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Walking the Blade will be a series of novels based on the life and relationships of a dragon who can shift into human form. The stories you see here are snippets and scenes that I wanted to share with you – things we wrote to further develop and fill in the history of our cast of characters. We hope you enjoy it and come back for more!

The dragon’s claws moved through the soft, moist ground and into the mud beneath. Finding the good spot, he really began digging. It was hard work making a puddle big enough for himself. He hadn’t enjoyed a good mudding in a long while – and on the other side, the air had been so arid and heated that it really did some damage. He had needed to sneak away. Why? Because if Sebastian knew what he was doing, the vampire would be pissed.

Once he had water between his claws and the thinner mud reached, the dragon just flopped over into it and rolled and rolled.  Devon had done his best to give him and his mate something like this on the other side, but nothing compared to the sweet rich scent of this mud and the texture as it moved over his dry skin and between the scaling on his body. This was perfect!  

The purring and the groaning from the big dragon’s utter pleasure could be heard for at least a quarter of a mile, he was sure, but he didn’t care.  

~ Seriously?! ~ Sebastian was a short distance away watching! ~ Was this really necessary? You’ve no idea how much hell you’re making for me.. a mud bog..for the love of… ~ There was such a disgusted look on the vampire’s face right then. He could not believe his lover truly enjoyed this. The normally majestic creature was rolling around like a dog.  

~ Oh, come on, it feels so good. It’s soo cooling and all my itches are gone way…~ He swished this way and that in the cool water and mud before turning over and just crawling along on his belly. He had moss and leaves hanging off of his fins and spiking and looked like a giant muddy mess with a toothy smile when he looked at Sebastian.  ~ I needed that. ~ There was a plop and fizz and the dragon actually sunk into the bog about a chair’s height. His black and maroon scales were now brown and smeared.

“You’re a disgusting mess is what you are!” Sebastian yelled once he got closer to the dragon.

~ See that’s one thing I loved about the lycan, they never had an issue with getting messy. ~ Senias hadn’t talked much in the years after coming home about his adventures and misadventures on the other side. Sebastian just knew that sometimes there were nightmares involved, but then, anyone who had been to war and seen the devastation of it had nightmares. 

There was a chuckle from the vampire as he crouched down and watched his dragon make a mess of himself. ~ I don’t mind getting messy just depends on the mess.~ Sebastian was in a loose shirt and breeches. There was no way he was going to get all of his good clothes filthy.

Sen’s eyes squinted. 

“Don’t you dare.”

Before Sebastian could get going, the dragon’s tail flung a gout of muddy water up and all over the vampire. The sound of the dragon laughing filled the air. His wings flapped in a joyous stance.  

“Ohhh you shit!” Sebastian stood up and slung the filth from him. The expression Sebastian wore told the dragon his sex life with the vampire was on the back burner for a while. “This is vile Sen, you nasty beast.” He bent over to sling more muddy dripping from him and before Sen could move he lobbed a large mud ball right in the dragon’s eye! 

There was a “Ummmph” and brackish water spurted from the dragon’s nose as his snout went underwater while he tried to get the offending dirt from his eye.  ~ That wasn’t fair! That hurt! ~ 

“Serves you right! It’ll take at least a week to get this off completely.” The vampire called out as he used his shirt to wipe his face off.

There was a high-pitched whistling coming from further out in the waterway. Senias perked up immediately, his snout in the air to sniff and his head tilting slightly. They were here! He pulled himself up from the muck and mud to move further toward the shell-mixed, sandy estuary waters. Lifting his head a bit more, he let out what began as a whine but went higher to a more shrill whistle. 

The lights of a night-running ship could be seen in the distance. Senias got supplies from certain – unsavory – folks sometimes. One was a pirate and his crew. They came at night so they’d not be found by locals. Their normal running was done farther off the coast, but Senias always talked them into coming to this shore. 

~ The ocean will clean me well enough. Can you make sure Dante is ready? ~ Senias asked his vampire.  

Giving an over-exaggerated bow Sebastian replied,  ~ Oh of course sire, your every wish is my command.~ Sebastian was grinning as he was calling out for the demon.

Dante appeared and made his way to Sen alone. The vampire had gone to clean himself up which left the demon to find his own way to Sen.

~ You don’t make this very easy do you? ~ Dante called out to his partner as he stood on the shore looking out across the water. This was where the vampire had told him to wait.

~ I don’t want to lose this one. So I protect him and his with all my might. This means I swim out to where he leaves the cargo instead of him coming further on to the shore. I haven’t heard you complain about his products. When have I ever steered you wrong, Dante? ~ Senias nudged the small raft with his snout and began swimming it back to shore. What the demon could get from the other side using the unregistered portal was his business now that Senias had given the thing over to him. But there were a lot of exotic goodies that the dragon loved and that Dante loved selling. Senias didn’t like portaling to all the places to get these things, so he used this method. It was less traceable via magic. He liked that. 

Soon, he was up on the shore with the load and looked over to where the demon was walking toward him.  He shook like a wet dog and then flapped his wings to get rid of more moisture.  

“No I’ve never complained and no you’ve never steered me wrong anymore than I have steered you wrong.” Dante approached the raft, “What have you brought me this time?” He didn’t ask further about the source knowing that Senias wouldn’t tell him anything more.

Using a claw, he gently pushed into the crease on the side of the crate and began pulling the thing apart. There were several barrels, each waterproofed, inside and bolts of cloth. 

“Spices from the orient, fruit as well. They were also supposed to send silks and embroidery grade thread and some lamps with incense specific to certain regions – some I enjoy.”  He had shifted and was moving the boards out of the way using his human form. 

Lifting a bottle from the straw, Dante dusted the jewel encrusted piece and whistled low. “Looks like that isn’t the only thing they sent you. This is a Djinn bottle.” He looked it over and held it out to Sen to inspect. “I don’t think there’s one trapped in it, but I still dislike the idea of putting it up for sale. Looks like there’s three of them, your friend was busy. These aren’t cheap so who’d he steal them from?”

“Ohhhh, these are not for sale.” Sen chuckled. “I honestly don’t care who he stole them from. I described our thorn to him. You know, the one that thankfully hasn’t been seen or heard from since France?” Senias didn’t even want to speak the creature’s name. “And he said that one possible thing he could be was an elemental such as a Djinn. So, I found out how to trap them and asked that he see if finding one of these was possible. Guess he was successful.” 

Staring at the bottle Dante sighed as he set back in the crate. “He’s not a Djinn..”

The dragon looked absolutely deflated. “What?” Then he looked angered, “You know what he is. You know and…” 

Looking straight at Sen, revealed what he knew and watched the surprise wash over the dragon, ~ Nephalim.. believe it or not, he’s the son of an honest to God’s Angel. ~ 

“And he’s fucking and maiming a demon? Now, there’s a twist I didn’t see coming.” He scratched his head. 

“Shocking right? They are supposed to be good while we are supposed to be bad.” Dante just shook his head. “Could be older than all of us. Makes you wonder what makes him so vicious doesn’t it?”

“No.”  Senias closed the smaller crate with the bottles inside and picked them up to set them out of the way. 

“Oh not even a little?” Dante didn’t believe that for a second. At least, until it was explained.

“Angels are supposed to not have emotions as we have. But they do. They can be jealous of everything. And children of angels are less controlled even than the host angels.” He shrugged. “I just hoped I could help.” he was thoroughly disappointed that he’d not been able to figure it out and that the trouble would be wasted. “He hasn’t been back, has he?” 

The mention of Satan almost made him chuckle as he looked at the fabric. “No he hasn’t been back, but then it usually takes him a few years to  find us again once we move.”

“Too bad Satan can’t hop in and get involved.”

“Morningstar doesn’t rule the demon realms. The nine Lords do. He’s just a guest from time to time. Last time he tried forcing his rule, there was the damned second war with the holocaust and thousands died ” Dante was being very serious as he explained it.

Senias had an expressionless look. Shaking his head suddenly, he admitted, “I was joking.” 

The demon paused and then shrugged before a shiver went down his spine and he muttered low, “Well, I wasn’t.”

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