiet and comfortable. By the time he turned, his body was engulfed in a flash of light. Once the light was gone, so was the human form. Instead, the dark scaled dragon moved to fold it’s arms beneath its chest and rest much like a fancy feline would in the liquified gold. The power moving from that gold and into the dragon was intensifying. The warmth was making the cool, damp air more bearable and welcoming.

  ~ Answer me. Tell me of your time. Ask me of mine. I want to catch up. ~  He mindspoke in this form, for he couldn’t really move his large mouth in ways a human could.

Dropping the clothing in a chair, Sebastian moved to a couch and laid down upon it, one leg hanging off so his foot sat on the floor and one arm tossed up and back over a padded arm of the fabric covered wood. He sighed as he considered how much he missed the sight of the dragon and just being able to relax in this way. But, he would oblige the request.

“Yes they think they’ve rid the world of fierce dragons like yourself and blood sucking ghouls like me.” His fangs showed as a sound of disgust left him. “Idiots and fools the whole lot of em.”

~ I thought they had planned on having a vampire Councilor? You and your kind aren’t considered dangerous enough to blacklist, after all. Just dangerous enough to be scared of. ~ Senias chuckled a bit.

Sebastian shrugged, “If they appoint one it won’t be until after they stake me. They need the most dangerous of us to be under control,” he chuckled. “Now as to my time without you.. between bottles of bloodwyne, sex, and feeding – it went by rather quickly.” He gave a weak grin, “At least the first year did. Then I left my lair and sought out others from my father’s coven.” 

Senias wasn’t sure how to respond to that. So he just listened. 

Sebastian tipped his head back and looked up at the ceiling of the cavern., “I went  back. I went back and realized it still fucks with my head and my heart. I still hear them, still smell them, and if I close my eyes I see them.” He watched as the light danced over the stone and took in a deep breath, “Left there and came here; could still feel you for a while as I laid naked on that cold metal slab and slept my day sleep.” He didn’t look at Sen right now because he didn’t want to see pity in those gorgeous ocean eyes. “That’s how I spent the next two years. The fourth year I spent pissing of Crimson and the Council because I blamed them for you leaving me behind. Then I was pissed at you for leaving me here.”

~ Need I remind you that you were the one encouraging me to go? They knew where my three other sanctuaries were. I wasn’t sure if they knew about this one or not. ~ Senias huffed air from his nostrils. 

“I know Sen, but we didn’t have many other options at the time.” Sebastian looked at him then, “Guess that’s why this past year I’ve spent feasting and fucking in a vain attempt at forgetting you. I was sure you had forgotten me.” 

~ I could never forget you. ~ Senias shook his big head. ~ I started drinking and went through my angry phase right up front. I made every excuse possible to help with making Crimson’s field agents die or nearly die whenever I got the chance over there. And then I needed some help one night. Got tangled up into something I didn’t understand. And the person that got me out of it was Devon Weylyn. He and his friend Argoth and that one’s son – Derek. They kind of… smuggled me out of a hot spot and then I wound up in a camp full of the lycan. Seemed they needed some help. Since they’d helped me, well, you see where this is going? ~

“I’m grateful to them for helping you when you needed it. I wasn’t there to do so.” Finally looking at Senias, the vampire asked, “Did you enjoy your time amongst the lycan pack?”

~ I liked it. So did Inea. We were able to get rid of all that anger and resentment and help people that needed it at the same time. And the parties these lycan have? Damn. I… I just … when I watched them dance and I was asked to dance, I just couldn’t help but think of you. I remembered dancing on the fields after battle like mad creatures. Landing in the mud in the rain and just … so much. I missed you. I missed you hard during those times. It became a cycle. I’d drink. I’d fight. I’d enjoy the parties…I’d miss you. And then it would start over again. I kept quiet about it. Then, I realized that not all these creatures were like the others. And that’s when I added fucking like a whore to the cycle. At least it helped ease some of the frustration. ~  

There was a low chuckle from the fanged one and flowing markings of a darker tone than his skin began appearing over his arms and over his shoulders as he enjoyed the mental images that the dragon shared of his exploits and adventures. “What’d your new friends think of that side of you?” He knew how humans felt about loving others of your own sex. You could be imprisoned…killed in some places. He wondered if it were shunned there in the same fashion.

~ It’s frowned upon. Devon found out accidentally. That was kind of embarrassing,” Senias chuckled, the huge creature’s vocals sounding like an unearthly raspy bass.  ~ But he never gave a damn. Kieran didn’t question it unless I got too obnoxious with it. I remember a good fight with the elder when I decided in my drunkeness to put my hand on him where it was unwanted. Devon was angry beyond reproach with me for weeks. Told me had it not been for him, I would’ve found my death that night. But, truth is, Kieran needed me. I was a dragon and if either Nea or I got taken out, the other would not keep fighting for them. So, that’s how they explained it on my end. I wasn’t lycan. I was expected to be odd. Funny, no one ever asked about the lycan males who enjoyed getting fucked. ~  He noted Sebastian had gone quiet. ~ But… not once did the cycle skip over me missing you. ~  Senias would smile if he could, but in this form it wasn’t something easily accomplished. So he leaned forward a bit and blew warm breath over his vampire.  

As the warmed air hit him, Sebastian shuddered, knowing exactly what Sen was capable of in his true form. The lycan Alpha had found two living weapons and knew better than to get rid of either. “What about Inea? Did she enjoy the lycan with such wild abandon too?”

~ Mmm… Inea stepped in it. Hung her heart on her sleeve and now has someone on both sides. Or at least… she cares about a lycan named Gareth. Not sure how deep that is. Her business, not mine. ~ The dragon laid down, his chin and face in front of the vampire. 

“Poor lycan has no idea what he’s gotten himself into.” Sebastian chuckled. He and Inea got along well enough as they both cared about Sen and generally she didn’t interfere in their lives. But he knew the dragoness was trouble.

~ I understand why you cannot return to your home. Perhaps you should focus on finding and founding a new one? ~ the dragon suggested. 

The smile fell away as he reached out to rub his bare foot on Sen’s nose while slowly shaking his head. “I have no interest nor desire to set up another lair for the coven. I’m happy enough sharing lairs with you unless you are kicking me out.”

~ I’m not kicking you out. I just came back here for you, why would I kick you out? ~ He moved his snout a bit and let his tongue snake out to lightly lick Sebastian’s foot.  

“Hey, no to that silliness!” Sebastian laughed as he jerked his foot back and got up before Sen could assault it further. “Go to sleep.” The vampire ordered his dragon while snatching up the book from the nearby table. Sebastian walked towards the bed as he tugged his shirt off and tossed it to join Sen’s clothes. He left the pants in place knowing if he removed them Sen wouldn’t sleep.

There was a playful huff from the dragon before he then turned toward the bed and resettled so he was facing Sebastian. ~ Will you be here when I wake? ~ 

“I’ve been staying here so yes, I’ll be here when you wake. I’ll most likely be in my day sleep by then, but you’ll be refreshed and can take yourself where you like. Just be wary of that tavern and its gorgeous owners.” 

~ It’s a tavern, but also a brothel that feeds its owners. I thought it was rather ingenious for a succubus and an incubus. And the girl is proper and nice. Nice to touch and look at as well. Why should I stay away – or you for that matter? Seems like we had fun there already. ~ Sen’s tail twitched as he played demons’ advocate.

“Yes we did, and nothing says we can’t return for more fun together.” the vampire stressed. “I just don’t want to risk them finding out what you truly are. I don’t want to lose you so soon after getting you back.”

This time, the dragon took a large breath and closed his eyes. The torches around the big room dimmed, except the few behind Sebastian. After all, he needed to read. Being in his natural form and on the aurumn… home… Senias forgot his nightmares. He rested for the first time in a very long time. He hoped everyone else he cared about could do the same.

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